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Healthy Tips: How to Survive The Holidays

Healthy Tips: How to Survive The Holidays

The holidays are in full swing! So many people begin stressing about how the holidays will affect their progress, and then subsequently derail themselves before they’ve even given themselves a chance. Here’s some tips on how to set yourself up for success during these times: […]



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Are you Content, Complacent or Confused with Yourself?

Are you Content, Complacent or Confused with Yourself?

Contentment doesn’t mean you’re lazy or not interested in growth – in fact, it actually can fuel your growth. Being content will allow you to have grace with yourself, obstacles and others that can sometimes feel “in the way.” When you’re lazer focused on getting to the next goal, phase or destination it can feel challenging to appreciate the moments.

There’s a big difference between contentment and complacency when it comes to creating growth in your life. While both share a common element of comfort, they originate from very different places. Complacency comes from a place where change and the unknown is feared and seen as something to resist. Complacency may have you doing the bare minimum to qualify you to state that you’re “doing something”, yet not actually pushing yourself to change. Growth only happens when you embrace challenges with a mindset of hopefulness. Often growth is hindered because of fear of the unknown on the other side. So, even if you don’t like where you’re currently at, it’s still more familiar and comfortable than what you don’t know – leaving you stuck. It can feel hard to drive through that wall.

Contentment on the other hand, comes from a place where the hard work has already been done. You’ve pushed through the hard times, embraced the discomfort and the unknown to come out stronger on the other side. Even if you haven’t yet reached your end goal, it is possible to be content, while still striving for more.

It’s perfectly okay to be content!

Content means you are appreciating and enjoying the current stage you’re in. Often times it is the “I’ll be happy when…” statements that rob us of our happiness in our present moment.

Whether you’re growing in your personal life, professional life, your relationships, or your health, don’t let comfort lull you into complacency; comfort can be the enemy to success! Embrace the hard things, embrace the change, and you’ll find contentment in whatever your present moment circumstances look like and you will continue to grow.

Being appreciative of where you’re at right now it essential for growth in any area of your life, but that’s not to say that you want to stay in the space you’re in now forever. Have some grace with yourself, understand that obstacles and setbacks will come – that’s life! There is always something to be grateful for. Gratitude for exactly where you are right now will allow you to take on the appropriate attitude to propel you forward right now.

Growth, afterall doesn’t happen tomorrow or yesterday – it happens now. So, take a few deep breaths and remember how far you’ve come. If you’re complacent with mediocrity – it’s time to set a new goal. If you’re living in the future and not enjoying right now – it’s time to appreciate what you have and celebrate your health right now! Don’t let life pass you by.

Living life with intention and goals, doesn’t mean that you should negate the present moment. In fact, living with goals in mind that you’re striving for should be the fire that makes your moments sweeter (ohhh write that one down)! Afterall, living a healthy lifestyle encompasses all things mind and body – don’t let your focus on tomorrow rob your joy today.

Celebrate your wins. Embrace the losses. Sometimes we all lose, moments can be painful, and heck – life is hard! But, it’s also beautiful when we choose to have hope and goals for the future. Your growth is happening right now. Can you feel it? If not, it’s time to get attuned and observe your thoughts, feelings and sensations your body is speaking to you with.

The body never lies, neither does your mind. Are you listening?

Why Chronically Eating Less, Sucks.

Why Chronically Eating Less, Sucks.

Why Chronically Eating Less Sucks & Does You No Good   By Trainer, Nutritionist & Powerlifter Haley Kniestedt     Ladies….I’m (mostly) looking at you for this hot topic. I used to subscribe to the notion that less was better, less food, less weight, taking […]

Reverse Dieting: Why you Might Need It.

Reverse Dieting: Why you Might Need It.

    REVERSE DIETING: What is it and Why you MIGHT Need it.     BY NUTRITIONIST HALEY KNIESTEDT Are you a serial dieter? Have you tried every diet under the sun, which have all worked for a little bit, but then progress stops, or […]

IBP Grocery Shopping List PDF

IBP Grocery Shopping List PDF

Grocery List Page 1

Grocery List Page 2

Use Your Bodyweight Anywhere!

Use Your Bodyweight Anywhere!

As a Personal Trainer & Nutritionist I develop customized programs for clients from personal training to group fitness and beyond. The number one goal I hear is “I want to lose weight and tone up!”   This is almost always followed by reasons why people […]

Health, Success & Wealth

Health, Success & Wealth

I have made it my life-long mission to help educate and inspire others to live the life of their dreams. Through sharing my stories of struggles and successes, I have been able to stay authentic and true to myself, while also helping others. While I […]

Interview 2: How Max Bradley Lost 115 Pounds

Interview 2: How Max Bradley Lost 115 Pounds

Welcome back to my second interview with Max Bradley, recent inspiration for many looking to lose weight! Max was featured on Eric Thomas’s video TGIM series in October called “Thank God I Lost Weight:. The video now has over 49,000  views. I’ve had the privlege of becoming friends with Max, and helping share his story.

Max’s goal?

“To inspire as many people as possible. If I could just change one life that’s enough, but I want to reach as many as possible.”
Check out the video & enjoy following Max’s journey to losing 115 pounds.


Channéll: What does your current workout schedule look like? How many days of strength? How many days of cardio? Flexibility? Recovery?
Max: My current work out schedule is at least cardio everyday for various lengths of time; depending on what I’m doing that day. I lift 4 times a week, and work abs/core every other day. I stretch but not enough. I really should stretch more, and would like to get in to yoga.

Channéll: In the fitness world we often use a principle called F.I.T. which means frequency, intensity, time. In order to bust through plateus it’s important to switch up the routine by changing the frequency, intensity or time, or just changing the workout all together. How often do you change your routine up?

Max: I change up all the time. You have to! Once your body get used to a certain work out you’re only going to get so far before hitting a plateau. I always give it everything I have, every single workout. There’s no other way to do it. Intensity is always high, and I`m always pushing. The time changes a lot too mostly not by choice. If I’m working,I workout during the night. When I’m at home I work out in the mornings and definitely prefer that. There is nothing like a good run outside in the morning sun before the gym.

Channéll:How essential has proper nutrition been in your weight maintainance? How about in the weight loss process?

Max: Nutrition was the most important part. Without a good diet you’re not going anywhere. Getting your eating habits right is KEY. Do research, read articles, knowledge is power. You can do anything you set your mind to if you want it bad enough and are willing to work for it.

Channéll: Have you considered becoming a Certified Personal Trainer yourself?

Max:  Yes I have Iwould love to be a trainer/health coach. I just would love to be able to help others, and see people change for the better.

Channéll:What do you believe it the biggest lie people tell themselves when trying to make a major change in lifestyle?

Max: That they can only push themselves so far, and once they hit their wall they believe they can’t push further. Also, people cheat and don’t hold themselves accountable. They need to make up for it in activity. It’s all about holding yourself accountable. No one is perfect, you will cheat, but if you do cheat, you have to devote extra time at the gym. If I would eat something I know I shouldn’t, I would make sure to spend extra time on my cardio to burn it off. People need to push past their boundaries or they will never know their true limits. People are always satisfied with just going through the motions and that’s not enough!

Channéll:Will you give a sample daily menu and sample workout for someone at home that doesn’t know where to start in their weight loss journey?

Max: When I started this journey I would eat:

Sample Menu

BREAKFAST: 2 egg whites and a protein shake

SNACK:  Fruit

LUNCH:  Salad with very little dressing usually some grilled chicken.

SNACK:  Fruit

DINNER:   2 turkey burgers (with no bread of any kind)

***Please be aware that each individuals caloric and macronutrient needs differ. Please consult your doctor, dietician or fitness professional for guidance on caloric intake needs.


When people ask me what workouts I do, they should realize that what I do/did, isn’t goign to work for everybody. For 1) people don’t necessarily have the determination that I do 2) it’s not just a diet, it’s not just a workout, it’s really a lifestyle.The changes made have to be long-term and consistent.

With that, here’s what I did initially:

I started with just cardio 5x per week for about 3 weeks. I started  with 20 mins on the elliptical because I was big and had bad knees, so there was no added pressure; it was the only thing I could do. I used only the elliptical for about the first 4 months. As I progressed, I went from 20 minutes on up to 40 minutes. Then, I would do 40 minutes and add weight excerises. My exercieses were basic curls and just a few machines I knew.

Weight Training:
2-3 sets of 10 reps as little rest as possible

Basic Free Weight Curls 

Shoulder Press Machine

Hamstring Machine

Chest Press Machine

I’d watch people around the gym pick up things also do ur research again! Knowledge is power. If you know areas you want to target look up the best ways to do that.

Channéll: How did you select your weight, sets and repetitions?

Max: I just went off of feeling. I’ve never written down any of my workouts or my weights. I always try to move my weights up the following week. The main thing is to feel challenged, and get a good burn. It doesn’t necessarily matter what weight you’re using if it challenges you.

We hope you enjoyed this interview!
  • Please remember that if you are uncertain of how to properly perform exercises, you should consult a certified fitness professional, and ensure you are researching legitimate information. Do not believe everything you see and hear!
  • Max now is on a progressional strength and endurance training program. Keep in mind that as you progress you physical needs and abilities will change. Your workouts must also change.
  • Nutrition is at least 80% of the results you will see. Consult your doctor, RD or fitness professional for proper recommendations.
  • If you have additional questions please contact me at channell.holmgren@gmail.com subject box: Personal Training + your last, first name.
  • For daily enrouagement, fit tips and helpful resources please follow us on Twitter / Instagram
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Max Bradley: @MaxBradley70  IG: @MaxBrdly
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Fitness vs Holidays

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