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Building A Team

[box] “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself” -Henry Ford[/box]

Entrepreneurs know that it takes a team effort to build greatness;hence the importance of “circles” and “networks.”But how can we selectively build theses groups of people?


There are 5 basic tactics I have used to intentionally build my personal, grass-roots, circle of people.

1. REMEMBER YOUR BRAND. My brand is Inspired By Purpose – it’s self explanatory really – I am inspired and aim to inspire others because I know I have a purpose, and I help others find theirs. This means that everyone I choose to associate myself with must be someone who is inspiring, and someone who has a clearly defined purpose; when you know your purpose – you become passionate. It’s essential to only associate with individuals and companies who truly stand for their brand, and that your company has some sort of overlap with.


2. INTENTIONALLY SEEK RELATIONSHIPS WITH PURPOSE-DRIVEN INDIVIDUALS. Both in life, and in business, it is important that we seek out, cultivate, and flourish in relationships with others. Who we associate with can either make us or break us, and relationships with purpose-driven individuals can also help us drive forward with our purpose. Not only do purpose-driven people help us remember our “WHY” but they also help us generate ideas – one good idea breeds another, and another. When you cultivate these relationships, you can easily reach out for help, an opinion, council or just someone to relate to.


3. ALWAYS BE 110% ENGAGED AND PREPARED FOR A COFFEE MEETING. Set the time. Be on time. Dress nice. Comb your hair. Wear some heels. Bring a notepad and pen to jot down ideas. Be willing to fully engage in conversation (put your phone away)!  It’s inevitable that when brilliant minds come together that there will be free-flowing ideas for your next blog post, collaboration, or big event – write it all down! Whether you’re the CEO of your company, or an intern hoping to learn, you must be fully engaged if you want to recruit talent, and find loyalty. Being 110% engaged shows the person sitting across from you that you’re willing to listen – not just talk, and that is a skill. Showcase your skills and be more productive  by showing up prepared.


4. SMILE AND ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS. When you smile, you are inviting someone into your space. You’re more likely to have a positive conversation, and you help the other person be more open with you. In addition, make eye contact, nod while you’re listening, and be genuine. If you are meeting with someone you idolize or you see as an expert in your field, don’t forget to ask lots of questions, and jot the answers down! Treat the person you’re meeting with with the respect, engagement that they deserve for giving you their time. Most of all, have a good time and help your new colleague do the same.


5. GET INVOLVED. Spend time actively pursuing a common business goal, hobby or travel together. Book a motivational convention together, or better yet – set one up yourselves. Relationship-building tasks will help you go to a deeper level of trust, loyalty, extended networks and circles, and prime you for future opportunity. Don’t neglect getting involved in your local and national communities. At the end of the day – we’re all in it together.


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Development : It NEVER Stops

Today I was coached by a person of greater success then I on things that I need to work on in the way I document my business. I couldn’t help to feel not only held accountable for my work, but also inspired by the blunt nature of the approach this person took. I was not discouraged by the coaching, but rather encouraged  because I know I am heading for the next level.

You see, even if you are recognized as “the best” at what you do, or in your current position, being the best does absolutely nothing to ensure you remain the best. You see, greatness is a process. Greatness is NOT a desitination.


Development is the main course of action taken toward any form of success or greatness. Without active development, thoughts and ideas are irrelevant. It is necessary to continue development, education, and becoming an overall better person if you wish to have a competitive edge or respected position.

So what are some things you must focus on during development?

  • Goal acheivement

Obviously, you must first have goals in order to acheive them. So go write out your professional goals, and develop an action plan on how to acheive them.

  • Organization

If you wish to reference improvements and measure success you must be organized. Being organized, despite popular belief, is a skill not a personality trait. Get yourself organized and streamlines to easily navigate your must-haves for your processes of your development stages.

  • Time Management

This is key. If you mismanage your time, you will never be able to complete your tasks or properly prioritize your scheduling. Get yourself a calendar, and schedule in all of your weekly priorities first. Thereafter, you can schedule in lesser priortiy tasks. This is a sure-fire way to make time for your development in an unchaotic manner.

  • Paying Attention to Tedious Details

Details are the trace elements that are essential for professional development, and most often overlooked. In any profession, documentation is a great example of how we measure successes, trends, statistics, and overall progress. Documentation is essential.

  • Education

This is a no brainer. If you are not educated in your profession, you will not be respected. Educate yourself as much as possible to ensure success of you and your team.

  • Perfect Practice!

We all make mistakes along the way, but with proper time management, organization, paid attention, and goals in mind we can begin to practice our profession in a perfect manner. Every single action we experience should serve to be perfect and contributory.

“If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?”