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The Basics: Health, Hunger and Hormones

The purpose of this blog is to provide you with a snapshot look at specific “hunger” or metabolic determining hormones that is essential for a basic understanding of metabolism.

ADIPONECTIN: Found only in adipose (fat tissue); involved in metabolic processes such as glucose regulation and fat storage for energy production. For these reasons, this hormone is correlated to body fat %. 

LEPTIN: A protein that sends signals of satiety (decreases appetite); produced in fat tissue,  regulates energy balance (intake and expenditure), controls food intake & energy expenditure via the receptors of the hypothalamus (signals the brain when the body has had enough to eat).

Some studies indicate that some obese patients are actually leptin-resistant. 

GRHELIN: Signals the stomach that you’re hungry (increases appetite); decreases the body’s ability to burn fat. 

Some studies indicate that obese patients tend to produce more ghrelin then normal weight patients. 

INSULIN: Regulates carbohydrate and fat metabolism; removes excess glucose from the blood and enhances entry of glucose into the cells. Also enhances synthesis of fatty acids & proteins and is produced by the pancreas (fat synthesis).

When not regulated properly; as in diabetes, metabolic syndrome, PCOS, Insulinoma, the blood glucose levels will rise and can have adverse affects on the muscle and fat cells related to glucose absorption (aka glycogen stores and trigylcerides).

CORTISOL: A steroid hormone produced by the adrenal gland directly related to stress. Known as the “stress hormone”. 

What does this all mean for you?

This is the way that your body works! Quit looking for fad diets, starvation diets, diet pills or miracle drugs to solve your problems. Chances are, if you are experiencing weight issues then you have hormonal imbalances.

Though, there are some supplements out there that may help you in weight and body fat management with use in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle. (I am not against supplementation!)

How do you fix your imbalances?

First off, it is very important that your lifestyle allows your body to properly regulate your hormones. Healthy nutrition habits, regular exercise, proper sleep, stress management, and proper fluid are all major preventative measures to avoid any type of hormone imbalances.

Sometimes lifestyle changes may not be enough; especially in cases of disease. It is important to recognize the proper place for drugs and medicines as they pertain to your mental state, your overall health, and your belief systems. 

Imbalances may also be corrected or reduced by alternative medicine therapies.

You can better manage all of these issues and your hormones by:

Sleeping!!  Sleeping is correlated in several studies to leptin and grhelin production as well as all other hormones in the body. It is also absolutely essential for repair and recovery.

Eating!! While there is so much to say about eating, I will stick with saying that the first key to eating healthy is actually eating! Keep in mind that different foods yield different chemical reactions in your body; so do not just calorie count, but ensure that you are taking in proper nutrients for your body to perform efficiently whatever your goal!

Management and prevention of imbalance & disease; which includes: Good nutrition, exercise, fluid intake, and regular doctor check-ups; especially if you have known diseases that affect your metabolism and hormone production.

If you do have a condition such a diabetes, PCOS, metabolic syndrome, thyroid, etc be sure to take your medication, and have regular blood work to make sure your levels are within normal limits.

Fuel for performance and fuel based on condition. This means that you must have a knowledge and understanding of your disease, and the recommended dietary guidelines for that condition. Take into consideration for example a diabetic. They must eat at very specified times and have a good carbohydrate balance to avoid complications ; both short-term and long-term. EAT TO LIVE, DO NOT LIVE TO EAT.

Brain Power!! That’s right, the power of your mind. Positive thinking. Stress is a state of mind, and stress affects your body in a very significant way. Be sure to nurture your emotional and mental state. Health goes beyond your physical body.

Something to Think About:

There are several older and newer studies on these hormones; some inconclusive. There is much controversy over metabolism as chemistry is an ever changing science. It is important to understand your body, and educate yourself by professional assistance and credible sources to determine if any of these hormones may be contributory to your metabolic state. 

Consult your doctor for questions about your health. You may receive referrals to a Dietician, Endocrinolgist, or simply be counseled and encouraged to seek out professional assistance to be educated on how to make healthy changes by diet and exercise. Whatever your position, seek out a professional that fits your goals; whether you are a professional or not. Afterall, we all need coaches! 

Educate yourself !


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Dieting: Should You do It?

As a trainer, the majority of the emails, texts, and face to face questions that I get revolve around nutrition, dieting, and supplementation.

Dieting means different things to different people; especially in terms of inside of the fitness world and outside.

The dictionary defines DIET like this:

  1. The kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.
  2. A legislative assembly in certain countries.
Restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight: “it is difficult to diet in a house full of cupcakes”.

With this, you can see that a diet (noun) refers to the food that you take in daily. In action (verb), you will see that diet is defined differently: Restriction. In these terms, I would encourage you to view your “diet” as your everyday DIETary habits; aka what you eat daily. You’ve heard this time and time again, but health is  a lifestyle. While there are several fad diets out there, please consider what your diet currently consists of when seeking information on which “diet” approach would be best for you.

In action, restricting certain foods from your daily diet may or may not be beneficial to your goals. This is where fad diets become a major problem most of the time. Most are extremely restrictive, and do not encourage day-to-day healthy lifestyle changes. In other words, these diets are not long term. So, once you go off of the diet, you may regain all of the weight that you lost / gained because the limitations of the diet were too much for your mind and/or body to adhere to long term. This is what the term yo-yo dieting refers to.

Now, this is not to say that there is not a time or place for restriction. Of course there is! In fact, most of the commonly eaten foods such as pizza, ice cream and sugary sweets should be restricted as often as possible in an day-to-day diet. Restricting such foods is what we refer to as a “healthy approach” that allows us to achieve balanced or a “balanced diet”. There are also other instances that dietary restriction can be a good thing.

Consider a diabetic, a renal (kidney) patient, high blood pressure, CVD, a personal with metabolic disease or any other medical condition that requires or does not require medication. Whatever the condition may be, there are specific dietary guidelines that are encouraged in order to manage or prevent exacerbating the disease process.

Another instance for dieting that is extremely common and encouraged is for specific sports performance. Restriction for specific events that require specific weight, body fat, or aesthetic pleasing to be met is very common. Most athletes have their “on season” and “off seasons” where their weight may fluctuate, dependent on their performance demands. This can be accomplished in a healthy way with willpower, discipline and professional assistance. It is not recommended for the average person with average activity levels to go on an athlete’s diet because their caloric expenditure and performance requirements differ greatly from that of an average lifestyle American.

There are also concerns with sports specific dieting; however, and research continues to be conducted among athletes who must follow an extremely restrictive diet, and the physiological and psychological affects on long-term eating habits; sometimes causing / correlating to eating disorders.

I am not here to tell you that dieting is good or bad for you, but to encourage you to seek out professional assistance based on your own individualized goal. In order to best be prepared to work with a professional you should do the following:

1) Consider your body response; both mental and physical.
Example: Have you dieted before? Did the diet work for you? If so, why? If not, why?

2) Consider your goals. What are you looking to achieve?

3) WHY are you looking to achieve? The why is just as important as the what.

4) Keep track of your current dietary intake and physical activity. A professional will need to look at these variables in order to best determine your current state of health. Besides, you may be surprised at what you are actually consuming.

Remember: Your “diet” should be custom tailored to you. Every single body is different. If you have a health concern, please be sure to inform your professional coach about it so they can best assist you. If you do not have a professional coach, it is very important to seek medical advice and self educate. 

Exercise alone is not enough. At least 70% of your success will come from your day-to-day dietary habits.



Hello again faithful blog followers!! I know you’ve come here for inspiration today, and will undoubtedly give you something to ponder. First, I would like to say that you don’t need inspiration from me today, you need affirmation from yourself. 

We are constantly in seek of approval from others, motivation from others, inspiration from others; while this is not necessarily a bad thing, it can be. What you really need is affirmation to yourself of how great you are. Yes, I said it. YOU ARE GREAT. If you don’t believe this about yourself, you will continuously talk about everything you are going to do or want to do, but never actually get the result from doing it. You know why? If you don’t believe you can do something that means that somewhere inside you of you are driven by the fear of failing & will never take the risks or put in the work to actually get the result.

To some, you may want to quit reading right now, and not face this truth. I know because I’ve been there. For the rest of you, continue to read on…

I personally challenge you, as I have recently challenged myself & been challenged by my mentors to affirm your belief in yourself. Affirming is believing. Believing requires faith. Afterall, if you don’t have faith in you, then who will? You can NOT be a leader without affirming your abilities to yourself. I am great. You are great, but you must be willing to say that without fear of anything. Who cares what others think. Are they achieving your goals? Are they putting in the work for your dream? Are they successful at what you want to be successful at? 

While it is appropriate to draw motivation and inspiration from external sources, you must also draw it from within yourself.  YOU ARE GREAT. Keep telling yourself that. I AM GREAT. If you have a hard time believing this about yourself, write down all of the reasons why you are great, why you will succeed, and what you want / why you want it. Now, what will it take for you to get there? Is it really that hard? Or is it simple? Chances are that it will take time, hard work, and consistency but it is simple. So, just do it and believe in yourself.

Here are my most recent personal affirmations to myself as an example :

I will succeed because I have the passion and the work ethic to outlast anyone who wants to quit. I do not quit no matter how long it takes me to accomplish something.

My desire is fueled by negatives and positives that attract forces from every lifestyle around me. I am a magnet for success.

The only people who can hang are those who are better then me. The wiser, the experienced , the professional. I do not surround myself with people who ‘s  focus is not on my level because I cannot grow around them.

I need a challenge. I need people who persevere. The mentality of hard work is that of is no excuses and results driven. The mentality of quitters however is excuse driven with no results and continued failure.

I do not quit. Time is an illusion, so you may not see my glory time yet, but I’ve already had it. There is no present or future. There is only the now. My timing is not your timing. Your timing is not Gods timing. But Gods timing is my timing. He gave me the desire to be an inspiration. I am fulfilling that desire. What are you doing?

I am not worried about everyone else, and am focused on my mission at hand.

What is it that I truly desire ? That thing I dream about, but are afraid to share because of the naysayers? That thing I’ve always talked about but never DONE? 

Well, it’s what I am doing right now. Being great. 

 I am no longer held back. Instead, I am held to a standard higher then others can comprehend. Others are only using maybe 10% of their brain power. That means I need to use a minimum of 11%. I am educating myself and making the decisions that will allow my lifestyle to be one of success.

In conclusion, you will find over time that your struggle will no longer be saying no to people but saying yes to the right opportunity. You’ll have so many offers and you will have to choose what to say YES to. No will be a daily word because of your demand. After all…

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, 
but that we are powerful beyond measure.
It our out LIGHT, not our DARKNESS that most frightens us.

-Marianne Williamson 

My Foundation: The Why – Just as Important as The How

Today I was encouraged by my coaches to write down why I am choosing to compete. What is my foundation for what I am doing? Where is my focus? My consistency? So much, yet so simple. So, today I regrouped. I refocused. I revisited my goals and my reasons.

My Reasons for Being a Personal Trainer:

A passion to help others overcome their personal barriers and struggles.
My love of overall health and fitness, and the human body / mind.
A desire to educate others so that they can feel good and live a healthy life.
I enjoy the process or transformation, and the confidence and excitement it brings.
To be an example first hand of overcoming barriers.
To encourage people to focus on positive, and never give up.

Why do I Want to Compete?

To prove to myself that I am strong enough. Willed enough. Disciplined enough.
To experience the satisfaction of victory over myself and others.
To be the best trainer and person I can be & lead by 100% example.
To understand the psychology of the conditioning and training process.
To know what it means to sacrifice, truly work hard, and give my all.
To overcome medical limitations, health concerns and other’s perceptions of me.
To rid myself of all negativity, and replace it with persistent work & build confidence.
To believe & follow through.

My Affirmations:


Time is an illusion; therefore, I will overcome any obstacle because I have already won. 

Competition Mind: HARD WORK = HEART WORK

Hi bloggers! It’s been a little while since I’ve posted a new blog topic, and I`m sure you’re all wondering what happened so I`ll fill you in on this trainer’s life currently!

In the last few weeks, I have hired a coach / coaches (a male & female – they work as a team) to help me achieve my goal of competing Figure Fitness NPC Nevada State on June 9,2012. I’ve been on a diet for 3 weeks now, as well as a new training program. Last week, I went in to see my coaches in my bikini / heels for the first time at 14 weeks out for them to see where I need to improve. Let’s just say, I have A LOT  of work to do! Improvement & fat loss needed everywhere. While I am striving for Figure, I may end up competing Bikini to get stage-time and experience if I have not gained the necessary muscle mass… We shall see. Shooting for the stars! I am 13 weeks out today.

While I thought I was emotionally prepared, knowing where I stand, I wasn’t. It’s funny how when you work so hard, and are so passionate about something you want perfection. Perfection does not happen overnight, if at all. So I left in tears, but I also left motivated & encouraged by the amazing people my coaches are. I got a text a couple hours later when I was feeling down about the visit, that said “Keep striving! You`ll be great!”  That text alone made me think about my future, progress to come, hard work, and also about myself as a coach and a motivator. 

Since that meeting, I have been working extremely hard in the gym in the mornings with my amazing workout buddy Joel who is also working with one of the coaches. He is not competing (yet!), but he is an amazing support to me. Him and I get on the treadmill & the stairmill at 5:45 am and go to town for an hour. We encourage each other, and he nudges me a lot when I rest on my forearms, and tells me to stop cheating! Haha. So, two days ago, I got him back and did the same thing. Within this last week, we have already gone up a level for our intervals. It’s painful; especially after leg days!

The most difficult part for us is that we both work long days, and I have split shifts. Days starting at 5 am and sometimes I don’t get home until 10:00 pm. This means, my workout bag must be packed the night before with my shower stuff, work clothes, workout clothes for my pm workout 4 days a week, as well as every single meal / snack for the day. Every morning I leave my house at 5:30-5:40 carrying all of these things down 3 flights of stairs (and my gallon of water if I forgot to leave it in my car!). Good thing I cut out coffee, that used to be in my hand too. LOL. My 6:30 am client is on vacation until Wednesday, but I will now have to adjust to doing cardio alone at 4:45 in the morning, so that I can get in my full hour and still have time to shower / eat & get all my work day layed out by 6:15 am. I foresee an emotional & physical obstacle coming up this week.

The point of this is not to say “Look at what I`m doing”, but to say this is a lot of effort & hard work before I even get to my car to head to the gym and get there on time. BUT if you are willing to pay these prices, and put forth the dedication to keep showing up prepared, you will eventually succeed! At least, this is what I keep telling myself. 

I love Michael Jordan’s quote “I believe if you put in the work, eventually the results will come”. Again, the key to fitness is consistency. No matter how much time, effort or how many early mornings or late nights your goal may require, you must be passionate and willing to put forth the work every day that it is scheduled. If I can do this, and wake up when I LOVE sleep, you can certainly get to the gym my recommended 3-5 days a week. NO EXCUSES. 

I am learning already, that this is an emotional process, and you must be willing to alter your schedule to any degree possible to optimize your results. For example, I no longer take Sundays off of the gym because my work days can be long, so instead I take Wednesdays off; which typically my work schedule is booked from 6:30 am – 7:30 or 8 pm with only a 2 hour break in the afternoon. I now enjoy my Sunday workouts knowing that I can relax and get some immediate recovery afterwards. Plus, weekends are when I struggle most with my diet because I am at home or out and about more.

I have also found so much encouragement from other competitors; some that I haven’t even met yet other than Facebook! The entire arena of this game is so supportive! There is a lot of pressure (mainly the pressure put on by ourselves, as we are striving to compete & expect a lot of ourselves), but there is also so much motivation and inspiration. People who I have already found sharing their struggles, and success with me. I am so thankful for all of the encouragement. I have found that it’s hard to find people who understand the mind of an aspiring competitor unless you talk to someone else who has competed, or is striving for the same goal. 

I have much to learn, am an amateur, and am sure I will have many failed days along the way, but I am excited to pursue this process and see progress and transformation in the next 13 weeks! I`ll keep you posted! 


It’s not just what you do inside of the gym that shapes your body, but it’s what you do in your daily life that shapes your opportunity. 

A Trainer’s Story of the Day: Run, Jump, PLAY!!

On my break from work today, I decided that it’s sooo beautiful outside that I would go take a walk around my neighborhood & took a path I never have. While walking, a homeowner was taking her trash out and greeted me. She asked if I was enjoying the weather. I said yes, this is the first time I’ve been out and about in the sun! She told me that she’s been sick since December and since has lost 28 pounds. Today was the first day she was feeling well, so she was wearing her summer shoes and going to get a pedicure. She obviously needed someone to talk to, and I listened to her story about her struggle of the doctors not understanding exactly what’s going on with her body. We chatted maybe 3 minutes and wished each other a well weekend. 

As I continued to walk about 5 more minutes, I stumbled across this amazing park! On my way there I noticed a man stacking lumber or doing some household project. He has a prosthetic leg, but was going about his business like nothing was odd or in the way. He obviously had learned to live with his disability.

Then, once I got to the park, the first thing I noticed were squirrels running around, and tons of benches, monkey bars, basketball hoops, hills, and running trails! HEAVEN!! I also noticed a couple about 50 years old was there. He had a cane. They were leaving as I got there and ran to the monkey bars. He spoke up and told me to stay in shape while I`m young. He told me that he is learning to walk again. He used to be an avid hiker. His story was amazing, and his wife was right there supporting him, holding his arm as he walked with a cane. They also told me about their daughter & how she’s gained 6 pounds since college sports. LOL Oh yeah, they also told me to try Bikrham yoga 🙂

You see, withing 15 minutes of me enjoying my walk, I saw two disabled people just trying to regain the ability to walk normally again, and a woman just trying to enjoy quality of life while she’s not sick. We take things for granted so much! It really put things into perspective for me of why I have chosen the career path I have — to help people! It also reinforced the importance of my own discipline and fitness pursuit to lead by example; a great example! 

You can also get in shape and healthy by being ACTIVE! Being healthy goes beyond the gym, pushing weights, sprinting on treadmills, it goes as deep as your heart… Make fitness / exercise a part of your heart’s desire …


(Needless to say, I went on the monkey bars, *ATTEMPTED* pullups, lunges, decline bench pushups, bench jumps & swung on the swing set like a little kid)

Overwhelmed by Passion

This morning I have finally reached a morning to be able to truly look at myself in the mirror, and know I am putting my best foot forward. I have an amazing support system that I have allowed myself to develop by ridding my life of negativity, and people who just give up. Yes, I HAVE ALLOWED IT TO DEVELOP. I truly have known that I was holding myself back due to fear, and also listening to way too many people’s opinions on what I should / should not do with my life and fitness.

I am happy to say that I have shed tears of overwhelming joy this morning. Despite waking up at 4-5 am, and getting home 9-11 pm most days of the week, my hard work is showing me results. Not just in my personal life, but my professional life as well. While I still have a long way to go to achieve my goals, I can say with confidence that I am surrounded by the most wonderful people who will push me, motivate me when I feel weak, hold me accountable for my actions or lack thereof, and also make the process of hard work FUN!

While I write and write and write, tears fall because I realize that my passion in life is transforming other’s lives, as well as my own!! I strive to lead by example, and aesthetically, am working on taking that to the next level. Ironic that as a Personal Trainer how the aesthetics seem to be falling into place lastly…

Follow me on my journey as I pursue my first bikini / fitness competition June 9, 2012. I will continue posting helpful tips, advice, and struggles of my own in hopes of helping all of you stay motivated toward your goals as well!!

Every great man has endured & overcome great struggles.

GOAL SETTING: Being "Realistic" Isn’t All There is To It

Hi bloggers! This week I want to talk about goal setting. As a full-time Personal Trainer, I work with many different people: young, old, athletic, new to exercise, stroke victims, diabetics, overweight, underweight, men, women…and on and on. It’s important in my position to understand each individuals goals, and also to help them set goals for their training that they may not have even thought about before. Many people come in with a goal in mind, but have no action plan or idea how to actually achieve that goal. Afterall, if all of us knew how to achieve our goals, we would … right? 

WRONG. So, what is it about SETTING our goals that we fail at (if we already know we don’t always achieve the goals that we have in mind for ourselves)? Even if we do achieve them, how long-term or lasting is it for? You see, the majority of people want change, have goals in mind, but never achieve them.

I urge you to consider that setting a goal must include some the following things:

– The goal(s) itself 
– The emotional tie to your goal
– A time-frame
– Recognition of one’s strengths and weaknesses (in general)
– Priority tied to the goal itself (What you want to MOST improve upon)

I will go into detail about all of this because I feel that it has personally and professionally helped me achieve. I evaluate, and constantly re-evaluate myself on these, and urge a vast majority of my clients to do the same. Let’s explore why considering each component of your goal is important:


This seems obvious, unless you really dig deep. This is where you recognize your goal, and dig deeper into setting long-term and short-term goals related to the bigger picture. For example: Your long-goal is to gain better balance and stability. Short-term, your goal then may be to stand on one foot, or a Bosu ball without falling off for a specified amount of time. 

Whatever your goal long-term goal is, your short-term goals serve as measurable mile-markers toward your accomplishment. Without a short-term goal, you will likely have little to no clue on what path to travel. Always check the mile-markers.


We all have reasons why we want to achieve goals, usually because of our own self-pride, self-esteem, competition, or because a loved one has achieved something that you want to relate to. Whatever the reason, it’s important to recognize it because emotions are what typically hold us back from accomplishing our goals. Take a minute to absorb that…


A time frame is extremely important in goal setting because it’s easy to slack off if you feel you have more time to complete a task. A time frame also will be recognized by those around you, and will come up in conversation often. If you are showing improvement, you will likely receive praise. If you are not showing improvement, you will likely experience some criticism; either positive or negative. See how this goes back to your emotional tie? 

A time frame helps keep you accountable, and selecting ways to determine your progress that are measurable (aka short-term goals). This also helps to increase your awareness daily of what you are striving for. I have many people that come to me with no time frame and say “I don’t care how long it takes, I just want to be healthy”. That’s a great attitude to take on to show that kind of commitment; however people often do not succeed because they give up when things get hard. They can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel because they aren’t even on the road the tunnel is on. They missed all the mile-markers along the way; as if traveling in the dark. With that, they lack progress because they’ve never held themselves accountable, and in turn, they never achieve that goal. It’s a vicious cycle. 

Set a time frame!


Choose at least 3 of each. Write them down on an index card, and put the index card somewhere visible. I put mine on my mirror. Everyday I look in the mirror, I evaluate, judge and motivate myself. Some days, I feel great about myself! Other days, I`m harsh, critical, and feel like giving up. Don’t we all? MY own words and MY own recognition keeps ME going. Others can inspire, and encourage but it is up to YOU to make YOU better. 

It’s very important to regroup yourself and realize your strengths and weaknesses so that when you re-evaluate, you can compare yourself on how you’ve grown as a person. You should always have an equal amount listed of strengths and weaknesses. Do NOT let your emotions get in the way of listing more of one of the other. Truly evaluate. Use your strengths to guide you through dealing with your weaknesses, and overcome your obstacles. I have found this to be a very effective tool.

Afterall, if you don’t take pride in what you’re good at, you`ll never get better at overcoming your weaknesses.


Life happens! Things happen. These are not excuses, it just is that way. Our priorities shift overtime as we grow and develop. It’s crucial to understand where you are at right now, and what’s important. Hopefully, when you get to your goal and grow, different things will become priority. If you don’t know your priorities, how will you continue pursuing your goal when life happens? 

If all else fails one day or one week, work on what you want to MOST improve upon. This is like having a Plan B in the forefront of your mind. 

Thanks for checking out this weeks blog! Remember, this is an in-depth approach on my end to be very clear on my philosophy behind goal setting. This is not all inclusive, and what works for one person may not work for another. BUT, is what you’re doing working? History has a tendency of repeating itself. If you have been shy of achieving your goals, or really haven’t even considered your personal goals in awhile please take my weekly challenge! I’d love to hear back from you!



WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Get an index card. On the front write the date,  and fill in your goals (long-term and short term).  And the back accross the top write the 1 thing you would most like to improve upon. Then, seperate the bottom 1/2 of the back to list strengths (3) and weaknesses (3). Give yourself 1 week to look at the card everyday. Come back to my blog and let me know how you did & if this made a difference for you!

Hard Work: There is No Subsitute

Hard work. A topic that has been at the forefront of my mind this week, as I have been finding some things to be, well, hard!! I hear people say all the time “My life is so busy!” or “I have a life outside of the gym *followed by sarcastic chuckles*” I have personally struggled lately with the fact that I have tried to think of my life outside of the gym. It seems at times non-existent; as I am working hard to acheive lofty goals I have set out for myself, and sacrifice to make those goals a reality. So I stop the pity party, and share with you that this feeling is okay because That’s what HARD WORK is about. It’s not meant to be easy. It is HARD and it has an investment return. HARD WORK pays off.

On a personal level, my passion is for helping people grow, obtain knowledge and change their lives through health and fitness. It seems at times that is all that I do. So…what’s wrong with that? Nothing! You see, the problem isn’t that we do what we love too often, the problem is often that we do what we love MORE often for others than we do for ourselves.

Some of you may re-read that last paragraph. That’s okay. Let’s face it. How many times have you put loved one’s ahead of yourself? That’s not a bad thing. It just is. In fact, it’s a good thing; as long as you also address your own needs. This is where sacrifice comes into play.

Sacrifice is about giving something up either partially, temporarily or permanently that you know you cannot have too much of while trying to acheive a goal. Many people give up alcohol for their families. Some give up time with loved ones in order to work more and save money or provide. Others give up time with loved ones for the goal of saving money (not going out to eat or events), or even to spend more time studying or in the gym. Every sacrifice has pros and cons. That’s why it’s sacrificial. You give something up short-term in order to gain in the long-term.

The truth is, that without HARD WORK and SACRIFICE combined, neither of them mean much. Hard work comes in many forms. Different things are hard for different people. It’s important for us to grasp this in order to help and inspire others. There will be days that are hard. There will also be days that are good. Sometimes sacrifice will be small, and sometimes sacrifice will feel magnified as we progress forward, or even if we regress.

All of has have progressions and regressions, but the goal is to continue an upward trend. A beautiful person recently put it to me like this:

It’s like a statistical graph for any major company with large trends. Some days the graph will represent an increase, while other days the line on the graph may drop. The drop could last for a day, days, weeks or even months, but eventually will rise again. The important thing is that the overall trend of the graph is upward. This is also what’s important in our lives.

MY CHALLENGE TO YOU: Think about your overall graph of your life. This year. Right now. Appreciate where you are at today, and recognize that whether up or down you will be in a different place tomorrow. Are you trending up?