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Kindness: Not so Random

Today I lead a busy day, like most every other day, but found myself touched by a specific individual I didn’t even know. After an early and filled day with clientele at the gym, I headed off to go teach at City Hall downtown Reno for the Shape Up Program I’ve had the pleasure of being a major part of.

When people love us even in the shadows of our darkness,
they shine on to us their light…

On my way I decided to stop at Walgreens to buy some cold water for the hot outdoor bootcamp about to take place! On my way in, I noticed a young man who was covered in dirt and a somber look on his face. He was probably about 20-25 years old. As I passed him, I smiled and couldn’t help but think about him when I got into Walgreens. I looked around for something to buy him, and felt lost. I didn’t want to offend him, but wanted to help at the same time. I decided on Trident gum (I know he hasnt brushed his teeth), Gatorade (every man loves the red kind), water, and mixed nuts (high in caloric density).

As I walked out, he politely aqsked me if I had a dollar to give him to catch the bus. I informed him that I did not have cash, but instead handed him the bag telling him I purchased those things for him. He seemed taken back before he looked at me square in the eyes, and I could see the person underneath the filthy external appearance and the unapproachable demeanor I saw when I walked in to the store. He thanked me. I said “you’re welcome” as I walked only a short distance to my car. Looking back at him, I watched a college-aged couple throw a quarter at him and heard it bounce to the ground; obviously in the most demeaning and cynical way. The young man did not say anything, but instead went to pick up the quarter silently. I felt horrible for him. My heart could not let me just rush off to teach my class; even though I had only 15 minutes left to get there and set up.

So, I found a receipt in my car, and wrote down a website that I felt could inspire this young man. WWW.ETINSPIRES.COM. One of my favorite motivational speakers and life coaches that was once himself homeless. I walked back to the young man and told him of the website, and that I was unsure of his present situation, but that I also know what it’s like to be alone and down and out. In fact, I was once myself “homeless” living in a motel in Reno trying to pursue my destiny. Again, he seemed shocked.

At this point, he couldn’t look me in the eye. Emotions surfaced, as he tried to surpress them, and all he could do was thank me. He asked what this guy Eric Thomas does. I told him that he was a speaker and life coach who has overcome struggle, and has personally helped me see my life more clearly. He assured me he would “check it out”. I walked away feeling sadenned, and wanting more time with him. However, I knew it wasn’t the time or place. I can’t save the world, but I can only plant a seed.

As I drove off, I watched the young man’s gaze follow me all the way down the block. I didn’t even get his name, but somehow I know I have to have had an impact. And guess what? Even though I was running late for my set up, not one single person showed up on time today. Nope! Not even the director Andy Bass, named 1 of 100 Most Influential People in Reno! He always helps me set up for my class. This tells me that this was no “coincidence.”

Maybe taking a few extra minutes even though I was running late could be strong enough to save his life. You just never know where God will place you, and I believe it’s our duty to act when he feel our heart strings being tugged on.

Now, I`m not using this story to boast or to say that you should give to every needy person you encounter because that is impossible. What I am saying it that is so important for us to recognize life outside of ourselves, and help others in need. The more you give the more you get! But, do not give expecting anything in return.

Today my heart was truly touched as a young man was willing to listen to me, allow me to help nourish him (even temporarily), and even in the hardest of situations that he seemed to be encountering, he trusted me enough or was desperate enough to reveal some emotions to me. For anyone who knows anyone down and out or on the street, this is a difficult barrier to break more often then not.

Imagine if our community of people all helped plant a seed one life at a time. Could you imagine the turn around in the poverty and the depressing nature of someone struggling? I can see it…

My life today was put in perspective by a young man who doesn’t even know my name. I think he helped me more then I helped him. I helped him on his path, and he helped me on mine…



When our path is lit, we can gain confidence
in the journey of our destination knowing that
our path leads to somewhere beautiful.

Is your life in perspective?

Act as if what you do matters because it does! YOU have the ability to change lives! To save lives! To live your life fully and your dreams.
It all starts with sowing into the lives of others…

Strong People: Finding the Value in Self Care

Self Care…

A topic of discussion typically only among the weak or misguided in life right? Wrong. Too many times have I heard “strong people” make mention of “sucking it up”, “just doing it” and “grinding 24/7/365”. My goal today is to help you draw an educated conclusion on practices of self care, how to integrate self care into your hectic schedule, and help you find the value.


Afterall, the way you care about yourself will flow in to the way others believe you care about them…

What is Self Care?

When many think of self care, they think of luxuries or pampering. While luxuries and pampering may sometimes play a role in self care, it is necessary to realize that luxury will not help you long term and is only a temporary relief.

In my research, I found two definitions of self care that I most associate my own persoanl care with:

  • ” One’s understanding and behavior that helps to build a healthy mind, body and spirit for himself and others.”  – Mark Gibson MA, CSMC
  • “Self care is personal health maintenance. It is any activity of an individual, family or community, with the intention of improving or restoring health, or treating or preventing disease.”


  • I was personally taught that for women self care meant getting your hair done, nails done, massages or other luxuries of indulgence; while for men self care meant time away from the kids, a six pack of beer, blasting music in the car, and watching ESPN. You know, just “not caring for awhile”. Well, self care is just the opposite of not caring – it’s caring! While there is not necessarily anything wrong with indulging from time to time in luxury, or “lazy activities”, it is important to recognize that these behaviors are not self care behaviors. Which leads me to my next point of interest…

How Do We Practice Self Care & What Are Considerations?


  • Set a Focus – First and foremost,  you must set a focus for yourself. You are using your self care time to focus on your specific needs. What is it that’s bothering you? Stressing you out? What needs to be addressed? Is it primarily physical pains, emotional pain or just recurring stress that keep running through your mind? Depending on your needs and priority, you will then determine your self care practice. For instance, if your body is aching perhaps your self care if yoga. On the other hand if your entire life seems to play in fast forward, maybe you just need silence.
  • Timing – It’s imporant to make self-care a priority, not optional. Choose a daily time to practice your self-care and plan accordingly. Self care is just that – by yourself!
  • Location – Your location should be serene and free of distractions. Turn your cell phone on silent, and eliminate interruptions. If you’re practicing self care admist chaos, you will not reap the benefits. Choose your room, car, a park or any place you are free from others.
  • Prayer / Meditation – Allow yourself quite time to be with your thoughts, reflect on your day and allow your own spiritual growth to flourish. This may mean prayer, meditation, mental training techniques or simple silence.
  • Exercise / Physical Activity – Exercise and moving is a great way to preserve your temple, get your endorphins flowing, feel good, and develop confidence in yourself both internally and externally. However in excess, some of us (I have been guilty!), spend ALL of our self care in the gym. This can lead to unhealthy mental behaviors especially in a hectic schedule. Yes, I am a Personal Trainer who said spending ALL of your alone time in the gym can potentially be unhealthy long-term. It is extremely important to find a balance of hard work, and true rest.
  • Affirmations / Goal Setting – This is a great way to affirm within your being exactly WHO YOU ARE. This practice can be great in helping you determine your imbalances, as well as staying focused on the positive. Setting aside time for your goals, visions, dreams and building confidence on a mental level will help you feel better about all aspects of your life.
  • Read / Write – Anything of your choice. Studying an area of passion or interest can also be a self care practice. Reading or writing can also help you feel connected with something marvelous; while being disengaged from the world your perceive around you. You can explore new thought processes and ideas for yourself, or just simply relax.

I hope you can realize that strength comes from disciplining yourself enough to listen to not just the chaos, but also the silence…

Remember! No one else will want to care for you unless you care for yourself. In the same light, you cannot care rightfully for another if you don’t first take care of yourself!

Living: Dreams, Purpose, Calling (A Tribute to T.O.)


Just a simple thing filled with much complexity.

We live in pursuit of becoming whomever it is that we’re meant to be, and we set goals in order to progress to another level. These are called our dreams.

Some of us know our calling from the time we can think, others of us discover our calling through processes and exeriences of hardships, and losses. Some of us never even get the chance… Or maybe we do, but we just wait too long to bless others with our gifts. Our lifespan is unknown, so we must make the best of each and every day. Through recent loss of my friend today, I believe that my calling is to connect and communicate with people to serve them in love through inspiration. This is the purpose of this blog…

Today’s Story:

Through several series of events seemingly unrelatable (but all too connected), I have been affirmed of my purpose and calling. That is, to inspire and to love on people. In the last  24 hours, two of my close friends have lost their dearest friends, and I have also lost my friend.

Through heartache, I have realized the innate confusion of death and desire for love. Every single one of us desires to know our purpose. When death strikes, the question of reality, afterlife, and purpose resignates. As we grieve, we realize that not only is life a process, but so is death.

In experiencing these two deaths I have closer bonded with the best friends of these two young men whom are my friends that I absolutely love. TO (who you read about in my last blog), lost his battle to cancer today. The other young man, 30 years old also, was murdered in his home. Both tragic and piercing to the core. I have seen first hand the toll it’s taken on the best friends of these men – my friends. In a desperate yearning to be there and take away some pain, it has been made clear to me that we are all interconnected for a greater purpose.

As humans, we have a strong desire for connections with others, and usually experience our strongest connections in the roughest of times. When we connect we learn the dreams of others and are able to develop a passion to carry on their name and legacy. Through loss comes a burning desire fueled by pain to “do something”.

The point? Your life matters. Every connection you welcome, every time you outwardly communicate a goal, every attempt toward success, every person you reach out to, everything that you give back –  it all matters. BUT there is more than that. Just because you are pursuing your dreams and work toward a goal does not mean that you’re living. To live doesn’t mean that you’re alive.

What are your connections? Your experiences? What are you going to do with them? Don’t sit around “bored” with your life. And, do not sit around wasting your health! If you are healthy it is a gift. My friend T.O. fought every day for years to regain health. Do not waste your body with poisons, toxins and addictions. Whether it’s food or drugs or alcohol. Take care of yourself the best you can.  Your body is a temple. There is someone fighting for their life right now wishing they had the opportunity that you have to get out and make a difference. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally in the lives of others.

There are people losing their battles. DEATH – something we have not experienced so it is scary. Not only is it scary, but it is also certain. At some point, we will all experience it. My friend TO did today, and his connection with everyone who knew him was so strong, that a little bit of each person died with him too… I see a burning fire that is ready to explode and help others suffering. All suffering are about to find a way to keep his legacy alive & spread his life message. He made sure his life meant something to others. It certainly meant something to me.

T.O. had the ability to connect with others he barely knew to help leave a positive impact in their lives. He benefited nothing from this except that it was just in his nature to care for others. Even while he was the one struggling, he offered care and support to others needing encouragement. To me, he offered not only kind words, love and support, but also connections with others. The loss of him today is bittersweet. His physical suffering is now over, and his spirit is free. Yet, the ones who loved him will miss him very dearly. While we do not understand the purpose behind his death at a young age, we do understand his message. I speak for myself, and all of his friends and family that will be using his legacy to make a difference for others suffering. When lived right, one life affects many.

 “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough!”
– Eric Thomas (aka ET the Hip Hop Preacher)

Do not wait. Live your life as if it means something, and take your connections seriously. Reach out in love and be there for those who need it. MAKE YOUR LIFE COUNT.

Follow Up / Action

TO’s website to give is still active to support his family with outstanding medical bills. Please share and give as your heart is convicted of. I also ask that you continue prayer for his family.

Direct Links:

Edgar Ter-Oganessian  “T.O.” – Gone but not Forgotten (GIVE FORWARD) 

T.0. Video Clip: Using Social Media to Pay Medical Bills

Former FSU Lineman Battles Cancer

Two Former College Football Players Unite Through Shared Rare Cancer

Dying to Live: A Published Article on T.O. in Progressive Greek Magazine

FACEBOOK : Friends Against Cancer

“My life life might be cut short but, damn… I lived! And hot damn Im living! It’s an art”
-Edgar Ter-Oganessian “T.O.”
(as quoted by a close friend)

Development : It NEVER Stops

Today I was coached by a person of greater success then I on things that I need to work on in the way I document my business. I couldn’t help to feel not only held accountable for my work, but also inspired by the blunt nature of the approach this person took. I was not discouraged by the coaching, but rather encouraged  because I know I am heading for the next level.

You see, even if you are recognized as “the best” at what you do, or in your current position, being the best does absolutely nothing to ensure you remain the best. You see, greatness is a process. Greatness is NOT a desitination.


Development is the main course of action taken toward any form of success or greatness. Without active development, thoughts and ideas are irrelevant. It is necessary to continue development, education, and becoming an overall better person if you wish to have a competitive edge or respected position.

So what are some things you must focus on during development?

  • Goal acheivement

Obviously, you must first have goals in order to acheive them. So go write out your professional goals, and develop an action plan on how to acheive them.

  • Organization

If you wish to reference improvements and measure success you must be organized. Being organized, despite popular belief, is a skill not a personality trait. Get yourself organized and streamlines to easily navigate your must-haves for your processes of your development stages.

  • Time Management

This is key. If you mismanage your time, you will never be able to complete your tasks or properly prioritize your scheduling. Get yourself a calendar, and schedule in all of your weekly priorities first. Thereafter, you can schedule in lesser priortiy tasks. This is a sure-fire way to make time for your development in an unchaotic manner.

  • Paying Attention to Tedious Details

Details are the trace elements that are essential for professional development, and most often overlooked. In any profession, documentation is a great example of how we measure successes, trends, statistics, and overall progress. Documentation is essential.

  • Education

This is a no brainer. If you are not educated in your profession, you will not be respected. Educate yourself as much as possible to ensure success of you and your team.

  • Perfect Practice!

We all make mistakes along the way, but with proper time management, organization, paid attention, and goals in mind we can begin to practice our profession in a perfect manner. Every single action we experience should serve to be perfect and contributory.

“If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?”

Health: Some Have to Fight


Let Your Light Shine in the Darkness

Today’s blog is inspired by many things, but specifically the people in my life who I have witnessed fighting the battle for their health. Some of us (myself included), tend to complain or get discouraged when we do not get the result that we want in the gym, with our diet, or if we don’t make the cut for an athletic program we hoped for.

Today, I was given perspective. As I woke on this Sunday morning I received an email from a friend who has been in the hospital for days. He has been in partial remission from cancer, but now is facing his worst nightmare all over again. Cancer in the chest. This young man has dreams of helping others, even while he is the one in need of help.

A few moments later, I looked at my cell phone messages and saw a message from a friend & former client who is locally in the hospital with pneumonia and wanting my help to regain health when he gets out. Unfortunately, his liver enzymes are high for unknown reason and he is again staying another night in the hospital until doctors can help him.

All of this has me thinking about taking our health for granted. We tend to make light of our health, and talk about it like we’ll always have it. But, these men have shown me otherwise today.

As many of you know, last year I created a website for another friend battling cancer stage IIIC ovarian cancer who was able to have surgeries, and is now in remission when she was told she would be dead by now thanks to the support of friends and even strangers. I knew I was helping, but I had no idea how much I could help another’s life until I was in the position to make decisions for her.

It is easy to lose sight of health from a perspective of simple survival and quality of life until we don’t have it, or have close one’s who lose it. I urge you to consider your current state of health! Are you taking care of yourself and doing everything that you can to prevent illness? If so, are you blessed enough to share your knowledge, outlook and resources with someone else who is struggling with their health?

Our health is a gift, and never gauranteed. I believe it is our job to share our knowledge and resources with others struggling. This is why I have chosen my profession as not just a motivator, but also a teacher and encourager to people who are down and out. I am not just a Personal Trainer. I am a human being, a friend, and someone with a desire to help others.  Are you too?

If you can relate to this blog, please, take a look at my friend’s website who is currently fighting for his life and send hugs, notes and if possible donations. If his story touches your heart, I encourage you to share his site with others who may have resources to assist. Assistance is not just financial, but is also emotional, and mental too. If you know of anyone who can help in any way, please share. The site manager is Junior Bernadin & there is a contact box to message him on this site.

I have provided the link below.

Edgar Ter-Oganessian “T.O.”- Cancer Treatment  

“Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it.”  ~Josh Billings


For those interested in Cecilia’s wesbite and her follow up status here is the link to her story

Cecilia Patterson, Everything to Live For – Ovarian Cancer

The Challenge: Ourselves and Others

The truth of the matter is that we will all face challenges in our professional and personal lives. We must find strength and confidence within ourselves to face the challenges, and overcome them if we want to progress to the top!

This blog is inpsired by my recent challenges in my personal and professional life. I have been given challenges that I have had to work hard to overcome, and find the strength to endure! The strength has come through taking risks, putting myself in uncomfortable positions, and listening to the criticism of those around me. I have learned a lot and want to share my insight with those experiencing any challenges!

Last weekend, I went out of town to Sacramento, California for Les Mills BodyPump training. I left right after the work week, and checked in to my hotel to work some more. I traveled with an awesome co-worker who is also a long-term personal friend. Before I even left, I found myself feeling so overwhelmed that I found myself in a negative state of mind, stressed out and dreading spending the weekend with my male co-worker/friend in the same hotel room with no breathing space.  Afterall, we had only a week to memorize our choreography on top of already hectic and full schedules.

However, when I left on my road trip, I decided that I could only make the best of things and be open to new opportunity. As soon as I changed my attitude, I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome! I remembered WHY I recommended my friend for the open position in my company – he’s awesome! And, while I was critiqued all weekend, and physically exhausted after 8 hours of physical training increments, I found myself feeling alive and mentally refreshed! Although I did not have a single day of rest, and was being pushed to my limits (what I thought were my limits), I realized WHY I love what I`m doing! It’s not really work to me! I walked away realizing that I would not grow without the criticism and support of those who are better and more experienced then I am. Although I am not where I want to be yet in my career, I am certainly on my way! If I can make it through and perform well now, where will I be when I acheive my next goal?!

This experience is one of many examples in which we all tend to put limits on ourselves, or end up shying away from opportunities that we find ourselves tired or uncomfortable in. You may feel ill prepared or just not confident enough in your abilities to perform. What are you afraid of?! You have worked so hard, and their is a reason why you’re being given the opportunity you are!

Whether you feel that you’re ready or not, you probably are more ready then you think. The key point to success is confidence! If you are not confident within yourself, then likely no one else will be either. At the training, they had a Zig Ziglar quote hanging on the mirrors of the Group Instruction room at the 24 Hour Fitness I was locked in for the weekend. It was this…

The significance is that no matter what position we find ourselves in, we are never alone! We surround ourselves by others who are better and more advanced then us so that we can be built up and challenged when we feel weak. This not only develops the confidence within us, but also the confidence in the decisions we’ve made when allowing people to play a special role in our lives.

No one who is successful has become successful alone! Each and every successful person has proven themselves successful in times of challenge and need. I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and take the step of surrounding yourself with people better then you. You will undoubtedly gain confidence, have support, become more motivated, and most of all be accountable to put your motivated thoughts in to action!

Get challenged! Take action!

Confidence: You Need It

Confidence is the biggest key to your happiness, success and advancement. You must believe in yourself in order for others to believe in you. More specifically your confidence level must match up with the status or successes that you wish to attain. Muhammid Ali perhaps said it best “I am the Greatest. I said that even before I knew I was.” While Ali knew he was a work in progress, he developed within himself the confidence to acheive his goals, and despite critics; ultimately proved that he was one of the greatest boxers and athletes of all time. Therefore, confidence is something that is earned. You must challenge yourself every single day to grow in your desired area in order to obtain the confidence level you need to be successful on your path.

The truth is, most people are not extremely successful like Ali, and this is simply because of lack of fine tuning and efforts given to hard work and skill development. Confidence needs to be earned through hard work and sacrifice for professional and personal development. Confidence is not easily obtained, but is possible for all. Confidence is neither essoterical or unobtainable by the average person. With enough hard work against any odds, you will succeed. For some, success comes more quickly; while others must work for years and years to acheive their dream.

Often times; especially in my profession, I hear confidence spoken about in a negative connotation and classifed as egotistical, “all that”, or ridiculous. While I do personally believe that being humble is a great quality to have in addition to being confident, there is absolutely nothing wrong with confidence in and of itself. Rather then view confidence as egotistical or prideful, I encourage confidence to be viewed as pride in one’s abilities to outperform, out-think, outwork, and rise above competition because hard work pays off. Anyone in the business world knows that competition is a good thing! So stop getting down on yourself when you face competion, and realize that your missing element may in fact be your confidence. You will need confidence to get to the next level. Develop it!

My job as a motivator and personal trainer is to help people get to their next level, by changing their lives through delivering physical results, and provide tools to help them change their way of thinking so that their mind and body can work in sync with each other. Every good trainer will agree that physical conditioning is directly related to emotional control and pyschological conditioning as well. The more your train, the more you show up, the stronger you will become. We all succeed and fail in tough situations, but the more adversity we face we have better chance to grow. Look at any well known athlete and research their adversity. The difference between the great and the average person, is that the average person gives up on their dream when it gets too hard. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being average, but contentment? Who truly wants pure contentment? Will Smith put it like this, “Contentment is the easiest traveled road to mediocrity”.

This blog, is really geared for you who strive for next level, and wish to be above mediocre. Think about it – Do you want to be above mediocre? If so, how do you fine tune your skills?

“You help put their lives back on track and give them the ability to do anything they want because they feel good.Confidence is amazing and working out and being healthy is the perfect way to do that.” – (An undisclosed friend of mine the United States Military)

Balance: Teeter Totter

A huge concern for most of us is acheiving a balance in both our professional and personal lives. I have found from my own personal experience and that of my friends, family and clientele that acheiving a balance is rarely a focus, but lack of balance become the focus instead….. Read that again: Acheiving a balance is rarely a focus, but lack of balance becomes the focus instead.

So what is balance? How do we acheive it? Well, all answers become very deep and complex, but with everything in life from fitness, nutrition, work and relationships balance becomes essential. Whatever we focus on tends to throw us off of balance; whether positive or negative. Think about it… Have you ever focused on eating “well balanced meals” and instead of realizing how well you’re doing at creating a lifestyle change and automatic habit, you focus on your lack of exercise or even lack of social time eating out with friends instead? We are all guilty.

I believe that it’s important for us to realize the life is not perfect, and the majority of us will always be seeking balance. In fact, most of us who aspire to acheive great things will often be out of balance when it comes time to seize opportunity and perfect our game; whatever that may be. The majority of people (in my experience) who claim to have a perfect balance, very rarely acheive great things, and admit to contentment of their current position. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this for them, not all of us like to be content. We strive for greatness or just simply something more!

It’s also important to remember the balance is defined differently by each individual based on their moral or religious obligations, weight on specific relationships and those circumstances and also their overall lifestyle choices. Despite all variables, we all have one thing in common – We hope to acheive a balance.

With that said here are a few tips that I have learned in my journey of striving for a balance right for my lifestyle:

  • Prioritize your schedule – Make time for things you enjoy or not just your “have tos”
  • Transition Your Lifestyle into One that You will Enjoy Daily. – Whether it be your career choice or just playing with your kids everyday after work.
  • Educate Yourself  – Create confidence in yourself as an asset to your employer and those who look up to you.
  • Let Loose Everyone Once in Awhile – This doesn’t mean you have to get completely crazy in a traditional sense with alcohol or drugs, but allow yourself to have fun and just live!
  • Take Risks – Allow yourself to be out of control sometimes! This will help you develop as a person, grow, become stronger, and maybe even open up better opportunities.
  • Love – Love hard. Appreciate those in your circle and family who support you. Make time for them, and place them as a top priority.
  • Work Hard – If you work hard while you are working, you will be able to reap the benefits to the greatest degree and stress and worry less on your time off.
  • Get a Coach or Mentor – Someone who can identify your strengths and weaknesses, and help you manage your busy schedule. This person (or people) can also help you remember what’s important from an unbias point of view.
  • Take A Trip at Least Once a Year – Allow yourself a mental escape from the “have tos” of life. Allow yourself to be unavailable to those outside of your intimate circle every now and again.
  • Devote Time to Relaxation, Meditation, Spirituality, and Reflection – Spend time, and make it a priority to count your blessings, adjust your game plan, connect with your soul, and reflect on your direction. This will help guide you toward future decisions and allow you to be properly prepared.
  • Do Not Neglect Your Health – Even if you get money, do not neglect your health. No amount of money can make you competely happy or buy you health. You have one body, and you must nurture it. This is your outward relection of your internal being the people will follow, and be inspired by.

“My point is, life is about balance. The good and the bad. The highs and the lows. The pina and the colada.”
Ellen DeGeneres

Workout Recovery: Tips on How To Recover

Today I want to give you some tips on properly recovering from your workout by request.

Drink lots of water

  • Perhaps one of the most overlooked nutrients is water. Remember your body is composed on maily water, and its important for metabolism, tissue repair, and flushing of toxins.

Eat Properly

  • One cannot expect optimal performance or recovery from training without proper nutrition. Ensure you are taking in enough calories for your BMR and activity levels. Without this, you will not see the muscular gains. This includes proper supplementation based on performance desires, needs and recovery times.


  • This is very important (just as important as a warmup!) By slowly lowering your heart rate & respiration you also allows your muscles time to start recovering and repairing before your next workout. Cooldown also helps your body release toxins (such as lactic acid), and allows your mind and body time to process the intensity of your workout.


  • This is imporant to cool down the muslces, promote flexibility and proper range of motion to return, decrease muscle pain / stiffness, allows levels of adrenaline in the blood to be reduced, may help decrease DOMS,  and also helps release toxins from the muscles.


  • This is a no brainer, but often not built in to a training program. Your body must rest and repair to function at optimal levels for performance. Rest time is different for every person, and each persons body may need to rest for various lengths of time. Rest is essential.

Active Recovery

  •  Continue doing something! Sometimes it is not necessary to rest completely. There have been some studies done that conclude that active recovery can help promote toxin waste extretion, and help improve muscular recovery. It’s also important to note that while resting a sore area of the body, you can work on a completely different muscle group. Bottom line – stay as active as possible! Don’t overstrain your muscles but keep your body in motion and engaged daily.

Get a Massage

  • Not only does a massage help reduce stress levels, but also releases the fascia (connective tissue) & muscles to release knots, tension and toxins. Massage can help promote overall wellness benefits, and increase recovery time for intense workouts. Just remember to hydrate!

Self Myofascial Release (Foam Roller)

  • The foam roller offers many benefits of massage, but is used at the gym or in your own home. Foam rolling can help reduce injury, stress levels, chronic pain, help reduce muscular pain associated with DOMS among other things. Foam rolling is used by physical therapists, personal trainers and athletes alike. Everyone can benefit from foam rolling!

Ice Bath

  • Many athletes use ice baths to help soothe their muscles, often by alternating hot and cold therapies, and some studies have even showed increased sports performance and recovery times using this method.  The idea behind an ice bath is that is constricts the blood flow to the body by pulling blood away from the core, and once heat is applied (or removing the body from an ice bath), blood flow will return to the “injured” area; thereby supplying fresh oxygenated blood for recovery. Even if you’re not an athelete, you can enjoy the benefits of ice bath which include: repairing of muscle tissue, less muscular pain and stiffness, can help induce sleep, and prevents injury. There are many different studies that indicate different benefits, and while some are inconclusive one thing is sure. You`ll feel better! This form of therapy is also holistic and inexpensive.

Don’t Overtrain – Listen to Your Body

  • The best way to recover properly without have to take days, weeks or in some cases months off is to avoid overtraining. Some symptoms of overtraining include: headaches, sudden decreased performance, feelings of lethargy, pain in muscles and joints, insomnia, increased injuries, changes in appetite, loss of passion. While overtraining is more common in athletes, it can affect anyone. Please educate yourself, listen to your body and be your own advocate! Stay disciplined, but train smarter! Not just harder… You need a well structured program to help avoid this problem and injuries. Consult a fitness professional if you are unsure of how to do this.

You have only one body….