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Endocrinology: Self Healing

Endocrinology: MSG and Your Endocrine System.

 From Thyroid Disease, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, and Other Disease States.

As a woman who has struggled with hypothyroidism, I have taken particular interest in finding solutions for myself and others to overcome thyroid disease. While doctors say that anyone with hyper (over active) or hypo- (under active) thyroids will be on thyroid replacement hormone therapies the remainder of their lives; I am not entirely convinced. In fact, I am convinved that many endocrine disorders, including thyroid disease may be regulated and perhaps even cured through nutrition; specifically cutting out MSG and MSG derivitives.

Now, I do not intend to get too technical in this blog, but simply communicate to the general population; which is: overweight, obese and with many disease states. There is no need at a general leevl to get too wordy or confusing. I want to state my personal testimony and journey so that others who may have lost hope, or those who are currently claiming their disease state may be empowered to challenge their diagnoses and prognosis.

A Personal Trainer & Nutritionist Struggles with Hypothyroidism and Obesity 

In 2007 I began realizing major changes in my body. I was an athletic, and slender 5’7″  135 pounds in November, by March I was a not-so-slender 5’7″ 200 pound woman. Yes, in 4 months I gained 65 pounds! How is this possible? I was not pregnant, in fact I had just received a degree in Dietetics and was working full-time for a hospital in clinical nutrition. I was also a personal trainer, and exercising daily. What changed? The answer- Hormones.

As you can imagine this took a devestating emotional and physical toll on my body! My knees hurt for the first time in my life, I felt like a hipocrite at my place of employment, I put my developing personal training career on pause, and sought medical attention. The problem however, when a 20 year old woman goes into a doctor about weight gain, is that everyone is reluctant to help. They think “Ok Channéll, put down the Twinkies, increase your cardio, and run! Run! Run!” To this I am not exaggerating. I sought a second opinion from a doctor who genuinely believed something what not right from my history, education, and my symptoms. It sure helped that he was a doctor for the same hospital that I worked. He trusted that I was handling my fitness and nutrition properly.  After that visit, I got referred out to specialists. After 4 specialists, possible diagnosess of everything from depression to Lupus, I was devestated. This went on for a year and a half. Me 200 pounds, unable to loose any weight.


What it means to be your own advocate.

Then, finally, after my own research, I learned that I had all the symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), as well as hypothyroidism. In fact, I had folders and folders of all of the following information and documentation from every doctor visit, and self  journaling:

Blood pressure, oxygen, weight, dates, symptoms, severity, nutrition log, exercise log, sleep patterns, and menstrual cycle irregularities, and water consumption.

Once I had all of this organized and in order, I took the liberty of: Speaking to willing RDs (Registered Dieticians) within my department to analyze my food intake, doctors that I did rounds with in the hospital to look at my labs & general chemistry for other opinions, other personal trainers to workout with me and help me adjust my fitness program, as well as my former Medical Nutrition Therapy professors to look at my symptoms related to their understanding beyond textbooks definitions. After ALL of this, I took it back to my doctors with demands and requests. I became my own patient advocate.


Doctors usually only test TSH levels to determine Thyroid Disorders.

TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) is the hormone that is most often tested by doctors in determining thyroid disorders. While this is established for specific medical determinations, it is not all inclusive and/or indicative for all patients. There are two other thyroid hormones secreted from the thyroid gland; which is a butterfly shaped gland located in the neck region. The other hormones are: T3 and T4. These are directly regulated by the thyroid gland, and also the anterior pituitary gland.

It is important to note that the endocrine system works together as a whole, so if one gland is off within the system, it can also affect hormones within the other glands.  You can understand how this could potential affect everything from: metabolism, other metabolic systems, waste excretion, inflammatory responses, hydration levels, thirst mechanisms, hunger regulation (controlled mainly by leptin & ghrelin hormones), and general energy; among other things.

When I looked at my labs, I realized that the only thyroid hormone ever tested was TSH, never my T3 or T4.

Once my T3 and T4 levels were tested, it was determined that I did in fact have hypoythroidism and would need to start on medication immediately.

 To read more about these hormones visit Thyroid System Basics .

Finding a Medical Professional You Can Trust, Who also Listens

In 2009, I returned to my primary care physician after an ER visit and hospitalization for cycts bursting from my ovaries. At this time, I was nearly at the last rope as far as energy was concerned. Although by this time, I had been on levothyroxine for almost 9 months (thyoid replacement therapy), and  I had lost about 20 pounds, I was still sick. After hearing my experience, my primary care physican referred me to a gynecologist that had a great reputation.
I was very pleased with her, and her ability to listen to my concerns. She, like my primary care physican, had no problem testing any lab I asked for. It took me 4 primary care physicians, 4 specialists including : Endocrinologists and  Neurologists to really get someone to not tell me to “Go on a low sodium diet”, “Do high intensity interval training” and “Cut my calories”, but who would actually listen to me, and look through my journals, and documentation. Aside from my primary care, and gynecologist, not even my endocrinologist took me seriously; that is until my primary care ran the T3 and T4 tests that my Endocrinolgist found “unnecessary”.
So, in 2009 it was determined through lab work from my Gynecologist that I DID IN FACT have PCOS. Mind you, this is 2 years later. After all the specialists, it was still my primary care physican who was the one to listen and not call it a “nutrition and exercise issue” , but rather a “hormonal imbalance”.

PCOS and Obesity in Women

One major symptom of PCOS in women in obesity. Research is not conclusive if PCOS is caused by obesity, or if PCOS causes obesity in women; however, it is certain that the two are correlated with each other. In my case, I do not know if I already had PCOS, or if PCOS developed after gaining 65 pounds.
Doctors will tell you with PCOS to exercises regularly (3x per week, 30 minutes per day minimum), and to eat a lower calorie diet. Some research also suggests that women with PCOS should eat low-carb or ketogenic diets due to insulin irregularities. For those of you who are not familiar with the hormone insulin – it is essential for normal metabolic function. People with diabetes do not have proper insulin regulation, therefore, they get high and low blood sugars because insulin is necessary to bind onto sugar (glucose) within the bloodstream to carry the sugar to the cells for energy. With PCOS, some women may develop Type II Diabetes, or other metabolic issues that can cause obesity.
Why is this? Your FSH and LH (folical stimulating, leutenizing hormones) have certain ratios that are considered “normal”. In PCOS these levels are often off, and ratios reversed. Again, more hormones!

Treatment for PCOS: Birth Control, Metformin (an oral diabetes medication)

It is recommended for women with PCOS to go on hormone therapies such as birth control, and metformin. Now, most research indicates that they “don’t know why Metformin works, but it does”. How safe should you feel taking a diabetes medication if you don’t have diabetes? Exactly!
My personal treatment began with a low-dose birth control – YAZ. You know, the birth control all over TV now because of the strokes, blood clots, and death in young women under 30? Yes, that was my treatment for a year. Then, it was coupled with Metformin. Yes, I was on a diabetes medication without having diabetes. I experienced, low blood sugars, and for that reason, had to eat even more carbs to keep my energy up. But wait, isn’t a low-carb diet recommended?
I made the personal decision to “self heal” through nutrition and exercise. In 2010, I went off of all birth control and medications aside from levothyroxin (thyroid). Don’t worry ladies, my birth control became a copper IUD. NOT Mirena! That is still hormones in our bodies. Now, doctors do not want to put IUDs into women that don’t have children because of the cervix dialiation, but I refused to take no for an answer. I decided NO MORE HORMONES in my body!
To read more on PCOS treatment, diagnoses, obesity, fertility and more click here: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Basics

By 2011 my PCOS was completely gone!

By 2011 I had lost 35 pounds (down to 165) and was completely free from PCOS. Ironic considering my healing with done through: exercise, nutrition, prayer, meditation, and mental practices and training.

MSG and MSG Derivitives

You have the ability to change your disease state. I know I am determined to get OFF of thyroid medication for good. I am well on my way. Currently at 155 pounds, my goal weight is 145. I will be sharing exactly how I have come this far by cutting out MSG and MSG derivitives.
In 2013, I was introduced to the book “Faith and Fat Loss” by Ron Williams by a woman in her 50s at the gym that I respect. Her name is Peggy, and she has competed in bodybuilding her entire life. She approached me one day while I was working, and she was between sets. She told me about this book and that I should order it. She knew that I am a Christian, and she knew I would be open to this.
Her and I had spoken briefly in the past about thyroid problems, and she told me that reading this book has changed her life. The thing is, she didn’t just tell me, I saw the change in her! For the first time in 5 years she was ready to compete again, and claimed to look better then she did in her 30s. She informed me about how the book talked about MSG and endocrine disorders.
How’d she find the book? Well, she had competed at least 15 years ago in the same competition as Ron, and found his business card. She decided to google him and found the book. She trusted his opinion and tried step by step his recommendations.

Ron Williams

One of the most highly decorated Natural Bodybuilders of all time with over 250 medals, a professor of Exercise Pysiology and Nutrition, and now a Pastor whose full time ministry is obesity.

21 Day Detox – MSG & MSG Derivitive Free

I ordered the book, read it and tried the 21 day detox. You will have to order the book, or follow my posts to fully understand the depth of the detox.
However, I will share the following:
Almost everything has MSG or MSG derivitives. From protein supplements, powders, bars, to packaged and processed foods of almost any kind. You MUST cut all of these out in order to see if it helps your endocrine system.

Personal Results

For 21 days I cut out MSG, MSG derivitives, stimulants, and switched to hormone free meats, cage free eggs, and everything organic. I paired my carbs, essential fatty acids and proteins just as recommended in the book. I switched from training for fitness to training for fat loss (the principles are very different!!). This means, I actually cut down on my cardio, and time spent working out.
Within 21 days, I lost 14 1/2 pounds, and have kept it off for 5 months! Why? Is it a matter of eating less calories? Working out more? Training harder? Sleeping more? Nope! It’s a matter of going to the heart and source of the issue. This detox is physical, mental and spiritual. It is lasting and effective.
21 days creates a new discipline and habit. Let me also add that I had the best summer of my life. I went to barbeques, out of town, I had some alcohol (more then I ever have), and allowed myself to splurge for the first time in 6 years. I STILL kept the 15 pounds plus more off! Did I mention that I’m more tone and fit with my normal exercise routine?
It works. Even if you are not a Christian, if you are open to the principles and suggestions that Ron gives in his book, you will experience lasting results. In fact, I am doing the detox again to find out my next results! Stay tuned.

An Endocrinologist Confirms MSG can be Damaging to Your Metabolism

Last week, I visited my endocrinologist. I go every 6 months to have my labs tested, as I am now on TSH, T3 and T4 replacement compounds due to my previous issues. For the first time, I had no complaints. Energy, weight loss, and normal labs! My endocrinologist said that if these labs come back ok, then I will only need to come every year. Quite a huge difference from blood samples weekly, specialty visits every 3-6 months!
I asked him a couple of questions, and will share them plus his responses.
Q: Does MSG and MSG derivitives really affect the endorcrine system?
A: Yes, it can. In some cases, it can be completely damaging depending on the person. MSG could potentially completely affect your metabolic functions at a hormone regulation level.
Q: Do you believe that mental training can cure disease states? And, do you find that attitude contributes to the disease of most people you see? I was in the waiting room, and found the sickest looking people have the worst attitudes.
A: I definitely see a directly relationship. I have also seen people who mentally train, pray and meditate be cured of diseases, or at least disease management. I would say that attitude mostly affects stress levels, which can release too much cortisol, increase fat stores, and exacerbate, or even in some cases, create disease states.


NEVER Claim a Disease

Though it was a relief to get treated, and be able to slowly work on  reducing my symptoms, I refused to believe that there was no cure for these diseases! From being told I may be infertile, may never be able to have children, and that I may never be able to reset my metabolic set point (the weight your body usually holds with minimal fluctuation), I refused to believe that I couldn’t and wouldn’t overcome these obstacles!
I am not saying not to address the disease, and treat yourself, but I am saying that you cannot continuously claim your disease state if you wish to be healthy. Your thoughts become things, and have the power to create and destroy disease states.
There is POWER in the TONGUE. Do not speak your disease (no matter what it is), into existence. Live as if it doesn’t exist. Train yourself, your mind, and your body to be healthy.


The time is NOW

If you or someone you know is struggling with thyroid disease, PCOS, or any other disease, know that your time is NOW! Do not live in your past, what your lifestyle used to be, or the decisions you made that may have contributed to your disease state such as: a sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition, taking too many or not enough medications, or simply being lazy and not empowered to be your own advocate.
It is YOUR job to understand your body, do your own research, and experiment with different potential solutions. Everyone’s chemistry is different.
Comments and Questions are welcome.
Your energy that you expend from the gym, to your thoughts will directly affect your health.


Heart of the Matter: No Risk No Reward

The scariest, yet most rewarding things in life come from taking risks. From jobs, starting businesses, moving locations, and love, the only great returns come with paired with the biggest risks. 

It has been my experience that the happiest people in this world are the one’s who have struggled the most in their pasts. Why? I have found every successful person I’ve met to have one major thing in common: They are risk takers. Anyone who has has much, has been willing to lose much in order to gain it. With love, we risk losing and breaking our heart to someone else, but that is a risk that must be taken in order to experience love. Many people have failed in love, and simply give up. They are not willing to take the risk anymore for fear of losing. The problem is, they always yearn for that love, but lack the willingness to take the risk to get it. No risk, no reward. 

In business, it is much the same. Those who are successful in their endeavors are the ones who have risked everything they have in order to make their dream become a reality. You know, those entrepreneurs like Donald Trump who filed bankruptcy after over $100,000 in debt, but then went on to be successful anyways? What if he had not continued? What if he lost all confidence in himself and faith in his purpose? He would have simply remained “a failure”. 

But, failure is a part of the process. You must be willing to put it all on the table, and risk it all. If you give a half hearted effort, you will get half the reward in turn. Too many people speak about their dreams, but then play it safe. Now, I`m not saying to be irresponsible, but when you are called to something and the opportunity presents itself to you, sometimes you have to be willing to take the risk. Rise or fall. There is no inbetween.

With great risk comes great reward if you are willing to stay the course you set out on. You will never be succesful in your endeavors if you never finish what you start. Don’t put your eggs into too many baskets, lest your focus become distracted. Do not try to do a hundred things well, try to do one well. With great passion, sense of purpose, faith in the darkness, kindness and hard work, your risks will surely be multiplied into great rewards!  You reap what you sow wherever you put your focus. Never, never, never give up!

To all of you fellow entrepreneurs out there – let’s keep risking it all! I know I have. When everything is on the table, there is no where to go, no one to blame. You must do what you have to do. If we stand together, we can continue to pick each other up if the other falls. We WILL succeed, but we will face struggles along the way. They’re not failures, they’re just a part of the process. 

Keep going!!

“Winners never quit and quitters never win.”

– Vince Lombardi

Inspired By Purpose: Unrelentless in Every Circumstance

Circumstances. Emotions. Decisions. Opportunity. 

Many people change their direction based upon circumstance. This can be good. This can also be bad. Take for instance our economy. People who were once very successful now are homeless, addicts and among the lowest of the low. While others who had nothing changed their direction because they saw opportunity in the darkness. They had the will to not just survive, but also to prosper. So what’s the difference? These people live in the same country, the same basic surroundings and all grew up believing in the “American Dream” (or at least being taught it). Can proper decisions be made due to circumstances, or does it all depend on the circumstance?

My answer is this – We cannot waiver in our faith due to our circumstances. Circumstantial evidence is only what we see, not necessarily what we feel or believe. If we only go by what we see, how can we truly be successful if it goes against what we feel or believe? If we only go by what we see and feel, that can also be deceiving because our emotions can often deceive us. We then, must always trust in what we beleive at our core regardless of the circumstances. You know the saying “Only believe half of what you see” ? I have found that to be a personal truth that I live by.

Desire. Passion. Excitement. Belief. 

All of these emotions and innate characteristics fuel us when there is no fuel left in the fire. When others see an empty coal pit, we still see that spark and believe it will combust at any moment! And even if it didn’t we can surely find 2 sticks to rub together! Where others see no way, we see some way. We are the unrelentless ones. The ones that do “crazy” things. That is us. We are crazy. We are entrepreneurs.

In every circumstance we remain faithful because we know without a doubt what the end result will be even when everything visible shows us otherwise. We do not waver with the change of the seasons, but keep focused because of our reasons. When we lose our friends, our money, or material possessions, and even sometimes feel like we have lost ourself, we hang on and persevere.

Desire is the ambition and drive we have been gifted with. Our desires often cannot be explained, though we try. The human mind wants a reason for everything that we do. Except for a few, we know that we do not need a physical reason and the point at which the desire was created is irrelevant if not nurtured.

Faith is not easy. Passion is dangerous without a focused direction. And belief? It means nothing without purpose. Afterall, what is belief without purpose? It is nothing.

I am Inspired By Purpose by my God given purpose. 

Are you?

Former Personal Trainer Finds Inspiration Through Bootcamps


I met Channéll more then a year ago. I was coming back from a injury on my knee, I was overweight, and not very motivated. I was just generally working out to get back on shape. Then, she invited me to her Saturday morning bootcamp.  I said “…I don’t know – I work graveyard, I’m off at 8am” and she replied “Well, bootcamp isn’t until 10am, you have time to get here.”

I realized that my shift and scheduling was not excuse to her. So, I agreed by saying  “Sure I`ll be there”.  After the first class I was ready for more! So I after a year of being a bootcamp addict, I want to say thank you Channéll for being an amazing trainer. More then that,  I would like to say thank you for also being life coach who always has a positive attitude, is willing to teach, and is always smiling. It’s obvious you are loving what you do. I think everyone should try Channèll’s bootcamp, I guarantee they’ll keep coming back!


– Luis Kennedy, 28 years old

Security Gaurd

Former Personal Trainer

Doctor, Mother, Wife, Fitness Fanatic


I first started training with Channéll a little less than a year after having my first child. I was motivated to lose weight, tone up and start running regularly again after an almost 8 year hiatus. It felt good to be active again, and Channéll started introducing me to the world of strength training and core building. But just when I started getting into a routine, I found out I was pregnant again! I soon stopped coming to the gym and didn’t return until almost a year later.

It was definitely more difficult to get started the second time around. I felt motivated about my fitness during our sessions, but it lagged as the week went on. It was easy to use “being tired” as an excuse to skip the gym. Then, as the new year approached, my training sessions were almost up. If I was going to make the financial commitment to purchase more, I wanted to make a whole-hearted effort and step up my game. I had had the good fortune of being paired up with an amazing trainer – someone who is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and committed – and I didn’t want to just float through my sessions any longer.

A couple of decisions helped me to really focus and become more committed to my training goals. First, and probably most important, I made a detailed list of fitness related goals I wanted to accomplish during the year. For the first time in my life, I started tracking my food intake (a real eye opener). For motivation, I started perusing various fitness related websites she had shared with me. And last, but definitely not least, I made certain I had a regular babysitter so that I could have “me time”; that is, my time at the gym.

Then, just weeks after making this commitment and going to the gym regularly, I started seeing major changes. My energy level was way up throughout the day, I was toning up and fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes. A big moment was trying on workout clothes in a store dressing room and actually liking how I was fitting in them rather than cringing at any post-baby flab!

Looking back, the best overall health decision I ever made was deciding to work with a trainer, and I feel so lucky to have gotten to work with Channéll. Getting back into shape can be tough work, mentally and physically, and it’s made a world of difference to have the knowledge, support and motivation Channéll has given me along the way.


-Flora Lwin, 31 years old

Doctor, Mother, Wife

Wife, Mother, Former Quitter

“In June, I started taking Channell’s free to the community, Shape Up Reno Bootcamp, and I feel like that really kick-started my body. I had definitely made progress by then and begun losing weight, but I feel like my weight loss has been supercharged and much more steady over the last 3 months. I’ve only been weighing myself about every 3 weeks, and have been down 3 pounds each time the last several times I’ve weighed. As I mentioned, I didn’t start this because I was necessarily upset with how I looked, but I wasn’t happy with how I felt. Now I feel healthier, I’m stronger than I’ve ever been, and I’m certainly not complaining about the 3 sizes I have shed!” weighed.


I have now lost 28 pounds since January of this year. I feel like I have a clearer goal in mind, and for the first time it seems possible. A year ago I would have told you I couldn’t run from my bedroom to the front door if my house was on fire; now I go for regular jogs around my neighborhood on days I don’t make it in to the gym!

-Aleta Simmons
28 Years Old

It’s Never Too Late

I have tried dieting and exercise in the past, but they never worked because I didn’t stick to the programs.  I had a difficult time sticking to programs when I was the only one trying; while others around me were eating ice cream and unhealthy foods. I felt a lack of support.
Now, I am determined to reach my goals whether or not family and friends support me. I came to this  conclusion after I signed back up for personal training with Channéll. I quit a year ago after working with a trainer for a brief period of time because I did not continue my discipline or motivation. I have decided I want to do the best that I can regardless of what others want to do with their bodies.
I currently am losing weight, inches, staying accountable and determined working with Channéll 2-3 days per week, and on my own 2-3 days. My minimum goal is to lose 50 more pounds! I feel confident I will reach my goals this time with the support I have from Channéll who make me feel positive and welcomed!
 I am determined to reach my goal and NOTHING is going to stop me!!
-Geri Goines, 59 years old

Fulfillment is Intentional

While some wander aimlessly through life always wishing they could do more, and have more, others excel beyond comprehension to most of the world. Most of these successful people in America are celebrities and athletes. So why is it that 1% of the world population truly expands and succeeds, while the other 99% wishes to attain and accomplish a higher level, but never actually do it? It’s not because they don’t know the secret.

“Do you want to know the secret? You don’t want to know the secret. Here it is —- HARD MF’N WORK!” – CT Fletcher

“You wanna do it, but you don’t wanna go through what it takes to be the best. Only 1 can be the champion!”

“They must be doing some strange sh*t over there! Yeah, working hard! That is strange to you!”

Dandelion Children Grow up to be Hustlers

Against all odds.
By any means necessary.


We’ve all heard these phrases. So simple yet so complex. Why? Because we’ve heard these things from people who’s lives have been truly defined by these statements. They didn’t just say words that sounded good, they actually felt what they said. You know, the people who grew up in poverty, abuse or homelessness that end up being independent business owners, and those of great financial success? The people who seem to have a passion beyond measure, and when they speak, sing or write about their struggles, you are enthralled  because you can almost feel that there is a deeper purpose behind them sharing their story? These are the DANDELION CHILDREN .

These are the people who have a mental, emotional and often physical connection to their passion. They are fueled by something that was wrongly done to or against them, and they take it on as their responsibility to impact others also victimized. This can be done by means of inspiration, motivation, or by physical means. These people feel it necessary to take back power from the wrong-doers and keep it for themselves and others as determined as they are. They do not give it freely, they fight to take it and inspire others to do the same. They use their lives to lead, and choose their words carefully.




People you want on your team.

With my personal background, I often have people shocked at the level of success I have achieved despite past circumstances. Maybe I should be flattered, but mostly I continue to look at the present and future, and less at the past. It’s as if the struggles of the past no longer matter because I am a new person. When you experience much struggle, you appreciate the littlest amount of success. Some psychologists call this the “dandelion” affect. A dandelion can grow and flourish even in conditions where other plants cannot. Dandelions can sustain and grow themselves without much need for nourishment.

Are you a dandelion? Can you regrow into a new form even when you got blown around? Listed are the 7 Key Skills to Resiliency as noted in  the bookThe Resilient Self by Steven and Sybil Wolin (paraphrased).

7 Key Skills to Resiliency 

1) Insight: The ability to ask tough questions of yourself & be honest with your answers.

2) Independent: Counts only on themselves to bounce back into life.

3) Tied to Others: The more people you are responsible to, the

4) Initiative : Take charge of the problem. Do whatever is necessary to get out of it.

5) Creative: Being able to look at the situation and creatively determine the best way out.

6) Sense of Humor: They may cry until they start laughing. You have to be able to laugh at yourself.

7) Morality: Whatever you do to bounce back, you need to make sure it’s moral. Your success needs to be at the service of others; not the expense.

“A resilient person won’t give up” – Jim Rohn

Food or Plastic?

As I walked around the beautiful Sparks marina on an off day from the gym, I decided to sit a few minutes and watch all of the swimmers and sand volleyball players. I was in a long, striped, flowy, colorful dress that seemed to catch the attention of many. However, someone also caught my attention. As I approached the grass hill to sit down, I noticed a woman sitting alone. She was obese and wearing shorts and a tee shirt. She had the largest McDonald’s soda you can buy sitting next to her. She was also eating something.

I saw her looking at me, and looked over to smile. She was feeding a couple of ducks that seemed to just be hanging out with her. Just then, her son and daughter probably no older then 7 and 9 came running over. They were also overweight. I sat back to observe the situation. The kids ran back into the water, and then I heard the lady talking. She wasn’t talking to herself, she was talking to the ducks.

Suddenly, I heard “That’s not food buddy! That’s plastic!” 

What an interesting thing to say coming from someone eating and drinking McDonald’s and the other “food-like substances” she had with her. Isn’t that the way most Americans eat? Food that’s no better for us then plastic? In fact, we store our food in plastics that researchers are finding to be potentially harmful because of ingredients like bisphenol A (BPA) So why then are people so concerned about what animals are eating, and calling them “stupid” , but yet with all the information available to us we continue to eat “food-like susbtances” with little to no nutritional value?

Let’s start using the information available to us. If we KNOW that things are not good for us, why do we still do them? This is a hypothetical question, but I hope to really get people thinking about this. Look around you, listen, observe, and let’s try to not only spread knowledge but INSPIRE PEOPLE TO IMPLEMENT THEIR KNOWLEDGE.

Information is the world’s #1 largest commodity.