Personal Development

Personal Development

More than just fitness, IBP offers our clients an integrated approach to overall well-being.

The Inspiring Community at IBP rally’s a healthy and contagious energy of like-minded people who are committed to becoming better. The culture at IBP is centered around self-growth, no matter where you’re at in your healthy lifestyle journey.

Our community is focused on genuine interpersonal relationships to help strengthen self and our local community, one step at a time.

Our coaches are committed to helping  you set, measure and achieve your goals, and here to work with you on setting measurable milestones.

Each coaching session is professionally focused on addressing action-steps you must take toward your ultimate goals.

IBP Life Coaching emphasizes the following areas:

  • Behavior Change
  • Healthy Living Strategies
  • Progressive Fitness Programming
  • Weight Loss
  • Making Lifestyle Changes
  • Business Goals & Strategies
  • Healthy Relationship Development
  • Integrated Wellness Practices
  • More

Every life coaching session includes free e-book, goal setting worksheets and email correspondence with your coach.

Customized life coaching, goal setting and goal measuring via phone, Facetime or Skype with your Personal Life Coach. All life coaching sessions include self-evaluation and goal setting resources for your to add to your own life. Each coaching session is professionally focused on addressing action-steps you can take toward your ultimate goals.   

Inspired Lifestyle Coaches:


Lifestyle Coach, Nutritionist, CPT, Entrepreneur


Lifestyle & Nutrition Coach, Serial Entrepreneur


Lifestyle, Nutrition & Powerlifting Coach