Confidence: You Need It

Confidence is the biggest key to your happiness, success and advancement. You must believe in yourself in order for others to believe in you. More specifically your confidence level must match up with the status or successes that you wish to attain. Muhammid Ali perhaps said it best “I am the Greatest. I said that even before I knew I was.” While Ali knew he was a work in progress, he developed within himself the confidence to acheive his goals, and despite critics; ultimately proved that he was one of the greatest boxers and athletes of all time. Therefore, confidence is something that is earned. You must challenge yourself every single day to grow in your desired area in order to obtain the confidence level you need to be successful on your path.

The truth is, most people are not extremely successful like Ali, and this is simply because of lack of fine tuning and efforts given to hard work and skill development. Confidence needs to be earned through hard work and sacrifice for professional and personal development. Confidence is not easily obtained, but is possible for all. Confidence is neither essoterical or unobtainable by the average person. With enough hard work against any odds, you will succeed. For some, success comes more quickly; while others must work for years and years to acheive their dream.

Often times; especially in my profession, I hear confidence spoken about in a negative connotation and classifed as egotistical, “all that”, or ridiculous. While I do personally believe that being humble is a great quality to have in addition to being confident, there is absolutely nothing wrong with confidence in and of itself. Rather then view confidence as egotistical or prideful, I encourage confidence to be viewed as pride in one’s abilities to outperform, out-think, outwork, and rise above competition because hard work pays off. Anyone in the business world knows that competition is a good thing! So stop getting down on yourself when you face competion, and realize that your missing element may in fact be your confidence. You will need confidence to get to the next level. Develop it!

My job as a motivator and personal trainer is to help people get to their next level, by changing their lives through delivering physical results, and provide tools to help them change their way of thinking so that their mind and body can work in sync with each other. Every good trainer will agree that physical conditioning is directly related to emotional control and pyschological conditioning as well. The more your train, the more you show up, the stronger you will become. We all succeed and fail in tough situations, but the more adversity we face we have better chance to grow. Look at any well known athlete and research their adversity. The difference between the great and the average person, is that the average person gives up on their dream when it gets too hard. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being average, but contentment? Who truly wants pure contentment? Will Smith put it like this, “Contentment is the easiest traveled road to mediocrity”.

This blog, is really geared for you who strive for next level, and wish to be above mediocre. Think about it – Do you want to be above mediocre? If so, how do you fine tune your skills?

“You help put their lives back on track and give them the ability to do anything they want because they feel good.Confidence is amazing and working out and being healthy is the perfect way to do that.” – (An undisclosed friend of mine the United States Military)
People lover. Personal training. Striving to leave a mark on the hearts of others; turns out it leaves an irremovable one on my own.