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When Opportunity Knocks: See It. Believe It. Seize It.

Opportunity comes once in a lifetime, and your everday life should be a continuous preparation awaiting the day the opportunity manifests itself to you. You want the opportunity, but will you be ready for it when it presents itself? It’s a process.

Sometimes we get discouraged even though we get exactly what we’ve asked for! We pray for an opportunity, but when the opportunity presents itself we shy away because we were ill prepared. Don’t miss your once in a lifetime opportunities! When opportunity knocks you must be able to SEE it to SEIZE it. Once you see it & decided to seize it, set all distractions aside.

If you’ve been working hard and finally hit your rough patch where you’re faced with distractions, temptations and doubt – You’re doing something right! Anytime you’re progressing and making strides forward, you will be challenged. This is life’s way of finding out how bad you actually want what you say you want! Once you know you want it really bad, work every day for it, momentum will help keep you going!


Preparing for Opportunity


Keep your eye on the prize. Visualize and allow yourself to feel what it is that you truly want. Write it down. Customize a wristband for yourself. Hang it on your fridge. Whatever you have to do, keep the vision clear day in and day out.


Have some faith. When you believe in your vision, your decisions and actions are more likely to line up with what it is that you want. 

The beauty of faith is that once you believe it, you believe in the vision even on days you cannot see it! You will have days of trials, but if you keep going, keep believing even when you can’t see – you will gain momentum & ultimately persevere.  


Take the opportunity! Take the risk. When you have faith and live your life as a life in action, you become centered around your vision, and will be able recognize your opportunities. When you know what it is that you want, and put in the work toward it – you will not settle. You will be able to decipher which opportunities fit your vision and represent your expended efforts.

You will likely be presented many good opportunities as you grow. Just remember: Sometimes you have to say no to good in order to get great.

SEEING IT, making decisions because you BELIEVE  IT , and then you can SEIZE IT.

Coaching: What Does a Great Coach Possess?

When you’re a coach, your desires outcomes and agenda must be in the best interest of your players…
I`m going to assume that most of you reading this fit into 1 of 3 categories:
  • You are a coach,
  • You have had a coach(es)
  • You currently have a coach(es)
I am a coach myself. I am a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Emerging Speaker & Life Coach to summarize. With my experience, and through continued learning efforts, I enjoy observing characteristics of  “great” coaches. I find that every great coach possess specific qualities. Some coaches may have all the textboook knowledge, and even experience to “fit” the role of a coach, but it takes much more then just resumé qualifications to make a coach truly great. You know, the coach that makes their professional athletes cry because of the emotionally supportive role they’ve played in their players careers, and ultimately in their lives.
I have teamed up with some amazing coaches, mentors and athletes to get their professional opinions on what it is that great coaches must possess. First let me introduce each coach to you
Dayne Gingrich
Former professional athlete, who is now creating 1% Mindsets – Driven By Impossible. Separate from the pack by turning barriers into opportunities, focusing on what you think, say, and choose to believe. Live the 1% lifestyle!
Damion Caldwell
Founder and President of Scrimmage Line Mentoring and Consulting Corp. A former Division I, full scholarship student athlete with over 13+ years experience in professional counseling in various sectors, and mentoring student athletes via crisis intervention and matriculation skill training. Damion is essentially a “Student Athlete GPS” as he provides a unique blend of laser focused, appropriate counseling/ coaching/ mentorship to ensure successful matriculation, and seamless transition to life without playing sports. In addition, Damion is registered with the California State Board of Behavioral Sciences (ASW #27762) to provide clinically supervised individual and group psychotherapy. Damion has experience providing culture specific crisis intervention. (Damion Caldwell – Walk Through Inc.)
Lorne Sam
Professional American and Canadian football quarterback who is currently a free agent. Beyond being a professional athlete, Lorne is also an entrepreuner and business owner. He believes in spreading health and fitness awareness to all individuals through education, and providing proper tools to everyone regardless of income. Above all, Lorne is a great friend. He is someone who enjoys helping people and giving back to his community.
Bryce Richardson
Courtney Bell, 28 years old
The Founder and Executive Director of 501(c) 3 nonprofit, People First Foundation. Well recognized as a number one advocate in Northern Nevada for homeless, transient and low-income youth, families and people. Advocate on behalf of those who demonstrate efforts of helping themselves. What’s even more amazing is Courtney’s story. He has no relationship with nor has he ever met his biological father, raised by single mother living in and out of motels. His motto? “Empowering Poeple to Empower Themselves”.
Kodjo Hounnaké
Kevin Basped
I started by asking each of them the following question: What does a great coach possess?
DAMION: A great coach does not let his ego impede the progress of the individual or team that he is coaching and mentoring. A great coach has respect for the game, craft, and the individual that he is coaching. In addition, it is equally important for them to be active listeners with communication techniques that create a safe environment for the players to grow as a whole. A great coach has the ability to relate and connect with people.  A great coach also has the ability to convince the players to believe in themselves, and this is THE most important attribute in my eyes.  The coaches that are able to create this type of spiritual impact has players that will run through a brick wall because it is not about himself, but about the team.
KODJO: A great coach should have an impregnable strength of character. S/he should be able to demonstrate to ability to break up a seemingly huge task into small digestible pieces so that people do not feel overwhelmed. S/he must be patient but tenacious and never take no for an answer. S/he ought to have his/her emotions under control at all times and never act or react on impulse. A great coach must ultimately show that s/he is duplicable, otherwise what’s the point of coaching if you do not expect your mentee to one day be a coach herself.
DAYNE: A great coach possesses the ability to look into the soul of his athlete, knowing what makes him/her tick from the inside-out. Correct information is obviously important, but elite coaching is an art form. Acquiring the knowledge specific to the sport is relatively easy … applying it to each individual athlete, taking into consideration their triggers and motivations, is what separates great from good.
There are so many qualities to great coaching – the ability to motivate, inspire, be consistent, discipline, and adjusting to every possible situation. The best coaches, in my opinion, hold their athletes to a level higher than 99% can fathom, and find ways to bring their potential to life. They understand coaching is an opportunity to dramatically change lives, win or lose. Their top priority is teaching life lessons, rather than how to only “win” on the field or court. Phenomenal coaching is more about life than it is about sport – melting the two together is the art form that creates the elite 1%.
As a leader / coach yourself, what advice would you give to others aspiring to become coaches as their

career choice?

COURTNEY: Let it come to you. Do not force anything. Keep in mind this all comes in time. The best approach is to live as you teach…by example. Do not be one to be scared to be great… exceptional, authentic, and remember if you allow this, if you do, you are going to at best flirt with greatness instead of tapping into it.
Bryce: It’s not a career, it’s a lifestyle. Any leadership position; teaching, organizational/business, personal training, sports and most importantly, your relationships and your families…requires coaching. Once you become a coach, in order to be a great one, you are always a coach.
Is providing motivation the main role of a coach?
BRYCE: No. It is people’s jobs to motivate themselves. They have to. A coach’s main job is to maximize his followers talents…get them to their goals and where they want to go. He must TEACH people how to motivate themselves. Yes, somebody who is being coached must plug in and get around the other people on the team or the coach that uplifts them the most. And uplifting isn’t some therapeutic session where that person shares their feelings; it’s them briefly telling the coach what’s on their mind, where they are struggling, and the coaches job to guide their THOUGHTS, and to paint the vision. The coach must also ALWAYS BE UPBEAT, and UPLIFTING. Speaking life into those who follow.

2013 Resolutions: 12 Tips to Achieving Your Goals

With January about to wrap up, I notice the gym is getting quieter and more and more people are telling me that they’re already losing motivation. Some people have even told me that January is almost over, and they’ve yet to set any goals!

Here are 12 tips to help you gain some momentum, and a fresh perspective on your 2013 goals. Choose at least one of these for each month this year to keep you focused. January is not over, so at least do #1 now!

#1 Write your goals down.

There is power in writing your goals down. Having something tangible to reference is essential for achieving goals in a timely manner. Knowing your goals and referencing them often helps keep you focused. The more aware of your goal that you are every day, the more likely you will be to make choices that will align you with acheiving your goal. When your goal is not in the forefront of your mind, or you allow yourself to forget about it, you will be setting yourself up for failure or delayed results.

Know your goal. That is the first step to acheiving it.

#2 Commit yourself to specified time blocks correlating to your goals.

As you plan out your weekly agenda, make sure you plan time in to take action that will help you achieve your goal. Do not allow your goals to become things that get accomplished only if you have time. You will NEVER have enough time. Make your goals a priority so that you can live the life you’ve always wanted to live.

#3 Make time for YOU.

Your YOU time is essential. Often times people get so caught up doing for others, that they never do for themselves. I see this to be a major obstacle in most processes toward success. You want to be successful? You do have to be selfish when it comes to achieving goals. The more goals you achieve, the more tools and resources you will have in the future to help others. What seems selfish, can inspire others. Change your mentality and make time for yourself.

#4 For each goal, take daily action.

Right along with setting aside time for your goal, you must also take action every single day. Have an extremely hectic schedule? Set aside a minimum of 20 minutes a day toward your goal. If your goal is to lose weight, set aside 20 minutes of running every day. As you progress, try adding 5 minutes on to your time each week & incorporate other activities in that you enjoy to ensure you stick with it.

#5 Keep a gratitude journal.

Gratitude and thankfulness is essential for happiness. Make sure that you keep a gratitude journal of all of the things you are thankful for. Even on your bad days when you can’t think of anything to be thankful for, you can refer to previous days. Chances are, most of what you’re thankful for won’t change much from day to day. This is also a great way to keep yourself grounded and humble.


#6 Put a large daily calendar on your wall & mark your successes daily.

I have personally used a large daily wall calendar and post-it notes for the last several months to track my progress daily. Whatever you accomplish that day, whether it’s going to the gym when you didn’t want to go, or signing a new client – write it down! Put it on your wall, so you can see that you are making progress daily! All small progress adds up to big results, but it does take time!

#7 Set aside 20 minutes a day for reflection / meditation / relaxation or action planning.

It is absolutely essential to make sure you reflect on your day. What went well? What do you want to change? Do you just need silence amongst the chaos of life? Make sure you have a solid 20 minutes each day to reroute your mind toward your purpose for why you do what you do.


#8 Find joy in your routine.

At first everything can be motivating and fun, but overtime some of the fun just turns in to routine. Some days will become monotenous, and even boring. It is important to find joy in the daily routine; otherwise you`ll never stick to it.


#9 Do not underestimate the power of momentum.


When you’re consistent, momentum will kick in! Trust me, there will be days that momentum seems to be the only thing carrying you. Momentum shouldn’t be underestimated because it does make things easier. Once the ball is rolling, it takes more energy to stop it then it takes to just roll with it. Roll with it!


#10 Surround yourself only with those who speak life in to you life.

The people you surround yourself with have the ability to build you up or completely destroy you. Make sure the people in your life are supportive of your goals, and speak words of life and encouragement when you need them. The process is never easy, but always worth it! Find people who make your relationship efforts worth it.

#11 Find an accountability partner or hire a coach / trainer.

Find someone in your life who you can trust. Don’t have anyone you can trust? Find on or hire one! Tell your goals to someone, and make sure they keep you accountable for your actions, or lack thereof. Make sure this person is dependable, and someone who you truly look up to. This person should be open and honest with you about your short-comings. Do not find a yes-man. Find someone real.


#12 Quit making excuses. Do not become a product of your circumstances.

Finally, STOP MAKING EXCUSES. We all have things that happen to us, but stop using them as a crutch for yourself. Get real. Get honest. You will never achieve anything great when you are negative, and always finding an excuse. Stick to your commitments no matter how you feel.
“Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time.”
-Arnold H Glasgow

Interview 2: How Max Bradley Lost 115 Pounds

Welcome back to my second interview with Max Bradley, recent inspiration for many looking to lose weight! Max was featured on Eric Thomas’s video TGIM series in October called “Thank God I Lost Weight:. The video now has over 49,000  views. I’ve had the privlege of becoming friends with Max, and helping share his story.

Max’s goal?

“To inspire as many people as possible. If I could just change one life that’s enough, but I want to reach as many as possible.”
Check out the video & enjoy following Max’s journey to losing 115 pounds.


Channéll: What does your current workout schedule look like? How many days of strength? How many days of cardio? Flexibility? Recovery?
Max: My current work out schedule is at least cardio everyday for various lengths of time; depending on what I’m doing that day. I lift 4 times a week, and work abs/core every other day. I stretch but not enough. I really should stretch more, and would like to get in to yoga.

Channéll: In the fitness world we often use a principle called F.I.T. which means frequency, intensity, time. In order to bust through plateus it’s important to switch up the routine by changing the frequency, intensity or time, or just changing the workout all together. How often do you change your routine up?

Max: I change up all the time. You have to! Once your body get used to a certain work out you’re only going to get so far before hitting a plateau. I always give it everything I have, every single workout. There’s no other way to do it. Intensity is always high, and I`m always pushing. The time changes a lot too mostly not by choice. If I’m working,I workout during the night. When I’m at home I work out in the mornings and definitely prefer that. There is nothing like a good run outside in the morning sun before the gym.

Channéll:How essential has proper nutrition been in your weight maintainance? How about in the weight loss process?

Max: Nutrition was the most important part. Without a good diet you’re not going anywhere. Getting your eating habits right is KEY. Do research, read articles, knowledge is power. You can do anything you set your mind to if you want it bad enough and are willing to work for it.

Channéll: Have you considered becoming a Certified Personal Trainer yourself?

Max:  Yes I have Iwould love to be a trainer/health coach. I just would love to be able to help others, and see people change for the better.

Channéll:What do you believe it the biggest lie people tell themselves when trying to make a major change in lifestyle?

Max: That they can only push themselves so far, and once they hit their wall they believe they can’t push further. Also, people cheat and don’t hold themselves accountable. They need to make up for it in activity. It’s all about holding yourself accountable. No one is perfect, you will cheat, but if you do cheat, you have to devote extra time at the gym. If I would eat something I know I shouldn’t, I would make sure to spend extra time on my cardio to burn it off. People need to push past their boundaries or they will never know their true limits. People are always satisfied with just going through the motions and that’s not enough!

Channéll:Will you give a sample daily menu and sample workout for someone at home that doesn’t know where to start in their weight loss journey?

Max: When I started this journey I would eat:

Sample Menu

BREAKFAST: 2 egg whites and a protein shake

SNACK:  Fruit

LUNCH:  Salad with very little dressing usually some grilled chicken.

SNACK:  Fruit

DINNER:   2 turkey burgers (with no bread of any kind)

***Please be aware that each individuals caloric and macronutrient needs differ. Please consult your doctor, dietician or fitness professional for guidance on caloric intake needs.


When people ask me what workouts I do, they should realize that what I do/did, isn’t goign to work for everybody. For 1) people don’t necessarily have the determination that I do 2) it’s not just a diet, it’s not just a workout, it’s really a lifestyle.The changes made have to be long-term and consistent.

With that, here’s what I did initially:

I started with just cardio 5x per week for about 3 weeks. I started  with 20 mins on the elliptical because I was big and had bad knees, so there was no added pressure; it was the only thing I could do. I used only the elliptical for about the first 4 months. As I progressed, I went from 20 minutes on up to 40 minutes. Then, I would do 40 minutes and add weight excerises. My exercieses were basic curls and just a few machines I knew.

Weight Training:
2-3 sets of 10 reps as little rest as possible

Basic Free Weight Curls 

Shoulder Press Machine

Hamstring Machine

Chest Press Machine

I’d watch people around the gym pick up things also do ur research again! Knowledge is power. If you know areas you want to target look up the best ways to do that.

Channéll: How did you select your weight, sets and repetitions?

Max: I just went off of feeling. I’ve never written down any of my workouts or my weights. I always try to move my weights up the following week. The main thing is to feel challenged, and get a good burn. It doesn’t necessarily matter what weight you’re using if it challenges you.

We hope you enjoyed this interview!
  • Please remember that if you are uncertain of how to properly perform exercises, you should consult a certified fitness professional, and ensure you are researching legitimate information. Do not believe everything you see and hear!
  • Max now is on a progressional strength and endurance training program. Keep in mind that as you progress you physical needs and abilities will change. Your workouts must also change.
  • Nutrition is at least 80% of the results you will see. Consult your doctor, RD or fitness professional for proper recommendations.
  • If you have additional questions please contact me at subject box: Personal Training + your last, first name.
  • For daily enrouagement, fit tips and helpful resources please follow us on Twitter / Instagram
Myself: @ChannellNicole  @InspiredPurpose  IG: @ChannellNicole
Max Bradley: @MaxBradley70  IG: @MaxBrdly
Also don’t forget to follow Eric Thomas  @ericthomasbtc  IG:@etthehiphoppreacher

Action: More Significant then Motivation

A Letter From Me to You:

New Years Resolutions Considerations


Dear 2013 Goal Setters,

     Action is more significant then motivation alone. Motivation may be present in one’s mind, but if you do not ACT upon that motivation there will be no change. Many people say they will do something, but few actually follow through and do it. Interestingly enough, the people who follow through become viewed in society as disciplined leaders who possess a quality or ability that others yearn for, but can not seem to attain. This is not true. You can attain these things through hard work.

     In the world of fitness, I see it all the time. People say they want to lose weight or gain weight (they have a goal), but they do not ACTIVELY pursue their goal on a consistent basis. I often have clients tell me that they are motivated to change, but are not disciplined to wake up early enough, say no to junk food / alcohol, or a host of other excuses.When it comes to nutrition, people talk about eating healthier, and even state that they know what they need to eat, but they don’t become active in doing so. In these cases, people KNOW what to eat, but do not take action to choose to eat the way they should. Motivation is not enough. Knowledge is not enough. Action is essential, and it is your choice.

     What does this mean for you? It means that your motivation must be put in to action; even when all of the details are not planned out. Do not focus so much on the end result, but focus more on the process. You will find that all processes have something to teach us. You do not always need to know HOW, but you must know WHY.

     Today is the last day of 2012, and hopefully if you haven’t already, you will be re-setting goals for your 2013 New Years Resolutions. Not sure how to set goals that seem attainable? Contact me or a Fitness Professional / Life Coach in your area to keep your focus central on why you have your goals in the first place. If you do not understand WHY you want change, change itself will seem less significant.

Have a happy and healthy new year!

Your Motivator,


You have a choice in all that you do. Make the choices today that your future self will thank you for.

Fitness vs Holidays

Fitness vs Holidays…You can do Both!


Good morning blog readers & fitness enthusiasts! I am very excited today to share with you my recent interview feature with my dear friend at Phil Turner. Phil and I actually met in the gym a couple of years ago, and our cliques hit it off right away. We not only became gym buddies who shared workouts, but quickly became friends sharing meals, nights out with friends, and business ideas. We are excited to finally collaborate for our Fitness versus Holidays series. Check out the interview here! Enjoy!

NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMSPhil: Finally! The holiday season is here! A time for travel, family, rest and of course food! While the holiday season is what most of us live for; there are some downfalls to the season that we all dread. Unfortunately, this is one time of the year everyone decides to let their “New Year’s” fitness resolutions subside next to the turkey at Thanksgiving. As the holiday season approaches, do not become a victim and let what you have worked
so hard for all year long, leave your sight.
I couldn’t do this one on my own so I had to bring on my favorite partner in crime, Channéll Holmgren. Make sure you follow her on Twitter @ChannellNicole. She is an amazing Personal Trainer, and is working on some amazing projects that will have a deep impact on our community to provide inspiration for life to us all. Also, follow her motivational movement @InspiredPurpose. I’ll let Channéll introduce herself and we
can get right into the things we should all be aware of this holiday season and how to avoid the “holiday slump”.
Channéll: I`m Channéll, a Personal Trainer, and I currently work in a corporate gym as a Personal Trainer and Bootcamp Instructor. I am an emerging motivational speaker who takes pride in what I have been called to do. I also try to take life seriously as little as possible. I am really excited to announce the launch of my upcoming website in January in which an online speaking community will be launched to help offer development and exposure to aspiring motivational and public speakers as well as entrepreneurs. My passion is for fitness, health and inspiring the lives of others through leadership!
Phil, it’s a pleasure finally collaborating as we’ve been talking about for a long time! Now
we’re not talking, we’re living it! Will you also introduce yourself to my followers?
Phil:  Absolutely! I am Phillip; I have a strong physical fitness background from doing sports
like Track and Field, Basketball, Weight Training and Boxing. All these things have
helped me define and build my character. Currently, I am focusing on motivating others
through speech. I am helping build my fitness program at my church and working on a
business venture that will impact the lives of anyone looking to change for the person they know they
can be. To sum it up, I am Leader/Manager by trade but driven by my passion to build/develop leaders
while building influential relationships in hope of impacting someone’s life through the Christ in me.
The main goal is help people learn how to invest their time into fitness and not just spend it. We have also put together a few questions we would like to answer from each of our perspectives to help out all men & women alike.
Channéll: So Phil, I have a few questions for you from our followers. First, what do you find to be the biggest obstacle that keeps people out of the gym during the holiday season?
Phil: All the big “stressful” holiday planning! I think with the holiday season we get
complacent and relaxed because we tend to stress and occupy ourselves with other
things to prepare for the holiday season, which builds a great excuse that turns into us
blaming the holiday season for a setback. Ideally, we need to be flexible in our fitness at
this time and switch our workout up to fit into our holiday schedule. Instead of spending
two hours in the gym, crank out a workout in 30-45 minutes. This is good because
realistically your body hits its peak performance within this time frame and anything
after that is a drop off which means your body gets fatigued. How about you Channéll?
Channéll: I find EXCUSES to be the biggest obstacle. People seem to completely stop caring about
themselves and their own basic needs just to fulfill the needs of others. While being selfless is not a bad thing, it’s as if the giving season becomes giving to everyone else, and not at all to oneself. This is wrong! It is important to take care of yourself so that you can have a good quality of life to be able to give to others, without causing a huge burden to yourself. While most agree that holidays are “just another day”, few treat
them as such.
Okay Phil, you know that people often make any excuse possible. Usually this is year-round and for every event celebrated by food; do you believe this is a changeable mentality? If so, how could people see festivities differently in relation to their health and fitness goals?
Phil: Well Channéll like you mentioned, it is all an excuse. It is just what you said it is
a mentality. The key word here is mental which means you have the ability to change
it but you must have a reason why. Just because there is food in front of you does not
mean it is a must that you eat it all. Eat in moderation. Try doing different things like
drinking water in between bites and have an idea of how much you want to eat before
you even start. If you truly want to change and build a healthier happier you, your
fitness has to hold some time of priority in your life. It has to be a lifestyle which means
you may have to sacrifice to reach your goal.
Channéll: Phil? I have noticed my clients and people who ask for my advice about holidays usually
ask about their diet and how to counteract all the sweets they know they`ll be eating.
What advice do you have for people wondering the same thing this season?
Phil: There is no way to actually counteract all the sweets, once we eat it there is
nothing we can do, choose wisely. I would recommend trying to make healthier snacks.
Many things we love can be made with healthier ingredients and substitutes but still
taste great. This will help your calorie and sugar intake. If you must have some chocolate
or candy; try eating it right before you exercise. This way you can use the sugar to give
you a boost in energy and use it for fuel. At the end of the day, you still have to watch
your caloric intake; there is no substitute for the calories. Remember, the flavor doesn’t
last as long as the fat does.
Channéll: Again, EXCUSES are detrimental to results. My advice is simply to stop making excuses.
You may think that there is validity in abusing food for the sake of a celebration or season, but really there isn’t. This may seem harsh but the truth is that it is not just one day or celebration we are speaking of, it is many days year round! We see this especially with so many holidays from October-January.
While we all agree that food is social (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing), it is important to recognize when this social aspect of life becomes a problem and puts your life and health in jeopardy. Partaking more frequently in abuse of food and alcohol significantly increases your risks of not achieving your goals; which leads to discouragement and a nasty, unhealthy cycle.
SET A GOALThe best way to beat this is to not forget about your goals or set them aside! Keep your goals in the forefront of your mind. Keep yourself conscious of your goals will help you respond appropriately to eating excess amounts of food or skipping a day at the gym when you’re scheduled to go. Keep yourself aware and accountable; no matter the circumstances. Now, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t indulge from time to time; however indulgence and abuse are totally different. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t take most of us a holiday to want to celebrate and over-indulge!
Phil: Channéll, last but not least, I am going to get a little personal here but only to let
the follower’s know we all face some type of trial and tribulations. What are some of the
obstacles and experiences you have had with the holidays and your fitness achievement?
Channéll: For me, I have struggled in the past with traveling. It’s not the traveling part that gets me, it’s
the overbooking myself when I visit home for a few days. It seems impossible to see and catch up with
everyone. I’ve overcome this with purchasing a gym pass as soon as I get in to town. Another obstacle,
are grandma’s cookies! We bake every single year together. I’ve limited myself in the amount of food
that I`ll let myself eat. In this case, less is more!
Phil: I love it!! Thank you Channéll for co-hosting this one with me, I think we got some really
good things answered. Stayed tuned as we will be posting more information on how to
obtain your goals this holiday season and some pretty cool tips on how to get there.
Remember fitness is a lifestyle not a good behavior for just the moment. Do not become
a part of the crowd that drops fitness to eat and drink everything that touches the table.
It is easy to get complacent and also remember once you stop; it is that much harder to
hit the gym hard again.
Don’t let the Holidays beat you, beat the holiday first. 
Do not underestimate the power of momentum!
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You can find the original blog post on Phil’s blog here: Fitness vs Holidays

The Testimony of Max Bradley: "How I Saved My Life"

As a Personal Trainer and emerging Life Coach / Motivational Speaker, I am always seeking knowledge and inspiration for myself to pass on to my clients, and the lives I influence daily. A major part of my catlyzed process I can attribute to speakers like Tony Robbins, Tara Mohr, Joshua Metcalf, Zig Ziglar, and Eric Thomas (aka ET The Hip Hop Preacher   (to name a few!)
Eric Thomas has had a special effect on me, as he has  “Lit a fire..!” for me with his words of response to my ideas. In his words, he told me “Get it done!” But, I am not the only one who has truly been hammered down by his enthusiasm and powerful words!
Recently, ET released his T.G.I.F. video series featuring a man by the name of Max Bradley entitled “Thank God I Lost Weight”. As soon as I saw Max’s story (via Twitter), I had to get ahold of him. As a fitness professional, and someone looking to bring together an online community of aspiring speakers, Max’s story is powerful! I’ve personally shared it with my clients and family, and want to share it here with you (if you haven’t already seen it!)

Max was kind enough to do an interview to with me to further get his story out there to my viewers in hopes of further inspiring others with his weight loss journey! 

This is what he had to say…


Me: Who are you? How would you define yourself as an individual?

Max: I`m 24 yrs old ,and would describe my self as a outgoing, dedicated, motivated and always striving to be the best person I can be. No matter what I’m doing: from work, to working out, or sports I always want to give and do my best. Love pushing my limits and seeing what possible.

Me: Tell us about your life and goals

Max: I live in Oak Park, Michigan currently. During the day, I work inventory control for a company that liquidates furniture stores, so I get to do a lot of traveling.

My goal is to inspire as many as I can with my story. Eventually I also want to get into personal training and motivational speaking, I know first hand what a lot of people are going through, and definitely feel it’s a callling of mine to help. I also, as a more of a personal goal, want to move out west somewhere and start this journey from there.

Me: What’s your story? Share your struggle…

Max: Well, I was always on the bigger side (never really huge) early in life. I always played sports so that kept me fit in school, but after high school and organized sports, I progressively got bigger and bigger. During the weight gain, I would try diets here and there, and  started doing a little working out; nothing serious.

I  was even offered money to lose weight, I tried to lose weight for girls I liked too, but nothing ever stuck. I was always doing it for the wrong reasons. In July 2011, I weighed in at 295-300 lbs. I was going out for a job in Alexandria, VA. They had this amazing gym and indoor basketball court (gym from the video). I said too myself,  “It’s time to stop living this way. You had your fun, it’s time to man up and change things”.

Me: What was the hardest part about being almost 300 pounds?

Max: I just decided I was sick and tired of being sick and tired just like ET said. I knew it was my shot for a better, healthier life was now and I had to run with the opportunity. The hardest part was just looking at my self and being so unhappy with myself; knowing that I did this to myself. I was disgusted. Another hard part was my physical limitations. Not being able to do what my friends were doing because of my size.

Also,  (I never really told this story before because it was the most embarrassing thing of my life), but I went with some friends of mine we waited in line for bout an hour for a ride. When we got there, I couldnt fit in the harness to the ride and had to get off. It was embarassing. All of these things inspired change…

Me: What changes did you make to your eating and workout habits?

Max: I was in the process of quitting pop/soda drinking and eating fast food. Then, I stopped eating fried foods. At the time, I was working about 65 hrs a week, but committed myself to working out after work every night. I also did tons and tons of research on what to eat, what boosts metabolism and started eating the right way.

I started small because I didnt really have a clue on what I was doing. I did this all by myself: no trainer, no nutritionist. So, I went with what I knew didn’t work to determine what I should do. For example, I knew that running on the treadmill killed my knees, so I decided to try the elliptical instead. That process started slow, about a mile at a time. It took me 20 minutes the first time to get that mile in.

I progressively got faster and after 2 weeks of just cardio. I continued to do a lot of my own research on the best type of work outs to do, attempting to find anything that was working for other people. I also watching other people workout at the gym.The bottom line is that I wanted change!


Me: Is being FIT, in your opinion purely physical, or do you feel that it’s mental too?

Max: Being FIT is 90% mental for sure. the physical part of this was nothing compared to the mental hurdles I had to jump over. Your mind is a very, very powerful thing. Without having a clear focus and the right environment, you’re not going to achieve anything you want in life; not just weight loss.


Me: How do you KEEP your weight off?

Max: Keeping the weight is the hardest part.  If you saw ET and Giavanni Ruffin’s HBDYWI Part 1 & 2, after I  lost weight is were my personal part 2 started. Now I`m redefining the grind, by still eating healthy and continuing to workout. If I stray (which everyone does sometimes), I still know I could put in that work!

Also, always switching up routine, and not always going to the gym to work out! I like to take it outside and get creative with what I`m doing so I never get bored. I also always set new goals. Always striving for that perfect you! The only thing I can think to add right now is that I did  is a trainer. I did all the research my self and did not have any expert advice of a trainer or nutritionist; now I want to become an expert! People need to hear my story to help them overcome battles such as mine.

Me: What advice do you have for others looking to acheive a huge weight loss goal, or goal in general?

Max: Don’t be scared to watch others! To me, it’s the best way to find new workouts.  You have to hold your self accountable, and if you eat extra or things you shouldn’t, you gotta put in that extra 10-15 mins in the gym that night no excuses/no days off from not only working out, but living that healthy lifestyle.

For me, after I initially lost weight, I fell into this place of over-confidence because you got all these people telling you how good you look and how amazing you are. With all the attention, I lost track of my goals and felt complacent on where I was at. I  started eating whatever I wanted because I thought I was invincible and shot up 15 lbs quick. That was hard, but I  looked at my self and said “You came this far don’t go backwards now”.

So it was gametime fo rme. I had to not only re-lose weight I gained back, but had to get refocused and really lock it down; which I did. The KEY to all of this is doing it for YOU, because  no one else but your self is going to chose to eat that salad over fast food for you, and only YOU are going to drag your ass to the gym after working 10 hours everyday. When you want nothing more than to lay in bed and pass out, but you do it anyway is when it counts the most.

This goes for most things in life, no ones going to hand you anything you gotta work for it, So once I got back to the gym, I hit it even harder!

Anything you want in life is obtainable by hard focus and determination.

Me: So what are you doing now to further your goals?

Max: Currently still grinding a pushing limits! I am also trying to become a personal trainer and would love to motivational speaking to help others!

Me: Who inspired you to finally make a change?

Max: At the beginning I just started for me, but throughout this process I have found huge influence, and one of the biggest would be my boy ET. Hearing his speeches changed my whole outlook, and really lock down that focus, Also Giavanni Ruffin ! His ambition to succeed is amazing. He is a good role model for hard work,  and seeing what it takes to perfect the you!  Im also a huge skier, I love it with a passion, and my all time favorite skier is Tanner Hall.  He has over come 2 signifigant injuries to where no body thought he’d ever fully recover, but he put in that work through had his road blocks he’s coming back.

Me: You want to become a Personal Trainer now that you’ve lost so much weight & literally saved your own life; what do you want to say to inspire those who are currently struggling with their weight?

Max: I would like to tell you guys your not alone out there, people change their lives for the better all the time, YOU CAN DO THIS!! Keep grinding, stay focused and never, ever let someone tell you you can’t do something. Make sure your doing it whatever it maybe for your self and the right reasons because if your doing it for someone else or the wrong reasons it will never stick.

Throughout your journey you will hit road blocks, might even go backwards, but never let your self get down because one bad meal, one bad work out wont ruin month/yrs of work. So stay positive and hold your self accountable because in the end your only lying to/hurting your self.

So there you have it! To all of my clients & readers, make sure to check Max out on Twitter!

*Disclaimer *
I am in no way affiliated with Eric Thomas or Giavanni Ruffin, or any other name mentioned in this blog, other then looking up to them as motivators and life changers! I am simply using this opportunity to help Max further get his story out via my blog, provide opportunity and knowledge to Max in the fitness and speaking reals through my website, and reach my clientele and 8000 viewers in hopes to motivate them regardless of their current struggle! Links to all websites on here are courtesy links to give credit where it is due.

Inspired By Purpose: Provoking Success in an Ambitious Generation

Hi everyone!

As most of you know, I have an upcoming website that is due to launch in January: Inspired By Purpose. Since we have put out our logo contest, we have been receiving emails asking for clarification on EXACTLY what our website is all about! So, here is the layout of our site, goals, vision, and how we are turning our idea into reality!

What is Inspired By Purpose (IBP)?


An online speaking community for aspiring motivational & public speakers to develop public speaking skills through video and feedback. But, this isn’t just for aspiring speakers! Any entrepreneur or anyone looking for motivation, can gain exposure through not only speaking but also writing, art, and music on our site. 

 What is Our Goal?
Our goal is to provide opportunities to those who are searching for a positive environment to grow in!
Many of you want to grow, but your environment isn’t helping you with that. You’re not sure what do to, where to go, or how to change it, so we want to create a positive space to anyone, anywhere. We are creating an environment that will change the face of our generation!
Our Vision
Develop leaders through peer review and feedback of videos, create opportunity for interns and other developing leaders to be featured, and encourage you through your process by spreading motivation through our speaking engagements! We aspire to create an environment for all young people to pursue dreams without limitations! No matter what your passion, you can use your gifts to make a career and great life for yourself! We’re aiming for the top, and we want to share our insight and resources with you! It’s all about building each other up!

What is Your Benefit?
There is no better place to come together then with like-minded people who have ambitions and high aspirations for themselves & their lives! We know it can be hard to find, so this site is your community!
You will get mentorship, answers to questions, career and life questions, network with like-minded people, gain support & inspiration during your growth process; as well as get exposure for your craft, and peer review on your work. 
How did this Idea Develop?

We see that there’s a HUGE need for positive environments to be created for our generation because we are the ones personally living it! We are young and on our journey too, and we developed this site to support one another through the process of growth in our goals, and encourage you to do the same. It is possible! Too many people sit back waiting for something to happen, but we are proof that you can make it happen!

I personally, have had many affirmations in my life this last year that I am being called to motivational speaking; as well as consulting and career development. Thanks to Eric Thomas aka ET THE HIP HOP PREACHER and his feedback to an email  I sent him about my ideas, and inspiring lives of others; this idea has come to manifestation. Eric (as busy as he is), graciously emailed me back with some advice, and told me to “Get on it!” From there, I have taken my idea and visions and have been running full throddle!

In recent months, I have joined forces with my partner and friend, Martin Lewis who is extremely dedicated, and has the same visions as I do. Through our partnership we have been able to catalyze this process, merge our ideas, and to deliver this site to you! This is our passion, and what we feel called to do. As we transition our lives from the corporate world, to our gift and calling, we realize that we also need development in this area. We also will use the website for our own development, and to fine tune our gifts; while helping our generation realize that instant gratification is not possible for successful people! We must all WORK at it.

Current Contest
Logo Contest!  We are looking for artists, graphic designers, and creative minds to develop our logo and be featured on our site for an indefinite period of time! Please follow us on Twitter & Facebook for detailed guidelines, submission information, and a printable flyer!

LIKE US: Inspired By Purpose (Community Page)
The time is always NOW!
Don’t worry about the HOW, just keep faith that you are called for a purpose.
Feedback is welcomed through Blogger comments & contact info provided. Only serious inquiries will be reviewed.

Motivation: We All Need It

Every day that I encounter people, I pass by them in the grocery store, talk with someone on the phone, listen to conversations, watch people workout, and even see how people interact with each other; I realize one thing – We all need motivation!

Haven’t you experienced it? You smile at someone, but all they do is look down and keep walking? Or youlisten to someone complaining all the time about every situation that goes wrong in their life? Or maybe you are at the gym, and you see the person who only attends classes and darts out the door after because they need some personal motivation?

We can all agree that we live in a world where nothing comes easy, and bad things do happen to good people. Despite the bad things that happen, there are always good things that happen too. Often times, the good is all in our perception.

For example,

Eric Thomas (Author, Lifecoach and Motivational Speaker) used an example in his book The Secrets to Success of a time when he ran away from home, and how his perception of school changed almost instantly. He said:

“Just three days ago the only reason I wanted to be in school was for the girls, field trips, or a pep rally. Now I couldn’t wait fo rthe doors to open. I needed to get out of the cold and get into a place where I felt safe.”  p 35

It’s amazing how the same circumstance we perceive in our emotional self to feel “good” or “bad” to us depends on our mental state of being, our needs, and our maturity. So the next time something “bad” happens to you, think about WHY you perceive that as bad. What is it about the occurence that doesn’t make you feel good? That is, WHY you don’t feel good about it.

All of us have our struggles, our series of life events that hinder us and try to keep us down, but I`m telling you that YOU have more control then you think! Too many people accept that they are merely depressed, have bad luck, they’ll always be broke, or nothing will ever go right for them. This is false and negative talk!

Whatever it is that you’re struggling with stay inspired. Find things and surround yourself with people who life you up every single day!


Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. DaLai Lama

Healthy State of Mind

Keeping a healthy state of mind is absolutely critical to success in performance demands on every level, in every aspect of life. You’ve heard the phrase “Attitude is Everything!” Well, it is!

In a world of high energy performance demands in every field, a full schedule can quickly become chaotic without proper planning on a physical and mental level.


You’ve heard the saying that all activity is 90% mental and only 10% physical, well that’s true! It’s true of athletes, and it’s also true for you. Whether you have a tedious desk job in which you must pay close attention to numbers and detail, or your have a physically demanding job of a construction worker or physical trainer, you must be mentally prepped and rejuvinated each and every day.


How does one go about attaining a healthy state of mind?

The answer is simple – Make the choice.

As easy as it may sound, it really is that easy! Only you hold the power over controlling your thoughts. It’s extremely important to mentally train yourself to reroute your thinking when your mind becomes filled with doubt and negativity. Make a concious effort to replace negative with positive. When it comes down to it, your key is GRATITUDE. Be thankful even in the most difficult situations. As hard as that may seem, if you are living then you still have a purpose!

What are some practices to help train my mind toward positive thinking?

  • Meditation
  • Prayer / Spiritual Feeding
  • Silence
  • Journaling
  • Affirmations / Guided Imagery
  • Reading

How can I put what I learn in to practice?

Start with a focus and practice! Practice requires action not thought! In other words, put your thoughts in to action!

Become really good at the first practice that feels good to you (you’re more likely to follow through with incorporating it in to your daily routine). Then, continue to build and set goals for yourself each week. Continue incorporating “you time”, “family time”, “friend time”, “God time” every single day. We all know that work is a given. Particularly if you’re in a position in your job or career that you don’t like, make sure you emphasize your gratitude in the areas that tend to give you the most anxiety.

Practice these things, and soon you will find open doorways that will lead you to a more fulfilled position, whether personally or professionally or BOTH!

What can I do on a physical level to reroute my thinking?

Exercise! This is a no-brainer here. We all know that exercise is good for our health in our functional, everyday lives. You do not need train like an athlete to benefit from exercise (though some of us strive for that level anyways)! It can be as little as taking walks, or as physical as competition in a sport. The main thing is to keep your body in motion! Bodies in motion stay in motion!
Nutrition! Proper eating and water intake is aboslutely essential to functionability of the human body. You can not expect to mentally focus or function at a high capacity if you neglect your physical needs to operate at optimum energy levels. The same holds true in reverse – You cannot function optimally on a physical level if you do not have the right state of mind.

How do I identify where I need improvement?

That answer is simple – ask those around you. Trust me! People will be willing to offer constructive feeback if you are open to it. Don’t have a great support system? Hire a coach or find a willing mentor who has your best interest in mind. This person should be someone emotionally neutral to you (in most cases), and someone of the caliber of success you wish to achieve. This person is your go to person (or people), and can help you identify areas of struggle that conflict with your success and state of a healthy mind. This person can and should also teach you valuable lessons about how to construct a better support system of indivuals around you. Even if you do have an excellent support system, a coach / mentor is still a good idea for unbias feedback!


What are some resources I can explore?



Most of you know I read a lot! I am also in to seminars, webinars, and watching speakers. When I`m really busy, I turn to audio CDs or YouTube clips in my car during commute times. No matter what you turn to in your quest for knowledge, give yourself options. Circumstances are rarely, if ever ideal! Make it work.

A few of my personal top favorites recently:
The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle
The Power of Who – Bob Beaudine
The Travelors Gift – Andy Andrews
It’s Your Time – Joel Osteen
The Bible – God
(Check out his mixtape & also his book! I`m a huge fan)
(Also check out his affirmations & guided imagery iPod/iPhone apps!)

What’s the most important part of a healthy mind?

The most important part of having a healthy state of mind is believing that a healthy mind, is just as important as having a healthy body. The truth is that no outer transformation will ever be lasting or fulfilling without inner growth and tranformation coinciding.
Get healthy and decide that a healthy state of mind is essential! Make the choice.
Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.
 – Earl Nightingale