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Yoga Therapist Jennifer Holt

Yoga Therapist Jennifer Holt

Jen is a RYT-500 yoga teacher and C-IAYT yoga therapist with a background in vinyasa, hatha, restorative, gentle, and therapeutic yoga.

In her classes and with private students, she uses a trauma informed approach: applying movement, breath, meditation, and yogic philosophy to guide others toward their wellness goals, regardless of health history or current health condition(s).

Jen has experience teaching yoga to all ages, from youth to senior citizens, as well as for those facing challenges such as Parkinson’s disease, disabilities, heart conditions, chronic stress, chronic/acute pain, and anxiety/depression. Jen has a deep passion for helping others find joy in movement and a sense of peace that they can carry into daily life.



“I believe that your yoga practice is just that – yours. You are free to make it what you want and you will get back exactly what you put into it. Yoga can be used for self-discovery, mental clarity, spirituality or simply to strengthen and stretch the body. Your practice is yours and yours alone – I am simply here to help guide you and help you find what you need. For me, yoga is both a path to self awareness and a service to others.”

  •  C-IAYT Yoga Therapist
  •  RYT – 500


Yoga Instructor Suzanne Even

Yoga Instructor Suzanne Even

Suzanne’s teaching style offers a blend of Hatha, Vinyasa and Bhakti styles of Yoga along with a focus on postural alignment. She holds B.S. degree in Health and Human Science and is a Certified Holistic Health Coach as well as a Certified Reiki Practitioner.

Having always been passionate about wellness on every level, Suzanne sought tools that would lead to the balance of a healthy mind, body and soul. She learned through my own challenges and setbacks that through a consistent and committed Yoga practice this balance could be achieved.

By embracing the philosophy and soulful teachings of Yoga, she was able to experience and express those thoughts and feelings through the physical postures.

Suzanne creates the space and offers instruction in her classes and private sessions for students to explore and express what they learn through their own Yoga practice. She guides students in developing better body awareness and safe postural alignment as well as in improving their strength and mobility. In addition, students can experience an introspective awareness and inner growth through healing chants,profound breathing exercises and a philosophical focus.


Varying both in length and skill level for the beginner, intermediate and more advanced yogi.



  • 200+ Hour Yoga Instruction
  • BS – Health & Human Sciences
  • Certified Reiki Practitioner
  • Certified Holistic Health Coach


Yoga Instructor & Functional Movement Coach Siera Smith

Yoga Instructor & Functional Movement Coach Siera Smith


Siera Smith  is a Certified Yoga Instructor with a background in Personal Training and Functional Movement.  She enjoys exploring holistic wellness technique and pairing it with athletic training, as well as practices like yin yoga. She enjoys being outdoors, spending time with loved ones, socializing with new people and helping people learn.

Her goal is to help everyday people get grounded in their life and their bodies, by teaching them different ways of training their bodies. She recognizes the need to bridge the gap between fitness and health, and aims to do so through her yoga teachings.

Siera grew up with a mother who’s been in the fitness industry for 35 years, and her father is a holistic chiropractor. As a teen and young adult, she was an avid athlete who enjoyed the competitive side of training. Siera shifted from personal training athletes to also including everyday people who need support.

“As a yoga teacher I strive to teach my students how to live in their bodies, and use a meditative mind to stay present on and off the yoga mat. It is my pleasure to guide to my students toward a more balanced way of living. See you on the mat! Namaste,”

  • Harmony Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Instructor
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Functional Movement Specialist