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Inspired By Purpose: Unrelentless in Every Circumstance

Circumstances. Emotions. Decisions. Opportunity. 

Many people change their direction based upon circumstance. This can be good. This can also be bad. Take for instance our economy. People who were once very successful now are homeless, addicts and among the lowest of the low. While others who had nothing changed their direction because they saw opportunity in the darkness. They had the will to not just survive, but also to prosper. So what’s the difference? These people live in the same country, the same basic surroundings and all grew up believing in the “American Dream” (or at least being taught it). Can proper decisions be made due to circumstances, or does it all depend on the circumstance?

My answer is this – We cannot waiver in our faith due to our circumstances. Circumstantial evidence is only what we see, not necessarily what we feel or believe. If we only go by what we see, how can we truly be successful if it goes against what we feel or believe? If we only go by what we see and feel, that can also be deceiving because our emotions can often deceive us. We then, must always trust in what we beleive at our core regardless of the circumstances. You know the saying “Only believe half of what you see” ? I have found that to be a personal truth that I live by.

Desire. Passion. Excitement. Belief. 

All of these emotions and innate characteristics fuel us when there is no fuel left in the fire. When others see an empty coal pit, we still see that spark and believe it will combust at any moment! And even if it didn’t we can surely find 2 sticks to rub together! Where others see no way, we see some way. We are the unrelentless ones. The ones that do “crazy” things. That is us. We are crazy. We are entrepreneurs.

In every circumstance we remain faithful because we know without a doubt what the end result will be even when everything visible shows us otherwise. We do not waver with the change of the seasons, but keep focused because of our reasons. When we lose our friends, our money, or material possessions, and even sometimes feel like we have lost ourself, we hang on and persevere.

Desire is the ambition and drive we have been gifted with. Our desires often cannot be explained, though we try. The human mind wants a reason for everything that we do. Except for a few, we know that we do not need a physical reason and the point at which the desire was created is irrelevant if not nurtured.

Faith is not easy. Passion is dangerous without a focused direction. And belief? It means nothing without purpose. Afterall, what is belief without purpose? It is nothing.

I am Inspired By Purpose by my God given purpose. 

Are you?

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