Don’t let Yourself Go, Let go of the Shame Instead

Don’t let Yourself Go, Let go of the Shame Instead

Let’s get this out of the way – you are not too busy to care about yourself, your health or your mind. Everyone gets the same 24 hours in a day, works, has family, kids, events and yes – unexpected issues – it’s life.

Sometimes we don’t need sugar coating, sometimes we need the raw truth. When I started my company, my main goal was to educate and empower people to take responsibility for their health by giving them the tools to make their own best decisions. What I have learned, is there is a mindset difference between those who succeed and those who give up.

I created IBP to empower growth in mind and body so that those with a growth-mindset could continuously get better and those who don’t know how to grow could have a safe space to learn.

Those who succeed are willing and able to face the hard truths without allowing their sense-of-self to be destroyed beyond repair. Too often – I see people quit not because they aren’t well-equipped or don’t recognize the need to change. Some people are so down on themselves and downright negative about their self-image that they sabotage their own success. If you feel that’s you – you’re reading the right blog. People who feel down on themselves, believe that they are failures, too fat, too ugly, worthless, etc and allow that negativity to defeat them in their health goals.

I’m here to tell you – it’s time to let go of the shame and guilt. Those are low-energy thought patterns and they keep you down. Yes – I am telling you to be real with yourself, but also to let go. LET IT GO.

Your choices yesterday got you to where you are today, and your choices today will contribute to where you go tomorrow, the next day and the month after that. One step at a time.

Learning to get into the moment is a powerful experience! In this world, it is hard with constant input, texts, emails, demands and if we don’t manage our life then stress will certainly dictate us. Living in the moment doesn’t mean YOLO (or as some live it out, F it)! What it really means, is to embrace yourself now. Stop worrying about the future and agonizing over the past. The past is over. Your future is yet to come and guess what? You can create a healthier future.

Before you think “easy for you to say,” let me tell you that is not easy for any of us, myself included. As a busy entrepreneur, I have worked all my life to find what works. You know what I found? A growth-mindset, grateful attitude and being agile in every season is the secret sauce!

I know just how challenging it can be so I want to equip you today with a few raw truths that I hope you will choose to use in your pursuit of creating a healthy lifestyle for yourself (remember, it is a process that takes time)”

  • Get real with yourself about where you are now and why you’re there.
  • Adopt practices to help you let go of guilt and shame. Here are a few of my favorite: 1) replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations (this re-trains your brain to focus on health things) 2) whenever you feel shame go get moving (physiologically it will change you and the way you feel) 3) Try meditation (choose to focus on gratitude if you need something to take your mind off the shame).
  • Get around positive people who will help you get better and force you to level up.
  • Schedule time to eat: this allows you to avoid distractions and tune in to your body.
  • Schedule fun! Reducing your stress is essential to living a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. Do not let stress overtake you.
  • Stop making excuses, instead make a decision.

You can have all the tools in your toolbox, but it is up to you and only you to use them. Creating a healthy lifestyle has to be top on your priority list to make it happen. If it’s not, it is time for you to remove things from your schedule and life that are no longer serving you.

Afterall, what’s most important to you? Your wellbeing or something else?

People lover. Personal training. Striving to leave a mark on the hearts of others; turns out it leaves an irremovable one on my own.

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