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Local Gyms offer Free Fitness Classes: Channel 2 News

City of Reno, Local Gyms Offer Free Fitness Classes

Posted: Jun 24, 2014 3:28 PM PDTUpdated: Jun 24, 2014 5:03 PM PDT


The City of Reno is offering free fitness classes to help people get in shape this summer. “Shape up Reno” is a partnership with local gyms and instructors which started three years ago. Tuesday the program held a fitness boot camp at Wingfield Park, which is a perfect place for people who work downtown. “They’re sitting at their desk all day, they’re wanting to get active but maybe they can’t find the time, or they have to run their kids somewhere, so this is a great way to eliminate that excuse,” explained Channell Holmgren, who teaches a free one-hour exercise class on Tuesdays. “I thought it was a great way to give back to the community, so this is my third year doing that,” she added.Andy Bass, the Recreation Manager for the City of Reno, says it’s a community effort. “It’s not just the City of Reno it’s really these local businesses that are donating their instructors and their space to make it happen,” he said.The classes are meant for all ages, and all fitness levels. Rossy Cardenas was invited by a friend last week and showed up again for the boot camp class. “It’s hard but it’s also easy. It depends on how hard you want to go,” she said. “Anybody, even first-timers, they’re going to feel right at home,” she said.

Classes vary from Pilates to boot camp to yoga, at different locations during the summer. “The whole focus is to try to remove the barriers to fitness. So the first barrier is money, the second is trying to find a place that they feel comfortable,” said Bass.

Those who show up say they also meet new friends. “It’s really easy to get locked in a building during the day and so this is a nice way to have a relationship and have some fun,” said Holmgren.

Click here for a complete list of locations and classes.

Shape Up Reno: News 4 Today

Shape Up Reno 2014


City of Reno’s “Shape Up Reno” offers free fitness classes

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ShowImageShape Up Reno, a free fitness series organized by the City of Reno, has returned and is now being offered through various local businesses.Individuals or local gyms have agreed to offer one or two classes per week. In the past, Shape Up Reno has been offered during the spring through fall months. This year, the City of Reno would like to see it become a year-round program.

One of the many classes offered is every Tuesday during the lunch hour. Channéll Holmgren teaches a “boot camp” at Wingfield Park from noon to 1 p.m.

“Shape Up Reno offers something for everyone,” says Addie Vivas, Recreation Assistant for the City of Reno. “From yoga to intense cardio, people can get out and enjoy a nice workout that is right for them.”

For more information, call 775-334-2262.


Are you interested in a women’s group to help each other stay accountable & give back?  Forget the GOSSIP.

Let’s focus on GOALS.

Today we are more connected than ever, but also less personal and overly-consumed with busy-ness. I have been long-pondering a women’s group for those of us who want to make a difference. Not just getting together for coffee & cocktails (although we will do that too) but also impacting our communities in a positive way.

Solicitation is not welcomed. The goal is to give back and look outside of ourselves. However, this is a strong & powerful network of women building relationships who all encourage and  support each of our personal and professional lives.


How We Give Back:

Large Groups

Small Groups


Goals & Girlfriends is one large group of women aiming to make a difference. Amongst our large group, we break into smaller groups that have individual special focuses within the community.

Goal Setting

Amongst each large group meeting, each Girlfriend will receive a coaching worksheet, and be coached on how to set achievable goals. As a large group we focus on our quarterly and yearly goals. It is the role of the small group leaders, and accountability partners to assist each other in achieving monthly goals.

Small Groups:

Each small group is assigned a team leader who is in charge of: Mission, Delegation, Purpose Focus, and Contact Information. This person will also assist in delegating additional roles in each team.

Accountability Partners:
We meet in small groups, and with partners to goal set with our girlfriends for our personal and business lives. Over lunch, dinner or coffee. Members are encouraged to help each other stay accountable to goal achievement, and action plans.

Guidelines for Operation

Small Group Monthly Meetings:
Each small group has a different focus. Serving our community is our main focus and topic of each meeting. This may be by serving at the homeless kitchens, or meeting with battered and abused victims. We may also decide to clean our closets and go down as a group to somewhere like the Reno Gospel Mission, or even send out anonymous cards with cash.

Large Groups Give Back Quarterly: 
Each quarter we will choose one day as a large group to donate to our community here in the Reno/Sparks area. This could be park clean up, joining a not-for-profit in their community efforts, etc.

The possibilities are endless…