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Client: Edan Weishahn

Trainer Channéll is ecstatic at Edan’s results! As an athlete, Edan struggled when getting pregnant. Initially, she did not like to train with others but found community at Inspire Me Mommy classes. Then, she set out to train for a half marathon and triathlon relay! We have had the pleasure of coaching Edan in nutrition, personal training, lifestyle coaching to help her take 1st place in both triathlon relays and run her half marathon post-baby!

Client: Rosemary & Rachel

Trainer Channéll is very proud of how far this mother/daughter duo have come in just one year! Training 2-3 times a week privately and taking 1-2 fitness classes with IBP per week, Rachel and Rosemary have lost over 20 pounds and 20 inches! Great work for sharing 10 children between the two of them! It’s NEVER too late.

Client: Tim Baron

Trainer Channéll works with her client Tim on simple base motor skills. Time has recovered from a stroke and put in his gym time training to be as functional as he can be at this point in his life. No matter what happens in life, you must always work hard at being your best. Great job Tim!

Video Testimonials

“I started taking Channell’s free to the community, Shape Up Reno Bootcamp, and I feel like that really kick-started my body. I had definitely made progress by then and begun losing weight, but I feel like my weight loss has been supercharged and much more steady over the last 3 months. I’ve only been weighing myself about every 3 weeks, and have been down 3 pounds each time the last several times I’ve weighed.

As I mentioned, I didn’t start this because I was necessarily upset with how I looked, but I wasn’t happy with how I felt.

Now I feel healthier, I’m stronger than I’ve ever been, and I’m certainly not complaining about the 3 sizes I have shed!” weighed.

I have now lost 28 pounds since January of this year. I feel like I have a clearer goal in mind, and for the first time it seems possible. A year ago I would have told you I couldn’t run from my bedroom to the front door if my house was on fire; now I go for regular jogs around my neighborhood on days I don’t make it in to the gym!

-Aleta 28, 2013


I met Channéll more then a year ago. I was coming back from a injury on my knee, I was overweight, and not very motivated. I was just generally working out to get back on shape. Then, she invited me to her Saturday morning bootcamp.  I said “…I don’t know – I work graveyard, I’m off at 8am” and she replied “Well, bootcamp isn’t until 10am, you have time to get here.”

I realized that my shift and scheduling was not a valid excuse to her. So, I agreed by saying  “Sure I`ll be there”.  After the first class I was ready for more! So I after a year of being a bootcamp addict, I want to say thank you Channéll for being an amazing trainer.

More then that,  I would like to say thank you for also being life coach who always has a positive attitude, is willing to teach, and is always smiling. It’s obvious you are loving what you do. I think everyone should try Channèll’s bootcamp, I guarantee they’ll keep coming back!

-Luis 29, Security Guard


I have tried dieting and exercise in the past, but they never worked because I didn’t stick to the programs.  I had a difficult time sticking to programs when I was the only one trying; while others around me were eating ice cream and unhealthy foods. I felt a lack of support.

 Now, I am determined to reach my goals whether or not family and friends support me. I came to this  conclusion after I signed back up for personal training with Channéll. I quit a year ago after working with a trainer for a brief period of time because I did not continue my discipline or motivation. I have decided I want to do the best that I can regardless of what others want to do with their bodies.

 I currently am losing weight, inches, staying accountable and determined working with Channéll 2-3 days per week, and on my own 2-3 days. My minimum goal is to lose 50 more pounds! I feel confident I will reach my goals this time with the support I have from Channéll who make me feel positive and welcomed!

I am determined to reach my goal and NOTHING is going to stop me!!


– 59 years old, Retired


“After only 3 weeks of working out (for the first time ever), I finally got to zip up one of my favorite dresses I haven’t been able to wear in years!”

-2015, IMM Participant, Mother of 6


“I first started training with Channéll a little less than a year after having my first child. I was motivated to lose weight, tone up and start running regularly again after an almost 8 year hiatus. It felt good to be active again, and Channéll started introducing me to the world of strength training and core building. Just when I started getting into a routine, I found out I was pregnant again! I soon stopped coming to the gym and didn’t return until a year later.

It was definitely more difficult to get started the second time around. I felt motivated about my fitness during out sessions, but it lagged as the week went on. It was easy to use ‘being tired’ as an excuse to skip the gym. Then, as the new year approached, my training sessions were almost up. If I was going to make the financial commitment to purchase more, I wanted to give it a whole-hearted effort and step up my game. I had the good fortune of being paired with an amazing trainer – someone who is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and committed- and I didn’t want to just float through my sessions any longer.

A couple of decisions helped me really focus and become more committed to my training goals. First, and probably most important, I made a detailed list of fitness related goals I wanted to accomplish during the year. For the first time in my life, I started tracking my food intake (a real eye opener). For motivation, I started pursuing various fitness related websites Channéll shared with me. And last, but definitely not least, I made certain I had a regular babysitter so that I could have “me time;” that is, my time at the gym.

Then, just weeks after making this commitment and going to the gym regularly, I started seeing major changes. My energy level was way up throughout the day, I was toning and fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes. A big moment was trying on workout clothes in a store dressing room and actually liking how I was fitting in them rather than cringing at my post-baby flab.

Looking back, the best overall health decision I ever made was deciding to work with a trainer, and I feel so lucky to have gotten to work with Channéll. Getting back into shape can be tough work, mentally and physicaly, and it’s made a world of difference to have the knowledge, support and motivation Channéll has given me.”



“My favorite Experience for this month is confidence. Yes, last week my daughter was out of town and I was going to have to come [to IMM] by myself with the grandbabies. I got up and had 100 excuses why I couldn’t come, but I realized they were just excuses so I came and worked out.

In the beginning I wasn’t sure I even wanted to start this. I`m almost 59 and not in shape. I have two fake knees and didn’t feel like I could do any of this. Guess what? I can and I love it!

Thank you ladies [Coaches Channéll & Lisa] for believing in each of us, but more importantly showing us how important it is to believe in ourselves.” – September 2015


Fitness is an interactive fun and playful way of learning new skills and building confidence, physical skills and imagination. It is a well constructed activity that educates and entertains you.

Jane Doe

I bought one month’s membership to Fitness at a charity auction shortly after they opened three years ago. I have never looked back and have been a full member ever since. I find the classes give more incentive than the usual gym. There are classes to suit everyone, from gentle classes like yoga and pilates to the more strenuous “Body Attack” or “Body Combat”. It has friendly instructors and a relaxed club feel that is not intimidating.

Ricky Doe