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9-10 am Progressive Fitness (Bootcamp)

Location: Sierra Strength and Speed

Drop Ins $14. Unlimited classes available.

10:15-11:15 am Inspire Me Mommy!

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8 Week Program Begins 1/11/14

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‘Tis the Seaon to be Healthy!

Dear Friends,
Welcome to December (a few days late, I know). If you’re like most Americans, you’re feeling the chaos, pressure, full calendars of office parties, business parties, friends’ parties. Not to mention if you have children or family in town, you probably hear your child saying “I want that for Christmas!” at every commercial they see, or every time you go into the store. Did I mention that at every party, and mostly everyday this month your co-workers and friends will be tempting you with fresh-baked goodness?
So how do you stay healthy and fit this month? I have a few simple tips that will help ease the chaos, keep you feeling good about yourself, and even get a jump start on those 2014 New Years Resolutions! 
Baking Christmas Cookies

Channéll’s Tips to Live in Joy & Peace this Season

  • THINK BACK TO YOUR NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS FOR 2013. Did you write them down or perhaps even make a poster board for them? When was the last time you looked at them? A good starting place to end this year strong, is to remember the energy and enthusiasm you began the year with!Don’t even be thinking about next year, if you haven’t completed this year! There is still time in 2013 to get as close to your goals as you can. Don’t quit. Even in the month of December.
  • SET YOUR GOALS FOR THIS MONTH. Although there are only 27 days left in the month, remember that it only takes 21 days to change a habit. That means that if you start now, you will have 22 days before Christmas to develop that habit! If you start tomororw, well, you have exactly 21 days. It’s always a good idea to set short-term goals to meet long-term goals. But, that is no new information to you. So, if you have the information, why not put it to use?
  • ELIMINATE NEGATIVES FROM YOUR DIET. So many people try to change everything all at one time. Be realistic with yourself. Yes, I said it. Realistic. Don’t say “I am not going to eat any candy at all! I am done!” If you know that you will eat that candy at some point. Don’t view your food as your enemy, view it as your fuel. If you know that you usually resort to the office baked goods for your lunch instead of the healthy meal you packed, maybe your goal will be to eat your healthy food from home first. Then, if you want to have a singe piece of a treat, have it. Eliminate as many negative factors as you can before you start to add positive ones.
  • DON’T NEGLECT YOUR EXERCISE. Now, I am not saying that you have to work out every single day, and never just get a day at home to enjoy with your family. In fact, during this season as the busyness sets in, and the travel takes up more time than you wish, you may actually have less time than usual to hit the gym. That’s okay. Work with the time you have whether from home or in the gym.
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR INTENSITY DURING WORKOUTS. If you don’t have the time you usually would have to devote to your workout, make sure that you’re increasing your intensity to acheive maximum results. If you only have 20-30 minutes, get a hard run in and some pushups/stretches. No workout is worthless if you’re working hard; regardless of the time.
  • GET AN ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER. Find someone from work, or even just a friend in another state to help you manage your stresses, and keep you focused with positive, and encouraging words. Set goals with each other and parameters for what your relationship will look like. Will you hit the gym at the same time after work together, and then call each other after to talk about how good you feel? Or will you simply text each other throughout the day for empowerment and encouragement? You determine who this person would best be for you. If you know you’re an emotional eater or stress too easily, do not choose someone you are emotionally sensitive with. If you know you’re prone to arguments with  your spouse or best friend, choose someone who is not as intimate with you. That way, you know for a fact that you won’t storm off on that person. Whomever you choose, be committed to them as well as your success.
  • JUST SAY NO TO SUGARY DRINKS! Did you know that the average American under-reports their caloric intake? On top of that, on average, Americans consume 20% of their daily calories in liquid form. This means sugary coffees, hot chocolates, whip creams, all of it. If you want to indulge that is ok, but don’t excuse yourself into believing that you can have that  Venti Peppermint Chocolate Mocha Quad Shot with  Extra Whipping Cream at no cost to your health. Limit yourself to gatherings, or vow to drink tea instead of coffee for the month. If not, you may do what I do – drink black coffee all but 1-2 days per week (on my weekend).
  • MATCH YOUR ACTIVITY TO YOUR INTAKE. This seems simple. Calories in vs. calories out. Now, I know what you’re thinking! Who in their right mind is going to track their calories during Christmas? Well, our health is just as important today as any other day of the year. For me personally, I no longer track my calories on a counter, but I do make sure that I run extra on days that I know I may indulge or have a feast to attend. It’s a good way to find balance while still caring about your body.
  • AVOID TEMPTATION. We all know those people who like to seemingly sabotage our goals. You know, the ones who you tell them that you’re not drinking, and they offer you a glass of wine? Or the ones who you tell them that you’re not eating bread this month, and you come in to find a whole home-baked pumpkin bread just for you on your desk? Do not allow yourself to be guilted. Yes, have manners and be polite, but don’t feel like you have to try and eat or drink everything that someone gives you. Listen to your body first and foremost. Avoid these people as much as possible.
  • LIMIT ALCOHOL. If you’re like many whom are part of dysfunctional families (all of us in some way), you may be emotionally driven to drink in order to just relax. Be very careful about how you conduct yourself, and the types of drinks you’re choosing. My drink of choice is wine or whiskey, but I know some people who choose all of the fruity, flavored alcoholic drinks at the holidays. Limit and control your intake. Be in control of your judgement, mind and your body.


Christmas Cheer

Most importantly, remember that the season is not about gifts, being careless, wreckless or just plain chaotic. The season is about the real reason. Be and stay blessed.

With Love,

Finding a Balance to Conquer: An Entrepreneur with a Purpose

 I am here to share my testimony and give you an insight on my journey as a mother, step-mother, devoted wife, Christ follower and fitness entrepreneur. Finding a balance to conquer all of them is difficult. My name is Scarlett, and I am living proof that while it is difficult, it is possible.

Childhood Dreams of Fitness Competing 

   This specific blog is my testimony into my journey and struggle with fitness. My journey with fitness started well, really when I was a kid. I loved to be active and loved doing all kinds of sports. When I reached high school I would talk to my dad about nutrition. I would watch him eat all these different types of foods I did not like and that did not taste good to me. I don’t think he even liked what he ate some of the time. I asked him why he would eat something that didn’t taste good if he didn’t really like it?  His response was that it wasn’t about the taste that it was simply about having the proper fuel for his body and the health benefits the “nasty” type of foods gave him.  He would lift weights and took many vitamins. I thought it was crazy at the time. It wasn’t until I started asking him questions about fitness competitions that it clicked. By my junior year in high school I had made up my mind that one day I would compete in a fitness show. He told me it would be hard work and that it could be strenuous on the body.

     As I entered college I started to workout more and more on my own in the gym. I decided I would get a trainer to help me get closer to my goal of one day doing one of these competitions., and being comfortable enough with myself to get on stage. I trained day in and day out. I even earned the nickname “Beast”. No matter what my trainer threw at me I would do it, and I would do it hard. I would go to an early morning spin class and by early morning I don’t mean 9 am-  it was a 4:30am spin class to get my cardio in. At that time I wasn’t big on running so spinning to me was great. Sometimes I would do back to back classes.


My Sister April and I – Childhood Best Friends

Personal Training: Little to No Personal Results

   My eating was on point. When this girl is determined I am DETERMINED!!!! I was very regimented. I ONLY ate what my trainer would tell me to. I eliminated dairy, sugar, all the “fun” foods. BUT… I wasn’t seeing the reults I expected to. My trainer did not understand it either. I was strong… boy was I strong. Despite that, you could not look at me and have a response like : “Yeah that girl works out.” I was doing things in the gym that some of the trainers didn’t do. Despite that, I didn’t look the part like I thought I should. My results didn’t show themselves; even with the countless hours of hard work. I continued with my workouts, changed my meals up and still didn’t see the results. Because nothing was working, I became discouraged. As I was in one of my classes I started to fall asleep (sounds normal for a college student right? NOT in my case). This continued even when I was behind the wheel of my car. I knew there was something really wrong with my body. So to the doctor I went.


Cortisol Resistence: A Genetic Disorder

     My regular doctor could not find anything wrong with me. It just so happened I had my gyno check up a couple weeks later. They always do tests and I told him what was going on and how I was feeling. He decided to do a hormone panel to see if everything looked okay. The results came back and my hormones were off the charts. He then sent me to an endocrinologist. There I was expecting to find out what was wrong with me but it didn’t happen. Not right away anyway. After running many tests and by process of elimination my doctor was finally able to give me an answer. I had a rare disorder called “Cortisol Resistance” Uhhhhh what??? I had heard of thyroid issues etc, but Cortisol Resistance? What was it and what did it mean for my life ahead of me?

     I soon found out that it is a rare genetic disorder where my body did not respond to the hormone itself. My brain was telling my body that I was not producing this particular hormone so to compensate it would produce even more.  I over produced double the amount of cortisol a normal person produces. When a person works out, they produce cortisol. So as you can see I was producing 3 to 5 times the amount that I should have been producing because I was working out multiple times per day, thinking I would have a better fat loss result. Cortisol is also known as the “stress hormone” so stress can bring it on as well. Doctors say to do the thing that brings you stress relief, well that would be working out but obviously that didn’t help my personal issue. By over producing the cortisol no matter what I did I would have this layer of fat all over my body. I was so discouraged about the news I had just received.



Crushed Dreams 

     My fitness dreams were crushed at that very moment. I knew with this I would never achieve my fitness goals, they would never become a reality for me. This being a rare disorder and less than 200,000 people being diagnosed with it in the world there was obviously no cure nor a particular type of medicine to reduce the cortisol. Instead I was prescribed a diabetic medicine – Metforamin. I seriously had no idea if this medicine was even working. If you knew my mom you would know she is a researcher. I think she read everything that was published at that time about “Cortisol Resistance” which wasn’t much. She then took me to our local health supplement store where we chatted with a lady about what was going on with me. The lady then directed us to a supplement called Phosphatidylserine. The body naturally produces this but it gets most of what it needs from food. It can improve many things in the brain. Alzheimer’s disease, age decline in mental function, it can even improve the thought process in younger people, depression, ADHD, and exercise induced stress (WebMD). I decided I would give it a shot. It had to be better than taking diabetic medicine; especially when I wasn’t a diabetic. I still didn’t see the results I expected. I guess I thought it would make it all go away.

Self Destruction: Eating Disorder & The Importance of Accountability

      I had to face reality that it wasn’t going to just go away. I became depressed and then became a victim of thoughts like “You aren’t beautiful”, “You are fat” , “No one could ever like or love you”, “Skinny is beautiful and you will never be skinny”, “Failure”. This then resulted in an eating disorder. Something I was so against when I had started my fitness journey. I became addicted to throwing up. Even if it was healthy food for my body I would throw it up. I felt like I was in control. It almost made me feel like I was in control of the disorder I had. In my mind this eating disorder didn’t rule over me but in all reality it ran my whole life. When someone would plan a dinner I would time from the time I swallowed the food to the time I had to throw it up so I did not ingest it. If I was at a restaurant with friends I would quietly excuse myself and go to the bathroom. I thought I was discreet about what was going on with me, but little did I know one of my best friends was on to me.

     My friend Kira also my workout partner realized what was going on and called me out on it with some women that cared about me. These women were a part of my bible study. They pleaded for me to go to counseling but I told them I could beat this on my own. Kira would check on me daily and pray for me constantly. She would sometimes cook for me while I was at her house and sit there and eat with me. Making sure I did not go to the bathroom after. I realized as she continued to check on me I found myself not wanting to lie about it. So I told her when I threw up and how many times that day I did . I went from 10 or more times a day down to 8 and so forth until I was down to one. I started to except this genetic disorder and except that I would have to find a different goal/dream to chase.

At a Scholarship Fundraiser “Inspire Me Mommy!” September 2013


Admitted I Needed Help: Power in Self Analyzation

     I realized I did need more help and that I could not beat my eating disorder on my own. Though I had accomplished not throwing up as often during the day anytime I felt stressed thats what I turned to. I still felt like that I was in control even though I was far from it. So I sought council at my church. First step was admitting to one of the pastors in my church my secret. Then he started to get down to the root of the issue. This eating disorder stemmed deeper than I thought. I had to face many dark places in my life that I had stored away thinking I would never have to visit them again if I pretended they did not exist. I realized that when I looked in the mirror I didn’t see what others saw. I saw something that was ugly, broken, and useless. A woman who put a smile on her face to pretend that everything was always okay. A woman who would take on everyone else’s issues and problems, but not deal with my own. Something this particular pastor told me has stuck with me. He said I was like an old wooden chair. That wooden chair had been painted many many times. Then someone (Jesus) comes a long and decides to strip the chair of the hundreds of layers of paint to get to the original look of the chair. Realizing the chair was more beautiful in its’ original condition than with all of the layers of paint. I thought to myself “wow I have been hiding for so long I don’t really know who I am.”


Eating for Healthy, Not to be Skinny

     Fast forwarding a little bit I changed my life completely. I ate healthy to be healthy. I worked out to be healthy. I did not let working out rule my life anymore. I still struggled everyday not to throw up, but I would tell myself that I am bigger than it. I won’t pretend or lie to all of you that it is not an everyday battle not to throw up. I also won’t lie to you and tell you I haven’t done so since this realization 4 years ago. But what I will tell you is that if I do relapse I tell someone immediately that day or the next. It has been a while now since I have had a relapse, and now I have a bigger reason than myself to be strong for. I am now married to my wonderful husband Aaron of two years who supports me in all that I do. I have a beautiful 11 year old step-daughter that I would never want her to struggle the way I did. I also now have a baby boy whom I have been blessed with even though I wasn’t supposed to be able to get pregnant. He is 16 months old now. 

Hormone Regulation: Pregnancy, Hormones and a Newly Realized Identity

     Getting pregnant was a blessing and my pregnancy went smoothly. After having my son I noticed my body felt different. I was losing weight and quickly got down to my pre-pregnancy weight. The weight continued to almost melt away. It seemed like pregnancy had done something to my body to make it “normal.” I started working out again to gain my strength back. I don’t live at the gym but I try to be active daily. I am not addicted to the gym like I was before and I don’t let bulimia run my life. My dreams and goals of being on stage in a bikini competition are back on my list. It will not be a life style but something I would like to accomplish. I don’t know how being pregnant reversed everything nor do I know if it will last. What I  do know is that I am living a healthier life all the way around.


Affirmations: Discovering your Truth and True Beauty

     What I want to say is that even if you don’t look fit that doesn’t mean you are not healthy or fit. It DOES NOT mean you are not beautiful. A person who is skinny does not mean they are fit or healthy. Also if you struggle with an eating disorder I plead you to get help. I know it is hard especially when it has become a routine or your safety net. Large, medium, or small. Pear shaped, box shaped, or apple shaped, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Scars or no scars, small breasts or big breasts YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. No butt or big butt…YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. I challenge each reader that reads this to look in the mirror on a daily basis for a week and tell yourself 5 things that is great about you and after that tell yourself YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL or handsome if you are a guy 🙂 I know men struggle just as much as woman do with their image. That’s it for this blog. More to come soon. Thanks for reading and remember 



There is power in affirmations.

EVENT SUCCESS: Inspire Me Mommy! Scholarship Fundraiser Zumbathon

Inspire Me Mommy! Scholarship Fundraiser ZUMBATHON was a HUGE SUCCESS!





Attendees: 78
Donors: So far 90
Amount Raised to Date: $850
Goal: $1200
Donations are accepted through October 1st via mail or phone. Credit cards are accepted.
What began as a mere vision to help our local community in Reno, became a reality in less then 3 weeks! Within 3 weeks, this event was organized, donated to, and marketed successfully.

Inspiration for Scholarship:

While teaching my Inspire Me Mommy! 6 Week Challenge (fitness classes), I realized the need for assistance to parents within the community, who are currently working and in school.  As I interacted with mothers and their children, I realized how fortunate their children were to have their parents actively involed in their lives, and have a positive influence. Our motto for the program is “Building stronger women to build stronger children and communities.” Afterall, children mimic their parents’ behaviors, and learn healthy habits at a young age.

I do not yet have children myself, but grew up estranged from my parents, as a run away, a high school dropout, and did this because I was raised in an abusive environment. I want to be able to give back to the community and help build stronger women, children and communities. I believe if we can reach parents, and have a positive influence in their lives, then we can empower their children through action. We aim to empower one family at a time! Education is a good place to state, regardless of ones’ past.

How the Scholarship Fundraiser Manifested:

One weekend I was floating the Truckee River and enjoying time with my dearest friends. My friend Vicky came, and I told her my vision for my business Inspired By Purpose, and that I wanted to be able to give out a scholarship. I told her the time wasn’t right because I didn’t have the money to give it out, but I would like to be able to host an event maybe at the beginning of 2014 to raise money.

She excitedly said “Let’s do it when your program ends on September 6th!” I said “Really? There isn’t enough time!” She said “The time is always NOW! Let’s get to work!” So, we did. We hustled hard and the result was a phenominally successful event! In less then 3 weeks, the vision manifested into reality through SACRIFICE, DONATIONS, DISCIPLINE, AND HARD WORK.

The only means of media and marketing that we had was Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ticket sales, and word of mouth. Through this, we were able to have 85 people SHOW UP to our event. This doesn’t include how many people were reached, and could not come that day. The community of Reno joined this movement in order to support change!

Sponsors and Donors:

Everyone who committed to volunteer their time, energy and resources is appreciated more then words can express! Every single person who instructed, gave to this cause, and helped with setup, clean up, catering, food pick up, providing food, water, and even making signs, and managing different tables did a magificent job. No one asked for ANYTHING in return, and they were just happy to be an integral part of it.

My co-host and Zumba Instructor: Virginia Janet (Vicky)
Zumba Instructors:
Kathy Kennedy
Leslie Brown
Nolfa Aida Inostroza-Arias
Andrea Tibaduiza
Victoria Monroe (Amy)
Karen Lima
Nettie “Coco” White
Patricia Franklin-Gallimore (Pat)

I especially have to thank all Zumba Instructors for coming to rehearsal, selling tickets to their classes, and helping set up the facility. Did I mention everyone donated their own products to this event?

Our sponsors gave unselfishly. Sierra Strength and Speed allowed us to use their facility without charge just to support the cause.

The catering company gave, even during their busiest season, and met up with me at 11pm because he was so swamped during Burning Man and the Balloon Races. He did not ask a single dollar for hundreds of dollars worth of food and raffle prizes.

The mommies in my Inspire Me Mommy! 6 Week Challenge all made signage for the event, and also hand wrote out gratitude rock cards explaining the significance of the donations, and the Law of Attraction. They also picked up food, offered to donate additional money, and lent tables and fans for the event. They even got up in front of everyone, and spoke to the crowd.

My amazing boyfriend “B” and our amazing best friend Brandon “OneShot” Cook, ran errands with me until midnight, vacumed and cleaned the facility, managed the gratitude rock station, set out all the hot and cold foods during the event, and helped me with raffle prizes. They also went to the Truckee River with me and hand selected gratitude rocks in which we boiled personally.

Special thanks to “Gatorz” family here in Reno. Shorty-T and his brother, Terrel came out to show support after their Homeless Drive last week! Diversity at it’s finest.We are making a difference together in this communnity.

ALL volunteers There were SO MANY of you it’s hard to name you all. From managing the cash and ticket entries (Pat), to making sure everyone signed the Liability Waiver and Roster for the event (Krista), to the videographer, photographer, and everyone else who made this event possible!

We ALL prayed for each individual attending the event, and did not fail to realize the significance of helping people change their lives!

Local business sponors for this event:

Sierra Strength & Speed
Facility where the event was held. Where I train my clientele and am mentored.

State Farm
Came to the event, participated, gave free Starbucks gift cards with each quote, and donated food and water!

We SWET Clothing
Donated 8 women’s tank tops just for this program! They generously send them from Las Vegas, and wouldn’t allow me to to pay for shipping!

Gourmet to Go
Not only met with me at 11 pm, but donated: A 5 gourmet cheese board, a special fruit platter, crackers, a Holiday Dinner for a needy family of up to 10 ($500 value), and a Romantic Dinner for Two with an in-home Personal Chef ($150 value).

Papa Murphys
Paul from the NW Papa Murphys is always extremely helpful and sweet. He donated 5 large pizzas as swag prizes.

Wing Stop
At the last minute, our hot food from our caterer could no longer be donated due to logistics and event setbacks from other events. Wing Stop stepped up and donated 100 wings so we would have hot food!

Port of Subs
Likewise, Port of Subs also stepped up to offer a healthier option, and provided us with enough sandwiches to feed everyone!

Massage Essence
Generously donated a 1 hour massage for swag prizes!

Artistry Salon, Hair By Tabitha
Donated a $75 hair salon service as a swag prize!

That Hair Salon
Donated a deep conditioning and blow dry as a swag prize!

Not only did instructors generously donate their time (all 8 of them!), but they also donated bracelets, and tee shirts as swag prizes. They also allowed us to sell apparel for additional donations!

Nail Trix By Scott
My personal nail man for over 4 years now, is a strong business man, and generously donated 4 gift certificates for salon services to all of the momnies in my Inspire Me Mommy! program. He did this because we have a working referral system, and out of the kindness of his heart.

Apply for Inspire Me Mommy! Scholarship 2013

Application form can be found on the Inspired By Purpose website. Please keep in mind that all information provided will be verified through the applicant’s employer, school, and during the interview process.

I am taking extra precautions to ensure that the candidate in fact meets the criteria. If dishonesty is discovered, the candidate will immediately be disqualified and banned from receiving a scholarship from Inspired By Purpose at any time in the future. Dishonesty will NOT be tolerated.

For specific qualifiers, and steps to take please click the link below!

Click Here: Scholarship Application Form

The Future of Inspired By Purpose Events:

Stay tuned for a collaboration of local businesses, and single dads to bring a scholarship for single dads!

Inspire Me Mommy! Program will continue in blocks throughout the year, focusing on progressional fitness. We will be hosting this event annually.

Stay tuned for speaking events and locations.

Watch Us on YouTube:

Video Clip: Inspire Me Mommy! Scholarship Fundraiser Zumbathon!

In order to effect great change, we need to look at how we can help those in our own communities as well as globally.
-Christina Aguilera