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Motivate U Participant Finds Hope & Results while Undiagnosed

Teresa came to Sierra Strength and Speed through Motivate U in October 2013 –  a program offered by Hometown Health. She has been struggling with an undiagnosed medical condition since May 2009.

As a result, physicians had her on more than 1,000 mg of medication daily. She experienced nearly 20lbs of weight gain in 3 short months. She was unable to drop the weight even after she was taken off the medication.

Her goal was to strengthen her body and lose some of the unwanted pounds, with the hope that some, or all, of her pain that comes with her condition would subside. Within 6 short weeks, she became reacquainted with her body and lost 3.5% body fat. Her transformation was due to 5 hours of weekly exercise and minimal changes to her diet.

Rashes & Swelling all over.

 “I was told I had folliculitis, or inflammation
of the hair follicles. Even with my very limited medical expertise, I questioned T HAVE HAIR FOLLICLES ON MY PALMS OR THE I was given more steroids and Benadryl and sent on my way.”

While, she continues to struggle with her medical condition and pain, she continued on with us at SSS after her #MotivateU program ended. She currently attends circuit training classes 4 times per week and continues to see results. As of today, she is 3 pant sizes smaller!

I’m am proof that anyone can do anything when they set their mind to it! Love yourself enough to LIVE through your challenges!

From Teresa ~

I had an opportunity in October 2013, to join a wellness challenge through my employer. It was 6-week exercise challenge focused on diet, exercise and overall healthy living. I was selected to go to Sierra Strength and Speed. I was nervous and excited at the same time.

The first night, I had to do the preliminary tests, which included; push-ups, sit-ups, weight and body fat ups and 11 modified in one minute, 18 sit-ups in one minute, and body fat over 20%. I began the program and met some great people. I worked hard attending 5 to 6 classes per week and became reacquainted with my body. I won a fitbit for trainers pick of the week for working hard in class and that felt great. Everyday was a new challenge and I didn’t  see many changes until I got on the scale.

I increased my pushups to 10 plus 13 modified in one minute, and 36 sit-ups in one minute, and a mile in 9 minutes and 21 seconds.

I lost 3.5% body fat and lost under a pound.


To learn more about Motivate U and the exciting Healthy Tracks Programs through Hometown Health please click here.


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Shape Up Reno – Free Fitness Classes

shape up reno logo





MAY 2014

Shape Up Reno is a free fitness series offered by the City of Reno and local partners. Fitness sessions last one hour.


Dear Participants,

As a Fitness Expert and Coach I am honored to be a part of the 3rd Annual Shape Up Reno Program in it’s the 3rd Operative Year.  Each year Andy Bass, Recreation Manager of the City of Reno, has invited me to participate in this program to FIGHT OBESITY in our local community.

My passion is helping other succeed by providing the proper tools and resources for them. For many, cost is a huge factor when it comes to gym memberships or private training. Shape Up Reno has been one of the best programs I have been involved in.

Each week, I donate one hour of my time to help reduce costs for participants, and give back to the community. It is not only a great way to meet new people, but also an unconventional way to help inspire the city of Reno to get moving!

Reno is rated as the number one most alcoholic city in America. This is not surprising with the casino industry. With fast foods everywhere, casinos, alcohol, and sedentary lifestyles, I am to inspire others to get moving by showcasing our class in the park.

If you wish to attend, please feel free to contact me directly or contact The City of Reno. You may find other class information on The City of Reno Homepage.

Most Sincerely,







  •  Anyone can show up to any class, anytime, for FREE.
  • There is absolutely no cost involved, and fitness regimens are progressed or regressed for all participants — Anyone at any fitness level is welcome to join.


  • My “BOOTCAMP” class meets in the heart of downtown at the Wingfield Park Amphitheater from 12-1 on Tuesdays. A typical workout consists of: A jog around the Truckee River, a dynamic warm-up, mobility exercises, strength and cardiovascular training, and a yoga style cool-down. This structure teaches the importance of proper warm-up and cool-down, and encourages participants to use this structure within their at-home-workouts.


  • Equipment is varied and includes everything from: Bosu Balls, jump ropes, medicine balls, kettlebells, TRXs, agility ladders, speed ropes, etc.


Please call the City of Reno at (775) 334-2262 or Channéll Holmgren at (775) 400-8333 for more information.



Today we are more connected than ever, but also less personal and most busy. This is a women’s group for those of us who want to make a difference. Not just getting together for cocktails, but also impacting our communities in a positive way.

Are you interested in a FREE women’s group to help each other stay accountable & give back?

Forget the GOSSIP. Let’s focus on GOALS.

The goal of this group is to give back and look outside of ourselves. However, this is a strong & powerful network of women!

Guidelines for How We Operate:

Accountability Partners: Meet to goal set with our girlfriends for our personal and business lives. Over lunch, dinner or coffee. Members are encouraged to help each other stay accountable.

Monthly meetings To consist of:

Serving our community. This could be by serving at the homeless kitchens, or meeting with battered and abused victims. We may also decide to clean our closets and go down as a group to somewhere like the Reno Gospel Mission, or even send out anonymous cards with cash. The possibilities are endless…

Give back Quarterly.

Each quarter we choose one day to donate to our community here in the Reno/Sparks area. This could be park clean up, joining a not-for-profit in their community efforts, etc.

Solicitation is not welcomed. This group is invite only. If you are interested please contact me via Facebook Message or Email.

Subject Box: Forget the Gossip!


Are you interested in a women’s group to help each other stay accountable & give back?  Forget the GOSSIP.

Let’s focus on GOALS.

Today we are more connected than ever, but also less personal and overly-consumed with busy-ness. I have been long-pondering a women’s group for those of us who want to make a difference. Not just getting together for coffee & cocktails (although we will do that too) but also impacting our communities in a positive way.

Solicitation is not welcomed. The goal is to give back and look outside of ourselves. However, this is a strong & powerful network of women building relationships who all encourage and  support each of our personal and professional lives.


How We Give Back:

Large Groups

Small Groups


Goals & Girlfriends is one large group of women aiming to make a difference. Amongst our large group, we break into smaller groups that have individual special focuses within the community.

Goal Setting

Amongst each large group meeting, each Girlfriend will receive a coaching worksheet, and be coached on how to set achievable goals. As a large group we focus on our quarterly and yearly goals. It is the role of the small group leaders, and accountability partners to assist each other in achieving monthly goals.

Small Groups:

Each small group is assigned a team leader who is in charge of: Mission, Delegation, Purpose Focus, and Contact Information. This person will also assist in delegating additional roles in each team.

Accountability Partners:
We meet in small groups, and with partners to goal set with our girlfriends for our personal and business lives. Over lunch, dinner or coffee. Members are encouraged to help each other stay accountable to goal achievement, and action plans.

Guidelines for Operation

Small Group Monthly Meetings:
Each small group has a different focus. Serving our community is our main focus and topic of each meeting. This may be by serving at the homeless kitchens, or meeting with battered and abused victims. We may also decide to clean our closets and go down as a group to somewhere like the Reno Gospel Mission, or even send out anonymous cards with cash.

Large Groups Give Back Quarterly: 
Each quarter we will choose one day as a large group to donate to our community here in the Reno/Sparks area. This could be park clean up, joining a not-for-profit in their community efforts, etc.

The possibilities are endless…

EVENT SUCCESS: Inspire Me Mommy! Scholarship Fundraiser Zumbathon

Inspire Me Mommy! Scholarship Fundraiser ZUMBATHON was a HUGE SUCCESS!





Attendees: 78
Donors: So far 90
Amount Raised to Date: $850
Goal: $1200
Donations are accepted through October 1st via mail or phone. Credit cards are accepted.
What began as a mere vision to help our local community in Reno, became a reality in less then 3 weeks! Within 3 weeks, this event was organized, donated to, and marketed successfully.

Inspiration for Scholarship:

While teaching my Inspire Me Mommy! 6 Week Challenge (fitness classes), I realized the need for assistance to parents within the community, who are currently working and in school.  As I interacted with mothers and their children, I realized how fortunate their children were to have their parents actively involed in their lives, and have a positive influence. Our motto for the program is “Building stronger women to build stronger children and communities.” Afterall, children mimic their parents’ behaviors, and learn healthy habits at a young age.

I do not yet have children myself, but grew up estranged from my parents, as a run away, a high school dropout, and did this because I was raised in an abusive environment. I want to be able to give back to the community and help build stronger women, children and communities. I believe if we can reach parents, and have a positive influence in their lives, then we can empower their children through action. We aim to empower one family at a time! Education is a good place to state, regardless of ones’ past.

How the Scholarship Fundraiser Manifested:

One weekend I was floating the Truckee River and enjoying time with my dearest friends. My friend Vicky came, and I told her my vision for my business Inspired By Purpose, and that I wanted to be able to give out a scholarship. I told her the time wasn’t right because I didn’t have the money to give it out, but I would like to be able to host an event maybe at the beginning of 2014 to raise money.

She excitedly said “Let’s do it when your program ends on September 6th!” I said “Really? There isn’t enough time!” She said “The time is always NOW! Let’s get to work!” So, we did. We hustled hard and the result was a phenominally successful event! In less then 3 weeks, the vision manifested into reality through SACRIFICE, DONATIONS, DISCIPLINE, AND HARD WORK.

The only means of media and marketing that we had was Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ticket sales, and word of mouth. Through this, we were able to have 85 people SHOW UP to our event. This doesn’t include how many people were reached, and could not come that day. The community of Reno joined this movement in order to support change!

Sponsors and Donors:

Everyone who committed to volunteer their time, energy and resources is appreciated more then words can express! Every single person who instructed, gave to this cause, and helped with setup, clean up, catering, food pick up, providing food, water, and even making signs, and managing different tables did a magificent job. No one asked for ANYTHING in return, and they were just happy to be an integral part of it.

My co-host and Zumba Instructor: Virginia Janet (Vicky)
Zumba Instructors:
Kathy Kennedy
Leslie Brown
Nolfa Aida Inostroza-Arias
Andrea Tibaduiza
Victoria Monroe (Amy)
Karen Lima
Nettie “Coco” White
Patricia Franklin-Gallimore (Pat)

I especially have to thank all Zumba Instructors for coming to rehearsal, selling tickets to their classes, and helping set up the facility. Did I mention everyone donated their own products to this event?

Our sponsors gave unselfishly. Sierra Strength and Speed allowed us to use their facility without charge just to support the cause.

The catering company gave, even during their busiest season, and met up with me at 11pm because he was so swamped during Burning Man and the Balloon Races. He did not ask a single dollar for hundreds of dollars worth of food and raffle prizes.

The mommies in my Inspire Me Mommy! 6 Week Challenge all made signage for the event, and also hand wrote out gratitude rock cards explaining the significance of the donations, and the Law of Attraction. They also picked up food, offered to donate additional money, and lent tables and fans for the event. They even got up in front of everyone, and spoke to the crowd.

My amazing boyfriend “B” and our amazing best friend Brandon “OneShot” Cook, ran errands with me until midnight, vacumed and cleaned the facility, managed the gratitude rock station, set out all the hot and cold foods during the event, and helped me with raffle prizes. They also went to the Truckee River with me and hand selected gratitude rocks in which we boiled personally.

Special thanks to “Gatorz” family here in Reno. Shorty-T and his brother, Terrel came out to show support after their Homeless Drive last week! Diversity at it’s finest.We are making a difference together in this communnity.

ALL volunteers There were SO MANY of you it’s hard to name you all. From managing the cash and ticket entries (Pat), to making sure everyone signed the Liability Waiver and Roster for the event (Krista), to the videographer, photographer, and everyone else who made this event possible!

We ALL prayed for each individual attending the event, and did not fail to realize the significance of helping people change their lives!

Local business sponors for this event:

Sierra Strength & Speed
Facility where the event was held. Where I train my clientele and am mentored.

State Farm
Came to the event, participated, gave free Starbucks gift cards with each quote, and donated food and water!

We SWET Clothing
Donated 8 women’s tank tops just for this program! They generously send them from Las Vegas, and wouldn’t allow me to to pay for shipping!

Gourmet to Go
Not only met with me at 11 pm, but donated: A 5 gourmet cheese board, a special fruit platter, crackers, a Holiday Dinner for a needy family of up to 10 ($500 value), and a Romantic Dinner for Two with an in-home Personal Chef ($150 value).

Papa Murphys
Paul from the NW Papa Murphys is always extremely helpful and sweet. He donated 5 large pizzas as swag prizes.

Wing Stop
At the last minute, our hot food from our caterer could no longer be donated due to logistics and event setbacks from other events. Wing Stop stepped up and donated 100 wings so we would have hot food!

Port of Subs
Likewise, Port of Subs also stepped up to offer a healthier option, and provided us with enough sandwiches to feed everyone!

Massage Essence
Generously donated a 1 hour massage for swag prizes!

Artistry Salon, Hair By Tabitha
Donated a $75 hair salon service as a swag prize!

That Hair Salon
Donated a deep conditioning and blow dry as a swag prize!

Not only did instructors generously donate their time (all 8 of them!), but they also donated bracelets, and tee shirts as swag prizes. They also allowed us to sell apparel for additional donations!

Nail Trix By Scott
My personal nail man for over 4 years now, is a strong business man, and generously donated 4 gift certificates for salon services to all of the momnies in my Inspire Me Mommy! program. He did this because we have a working referral system, and out of the kindness of his heart.

Apply for Inspire Me Mommy! Scholarship 2013

Application form can be found on the Inspired By Purpose website. Please keep in mind that all information provided will be verified through the applicant’s employer, school, and during the interview process.

I am taking extra precautions to ensure that the candidate in fact meets the criteria. If dishonesty is discovered, the candidate will immediately be disqualified and banned from receiving a scholarship from Inspired By Purpose at any time in the future. Dishonesty will NOT be tolerated.

For specific qualifiers, and steps to take please click the link below!

Click Here: Scholarship Application Form

The Future of Inspired By Purpose Events:

Stay tuned for a collaboration of local businesses, and single dads to bring a scholarship for single dads!

Inspire Me Mommy! Program will continue in blocks throughout the year, focusing on progressional fitness. We will be hosting this event annually.

Stay tuned for speaking events and locations.

Watch Us on YouTube:

Video Clip: Inspire Me Mommy! Scholarship Fundraiser Zumbathon!

In order to effect great change, we need to look at how we can help those in our own communities as well as globally.
-Christina Aguilera

Community Volunteers: Soap for Hope


Today I want to share Courtney Bell’s touching community project that I have had the pleasure to be a part of in previous years, and this year also!


Courtney is a Community Leader, Entreprenuer, Keynote Speaker and Personal Friend, who’s motto is:


“Empowering People to Empower Themselves”










Courtney is the founder of the People’s First Foundation and is a mentor to underpriviledged children. He is a young man who offers hope and support through the bible studies at local jails, is a keynote speaker at high schools and conferences, as well as a son and friend. I have had the priviledge to get to know and work with Courtney as a Personal Trainer (back in the day), as well as a volunteer for his organization’s fundraisers, and other professional endeavors.



Last year, I was a volunteer for Soap for Hope 2011 for the first time. From the donations generiously collected in our community, we distributed laundry supplies to over 200 families living in motels here in Reno. There were about 15 of us who met in the morning, and sorted out laundy supplies based on a list Courtney put together from families in local motels. We then caravanned and spent the day delivering laundry supplies to every family on our list. Courtney personally interviewed each family, and set this fundraiser up because he saw the need; he believes every child should at least have clean laundry!



I can truly say that this was a wonderful experience, and open my eyes to the great need in Reno for simple necessities to be provided. Not only did I meet amazing, like-minded people, but I got to be a part of something bigger, and truly make a difference in the lives of otheres.



You can too! Here’s who we’re helping & how!

Data equation specialist statistical analysis project

(The families we will help with your help)

  • 8 out of 10 families are single parent families.
  •  9 out of every 10 underprivileged children go to school with unclean clothes at least three out of every seven school days.
  •  9 out of every 10 low-income single parents are in need of assistance with laundry supplies.
  •  10 out of 10 homeless and transient families are in need of assistance with laundry suppliesor dryer sheets

The Goal

Provide 200-400 single-parent, transient, homeless and low-income families with a month’s supply of laundry detergent, bleach and dryer sheets.

 Locations to drop off laundry supplies and monetary charitable contributions

  • UNR’s Orvis Bldg. Room 104 – 2nd Floor, Room 202 or 204 E; 775-351-8120
  • Belvedere Towers, 450 N. Arlington Ave., Downtown Reno; 775-324-5888

Location Hours

Drop off from 8am- 5pm, Mon-Fri or call and we will pick up your generous donation. Drive ends November 5th

Volunteer with Us on Saturday, November 10th!

Volunteer for Soap for Hope!

Drop off from 8am- 5pm, Mon-Fri or call and we will pick up your generous donation. Drive ends November 5th


826 Wyoming Avenue in Reno, NV (Off of Seventh Street by Raley’s off of Keystone)


Starts Saturday, November 10th  at 11:00am until we are finished. You may leave at anytime.

How to Donate

  • Write out a check to People First Foundation P.O. BOX 162 Reno NV 89504
  • Have a drop box at your office and collect laundry supplies!
  • Tell a friend to do the same!
 These organizations have partnered with us, we are asking for your organizations support to help 300 families with a months’ worth of laundry supplies:
The City of Reno’s Senior Advisory Board
Doctors Wives of Northern Nevada and Alliance with Washoe County Medical Society
Girl Scouts
Unity Center
Sparks Seven Day Adventist Church
Reno/ Sparks Mormon Church
Wall Mart
University of Nevada Reno Men’s Athletic Department
Pathfinders Children Ministry  The Belvedere Condominiums
This effort takes a combination of $6,140 in monetary contributions and donated laundry supplies to help every 200 families.
Read Courntey’s Inspirationation Story featured from University of Nevada Reno

“We can all use a little help sometimes, especially those who are already helping themselves
with love and commitment” – Courtney Bell

Contact Courtney

Courtney Bell Founder and Executive Director
People First Foundation
P.O. BOX 162
RENO NV 89504
(775) 351-8120
Facebook: People’s First Foundation

The Mirror: Facing Obstacles & Overcoming Defeat

All of us face obstacles and defeat (or what feels like defeat) at some point in our advancement of self. Too often we blame these obstacles or feelings of defeat on outside circumstances, and often fail to look in the mirror. I know this to be true because I am one who has recently been going through this in a major way in my personal and professional advancement. However, I would like to encourage each one of you to keep your faith in the end result even when there is absolutely no evidence of the end result near. Afterall, that is the definition of faith.

I would like to share my personal testimony of obstacles that I have & am currently facing in hopes of encouraging those of you who are facing resistence against accomplishing your dreams. I am a real person running into real walls just like you, and feel that the purpose of these obstacles is to grow and help other people in the process; especially as a motivator!

Myself & Jay Cutler @ Las Vegas Classics
Personal Testimony:

I have a formal education in dietetics and personal training. I currently am in the career field of personal training because I love the transformation process and helping to educate, encourage and motivate others throughout. What I do gives me a sense of reward, and allows me to feel that I give back equally or more what I get out.

About 4 years ago, I was diagnosed with thyroid disease after gaining approximately 65 within 4 months. Yep! You heard me… from a slim 132 to 199 within 4 months (I`m 5’7″). Not only did I just graduate with a dietetics degree and was working as a Clinicial Nutritionist, but I also was working as a Personal Trainer. The very beginning of my career and I got fat. Keep in mind my eating habits and exercise did not change.

After many doctors and tests I finally got a doctor to believe that my diet & exercise was not the culprit. He worked for the same regional hospital as I. To keep this short, it took over a year on medication to even see any kind of loss. Once I lost however, 30 pounds came off within 3 months. Of course, this still left me 35 heavier then before! Convinced that something else was wrong, guess what? It was. Another diagnoses and more medication. I was told by those close to me that maybe I`m just getting older and that was going to be the way I’d have to live. I refused and worked as hard as possible to prove that wrong! I knew this could not be possible.

One year later, I felt even worse (though I did not gain back the weight I had lost). So, I decided to go off of all but my thyroid medication and felt whole again. Finally self-healing was taking place through diet and exercise. Now, 4 years later I finally decided that it was time to pursue my dream of competing in NPC Figure Fitness! I hired trainers, started my diet 16 weeks out, and did everything according to the book. I was pleased to see results…. at first.

Week after week my body was not changing as we wanted it to or responding to anything except for a ketogenic diet. That felt like an answer and I was getting leaner! Until I hit a plateau with stress levels through the roof, and 2 hours a day of cardio plus lifting (18-20 hours per week) and dieting on top of a full and hectic work schedule training others. In the gym 24/7. I didn’t care what it took, I was bound and determined. My coaches told me I needed to find a way to manage my stress levels better and they were right. Finally, they told me if I didn’t see results soon I would not make my goal date of June 9, 2012 and advised me to go back to my doctors. Well, I did and my thyroid was fine. It was determined however, that while I am not a diabetic, my insulin levels were high related to other medical concerns. So, I started medication. Guess what this meant? No more ketogenic diet because of low-blood sugar. I was still determined to overcome this within 6-8 weeks til show time.

I say all of this because this has been my last 4 weeks and really my last 16 weeks and even my last 4 years. Recently, I ended up overtraining and not listening to my body. After being ordered to take a week off, I then got sick because of the rapid changes in my body. It felt like it hated me. I was doing harm and not good. I decided that I would not get myself down, but rather discover every trigger that made me stressed and aggravated along the way. My major problem? Stress! I started to have the “Got To” attitude instead of “Get To”. It was no longer loving my health, but that I “got to go to the gym” or I “got to get up early”. It felt like the fuel to my flame was dying out. Thankfully, my coaches were amazing enough to counsel me through all of this.

I am happy to say that after 3 weeks of feeling not myself or a little discouraged at times, I did not allow doubt to overtake me! I will not be competing next weekend, even though my family is flying here from out of town specifically for that reason (talk about added pressure)! I remain with my eyes and heart fixated on the goal because I have complete faith in my abilities to overcome with hard work. Not only that, but I have re-discovered my passion ten-fold and once again and am truly enjoying this process. Remember that process is progressional and takes time. Besides, this time I don’t have to start from square one, and neither will you the second, third or fourth time around! Every single successful person has failed at something! MJ said “I have failed over and over again, and that is why I succeed”. 

My coach always tells me not the let anyone OUT WORK me. I have a notecard in my car on my dash that says “I will not let anyone outwork me”. That is my daily affirmation. I highly suggest that you start verbalizing and writing down affirmations for your goals. What you put out, you will get back if you have conviction and faith. You cannot be afraid of failure! Failure just shows you how bad you really want something.

But faith goes beyond the end-result because we often have no visible evidence of our dream becoming a reality. We must not view defeat as defeat! Failure is only opportunity to grow and go in to our goal even better then we would have initially. For me, I do not want to get on stage at 70%, I want to be 120% ready and win! Now, I get that opportunity to show-case myself in a better way, and share with others my struggle. I do not feel like a failure because I KNOW my time is coming, others just don’t see it yet! That’s okay with me. My coach also says “Some of us just have to work harder then others”.  I`m sure many of you reading this may feel that you’re working so hard, and not seeing a big result. Keep working!!! You will see results, but sometimes manifestation takes longer then we hope for. What is YOUR current opportunity in your struggle?

There is always a purpose to our struggles IF we choose to view them that way. We can chose to play a victim or we can be victors and build others up! While I am not yet on stage like I said I would be, I can promise you that when I am within the next few months, all who doubted my abilities will be quiet! While this is not about “doubters” or “haters”, you must realize that people will criticize and judge you during your journey. Do not listen to the nay-sayers. They are poison to your ears, mind and heart. This is why it’s very important to choose your environment carefully, and sometimes you have to isolate yourself and make that sacrifice in order to acheive something for a greater purpose!

You cannot accomplish any of these things, however, without looking in the mirror. I will never blame anyone else or a medical condition for my short-comings. I believe that health is the absence of disease, and there has to be something else that I can personally do and change to be 100% healthy and disease free! This is my current project, and something that has manifested overtime – likely related to stress. It is SO IMPORTANT to listen to your body, and take care of yourself to the maximum degree. Do not get discouraged by other’s opinions. In fact, choose whose opinions you will listen to and void the rest. Educate yourself as much as possible about your goal and the process that it will take to accomplish your goal. The more knowledge you have, the more faith you can affirm because you will be able to develop a plan.

In summary, when faced with defeat you must do the following things:

  • View this as an opportunity to shine brighter
  • Be honest with yourself about where you messed up in the process
  • Ask yourself if you lacked progress or if it just didn’t meet your expectations
  • Ask yourself if you gave it your all?
  • Evaluate your support system. Are they helping or hurting you?
  • Re-evaluate WHY you want to achieve this goal. Is it for the right reason?
  • Consider, verbalize and plan out your next steps and new game plan. If the first game plan didn’t work, choose another approach.
  • Finally, remember that the process will be hard work, but should be enjoyable. You will never be completely successful at something you do not enjoy.
When you run in to a wall don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it or work around it. – Michael Jordan