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Matching breath with movement, explore the fundamental principles and foundational yoga poses at the heart of Vinyasa Flow.

This slower-paced class is perfect if you prefer a more gentle practice or as an introduction to Vinyasa Flow.


We offer a mellow flow and yin-yoga styles to help align your body, facilitate a meditative mind/body connection, calm your nervous system and compliment our yang-style training classes.




Lifestyle Group Coaching + Q&A

This class is designed to serve as an open and guided forum with your Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coaches.

In a group setting (in-person or online) you will connect, set goals and have the freedom to ask fitness and nutrition questions.


Each session is centered around a theme or topic to assist you in becoming the best, strongest version of yourself in and out of the gym.

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Pop Up Workouts

Pop Up Workouts are workouts we add on top of our class schedule! Locations may vary from indoor to outdoors.

These workouts are added by request and by your trainers to mix up your workouts and have fun!


Each workout is customized with your personal trainer. You can expect a high energy, focused & efficient workout for long-term results. All fitness levels are welcome


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Deep Stretch

This class is designed to be a relaxing class focused on deep stretching (beyond muscle tissue alone). Participants find a sense of restoration, healing and of course – improved flexibility. The more flexible one is, the stronger you can you are. Muscles should not just contract (weight lifting) but also elongate (stretch) for good range of motion and overall health.

Stretches of 2-5 minutes are held in this class – a great way to physically and mentally condition!

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Inspire Me Mommy

Building the bond between mother and child for life, IMM is designed specifically for women with children ages 0-9. Women are encouraged to bring children to their workouts. Fitness classes focus on total body, core strength and stability post-baby. Each class is different and coached by Certified Personal Trainers, Life and Health Coaches for physical and emotional support.

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Nutrition Classes

Nutrition and diet fads are everywhere! We offer nutrition classes both in person and online to help de-bunk myths and educating you and what’s really healthy.

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A sports-inspired cardio workout for building strength and endurance. This high-energy interval training class combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilization exercises. Dynamic coaches and powerful music keep you motivated and challenged – perfect for intermediate or advanced fitness levels. Each class is completed with a cool down offering a variety of Pilates and yoga techniques.

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IBP Shape Up Reno Bootcamp

“Shape Up Reno offers something for everyone,” says Addie Vivas, Recreation Assistant for the City of Reno. “From yoga to intense cardio, people can get out and enjoy a nice workout that is right for them.”

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