Introduction: Living a Healthy Life; A Trainer’s Philosophy

Hi everyone! Welcome to my fitness blog. Each week I will be sharing insight to health, fitness, common questions, etc. Today I would like to introduce you to what LIVING A HEALTHY LIFE means to me.

While you well know that I promote exercise and am a personal trainer in a corporate gym, I want to urge you to keep in mind that fitness, health and overall well-being is not defined by “the gym” alone. Due to our non-functional lives, the gym is a modern day outlet to acheive training and balance that our bodies used to have in the days of our ancestors. However, our lives are so lazy now that we must train our bodies not to just adapt and become lazy with this lazy approach to life we have taken (I am not denying technologic benefits, but you can understand where I`m going with this!).

Health is the most valuable asset we have in our lives. Ironically, we have a significant amount of control over our own health; more control then anyone else could ever have unlike most things.There are hundreds of proven benefits to physical activity as you well know. Some of which include: Disease management & prevention, better sleep, hormone regulation, bone density improvement, clarity of mind, increased libido….the list goes on and on and on. We’ve all read the biggies on the internet, in magazines, and heard the tv commercials on weight loss products.

But what if living a healthy life goes beyond being “skinny” or “bulky”, thin or fat, athlete or former athlete, having perfect nutrition or exercising twice a day? Well, guess what – it does! Being healthy is, you guessed it, a lifestyle. Health is a balancing act of every single tiny part of your life, and everything you do affects it.

Health includes your physical being, emotional being, mental and spiritual being. It is absolutely essential to get in tune with your body in order to make well-informed decisions about how to help your body function more efficiently.  This is a process and it takes time.Your body is made to MOVE, you should do this often! On the flip side, sometimes your body needs to rest. This balance can be very difficult to acheive with conflicting information in every book or magazine you pick up, every fad diet claiming to be the best one, and websites made by everyday people who may or may not be well-educated or informed in the topic they’re preaching on. Many people have good intentions, but have no idea where to begin on being accurately informed, or following through with a long-term process. Most goals are cut short-term, and long term goals are never acheived. People quit. My goal, is to help motivate and inform people like you so you will not just quit. Knowledge is power IF you choose to use it.

Each week, we will explore different avenues of healthy living, how to goal set, make good choices, embark into a positive attitude, find an emotional balance (fitness / nutrition can be very emotional), as well as updates on my personal training adventures as I strive to acheive balance in training for a NPC Figure Fitness Competition. We have a lot to cover in due time. For today remember this:

Your health should be of utmost importance to you. While you do not have control of life, you do have a lot of control in your quality of life!! Make your health your #1 priority today.
Your health is important to you and your loved ones!!
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