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Buddy Walk, Down-syndrome Network of Northern Nevada

Join us and our Inspire Me Mommy community as we walk with Savannah’s Stars!


Savannah is 2 years old and a very happy, social little girl including her frequent visit to Squeeze In. She loves to give waves, high 5’s and is always trying to get people’s attention everywhere she goes – we are not sure where she gets that from 🙂 She loves going to school, playing with her friends, music and dancing.

She has seen inside of many airports and airplanes including going to Europe and has flown over 45,000 miles (45 flights). She is also a frequent visitor to running event finish lines cheering her parents on. When you see her, come over and give her a high 5 – she would love it!


If you would love to donate to Savannah’s team please visit the link provided!

Join us for our 12th Annual Buddy Walk at Greater Nevada Field September 23rd from 8am-12pm.

Come hungry and enjoy a pancake breakfast!
Meet David DeSanctis from the movie Where Hope Grows
Over 30 Vendors
Bounce House
VIP Tent with Karaoke
Fast Pitch Game
See Five Star Cheer Team
Meet BRUNO from the Reno Big Horns
Come see Mayor Schieve
40 Raffle Baskets to WIN! All worth between $100-$500
Walk around concourse to celebrate our friends with Down syndrome
And More!!!

Register on link below or call 775-828-5159 and join team “Savannah’s Stars”
Walkers are $20, Students are $10, and children are $5
All registration fees, donations, and proceeds will be given to the Down Syndrome Network of Northern Nevada (DSNNN)

Local Gyms offer Free Fitness Classes: Channel 2 News

City of Reno, Local Gyms Offer Free Fitness Classes

Posted: Jun 24, 2014 3:28 PM PDTUpdated: Jun 24, 2014 5:03 PM PDT


The City of Reno is offering free fitness classes to help people get in shape this summer. “Shape up Reno” is a partnership with local gyms and instructors which started three years ago. Tuesday the program held a fitness boot camp at Wingfield Park, which is a perfect place for people who work downtown. “They’re sitting at their desk all day, they’re wanting to get active but maybe they can’t find the time, or they have to run their kids somewhere, so this is a great way to eliminate that excuse,” explained Channell Holmgren, who teaches a free one-hour exercise class on Tuesdays. “I thought it was a great way to give back to the community, so this is my third year doing that,” she added.Andy Bass, the Recreation Manager for the City of Reno, says it’s a community effort. “It’s not just the City of Reno it’s really these local businesses that are donating their instructors and their space to make it happen,” he said.The classes are meant for all ages, and all fitness levels. Rossy Cardenas was invited by a friend last week and showed up again for the boot camp class. “It’s hard but it’s also easy. It depends on how hard you want to go,” she said. “Anybody, even first-timers, they’re going to feel right at home,” she said.

Classes vary from Pilates to boot camp to yoga, at different locations during the summer. “The whole focus is to try to remove the barriers to fitness. So the first barrier is money, the second is trying to find a place that they feel comfortable,” said Bass.

Those who show up say they also meet new friends. “It’s really easy to get locked in a building during the day and so this is a nice way to have a relationship and have some fun,” said Holmgren.

Click here for a complete list of locations and classes.

Shape Up Reno: News 4 Today

Shape Up Reno 2014


City of Reno’s “Shape Up Reno” offers free fitness classes

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ShowImageShape Up Reno, a free fitness series organized by the City of Reno, has returned and is now being offered through various local businesses.Individuals or local gyms have agreed to offer one or two classes per week. In the past, Shape Up Reno has been offered during the spring through fall months. This year, the City of Reno would like to see it become a year-round program.

One of the many classes offered is every Tuesday during the lunch hour. Channéll Holmgren teaches a “boot camp” at Wingfield Park from noon to 1 p.m.

“Shape Up Reno offers something for everyone,” says Addie Vivas, Recreation Assistant for the City of Reno. “From yoga to intense cardio, people can get out and enjoy a nice workout that is right for them.”

For more information, call 775-334-2262.

Shape Up Reno – Free Fitness Classes

shape up reno logo





MAY 2014

Shape Up Reno is a free fitness series offered by the City of Reno and local partners. Fitness sessions last one hour.


Dear Participants,

As a Fitness Expert and Coach I am honored to be a part of the 3rd Annual Shape Up Reno Program in it’s the 3rd Operative Year.  Each year Andy Bass, Recreation Manager of the City of Reno, has invited me to participate in this program to FIGHT OBESITY in our local community.

My passion is helping other succeed by providing the proper tools and resources for them. For many, cost is a huge factor when it comes to gym memberships or private training. Shape Up Reno has been one of the best programs I have been involved in.

Each week, I donate one hour of my time to help reduce costs for participants, and give back to the community. It is not only a great way to meet new people, but also an unconventional way to help inspire the city of Reno to get moving!

Reno is rated as the number one most alcoholic city in America. This is not surprising with the casino industry. With fast foods everywhere, casinos, alcohol, and sedentary lifestyles, I am to inspire others to get moving by showcasing our class in the park.

If you wish to attend, please feel free to contact me directly or contact The City of Reno. You may find other class information on The City of Reno Homepage.

Most Sincerely,







  •  Anyone can show up to any class, anytime, for FREE.
  • There is absolutely no cost involved, and fitness regimens are progressed or regressed for all participants — Anyone at any fitness level is welcome to join.


  • My “BOOTCAMP” class meets in the heart of downtown at the Wingfield Park Amphitheater from 12-1 on Tuesdays. A typical workout consists of: A jog around the Truckee River, a dynamic warm-up, mobility exercises, strength and cardiovascular training, and a yoga style cool-down. This structure teaches the importance of proper warm-up and cool-down, and encourages participants to use this structure within their at-home-workouts.


  • Equipment is varied and includes everything from: Bosu Balls, jump ropes, medicine balls, kettlebells, TRXs, agility ladders, speed ropes, etc.


Please call the City of Reno at (775) 334-2262 or Channéll Holmgren at (775) 400-8333 for more information.


Community Volunteers: Soap for Hope


Today I want to share Courtney Bell’s touching community project that I have had the pleasure to be a part of in previous years, and this year also!


Courtney is a Community Leader, Entreprenuer, Keynote Speaker and Personal Friend, who’s motto is:


“Empowering People to Empower Themselves”










Courtney is the founder of the People’s First Foundation and is a mentor to underpriviledged children. He is a young man who offers hope and support through the bible studies at local jails, is a keynote speaker at high schools and conferences, as well as a son and friend. I have had the priviledge to get to know and work with Courtney as a Personal Trainer (back in the day), as well as a volunteer for his organization’s fundraisers, and other professional endeavors.



Last year, I was a volunteer for Soap for Hope 2011 for the first time. From the donations generiously collected in our community, we distributed laundry supplies to over 200 families living in motels here in Reno. There were about 15 of us who met in the morning, and sorted out laundy supplies based on a list Courtney put together from families in local motels. We then caravanned and spent the day delivering laundry supplies to every family on our list. Courtney personally interviewed each family, and set this fundraiser up because he saw the need; he believes every child should at least have clean laundry!



I can truly say that this was a wonderful experience, and open my eyes to the great need in Reno for simple necessities to be provided. Not only did I meet amazing, like-minded people, but I got to be a part of something bigger, and truly make a difference in the lives of otheres.



You can too! Here’s who we’re helping & how!

Data equation specialist statistical analysis project

(The families we will help with your help)

  • 8 out of 10 families are single parent families.
  •  9 out of every 10 underprivileged children go to school with unclean clothes at least three out of every seven school days.
  •  9 out of every 10 low-income single parents are in need of assistance with laundry supplies.
  •  10 out of 10 homeless and transient families are in need of assistance with laundry suppliesor dryer sheets

The Goal

Provide 200-400 single-parent, transient, homeless and low-income families with a month’s supply of laundry detergent, bleach and dryer sheets.

 Locations to drop off laundry supplies and monetary charitable contributions

  • UNR’s Orvis Bldg. Room 104 – 2nd Floor, Room 202 or 204 E; 775-351-8120
  • Belvedere Towers, 450 N. Arlington Ave., Downtown Reno; 775-324-5888

Location Hours

Drop off from 8am- 5pm, Mon-Fri or call and we will pick up your generous donation. Drive ends November 5th

Volunteer with Us on Saturday, November 10th!

Volunteer for Soap for Hope!

Drop off from 8am- 5pm, Mon-Fri or call and we will pick up your generous donation. Drive ends November 5th


826 Wyoming Avenue in Reno, NV (Off of Seventh Street by Raley’s off of Keystone)


Starts Saturday, November 10th  at 11:00am until we are finished. You may leave at anytime.

How to Donate

  • Write out a check to People First Foundation P.O. BOX 162 Reno NV 89504
  • Have a drop box at your office and collect laundry supplies!
  • Tell a friend to do the same!
 These organizations have partnered with us, we are asking for your organizations support to help 300 families with a months’ worth of laundry supplies:
The City of Reno’s Senior Advisory Board
Doctors Wives of Northern Nevada and Alliance with Washoe County Medical Society
Girl Scouts
Unity Center
Sparks Seven Day Adventist Church
Reno/ Sparks Mormon Church
Wall Mart
University of Nevada Reno Men’s Athletic Department
Pathfinders Children Ministry  The Belvedere Condominiums
This effort takes a combination of $6,140 in monetary contributions and donated laundry supplies to help every 200 families.
Read Courntey’s Inspirationation Story featured from University of Nevada Reno

“We can all use a little help sometimes, especially those who are already helping themselves
with love and commitment” – Courtney Bell

Contact Courtney

Courtney Bell Founder and Executive Director
People First Foundation
P.O. BOX 162
RENO NV 89504
(775) 351-8120
Facebook: People’s First Foundation