IBP Yoga is a welcoming environment for all yogis whether it’s your first time in class, or you’re advanced.

Yoga for Health, Wellness & Athletics

While there are many practices of yoga through the physical body, restorative yoga can serve as a vehicle for healing the mind and body. We know that the mind and body work together to bring us our physical reality. Gentler yoga practices that include slow and focused movements, longer holds of poses and breath work, all work to calm the nervous system, muscular system and the mind itself.

We offer yoga classes as part of our Inspired Yoga Programs. Please refer to our current schedule.

Yoga Therapy:
We offer private yoga therapy by appointment only.

Private Yoga Education:
Private yoga educational and custom practice education lessons are available by appointment only.

Inspiring Teachers

At IBP, we offer customized yoga services with staff who has the utmost respect for the yoga practice at the forefront of their priority list. While there are countless ways to begin, practice and teach yoga, we believe you will find a teacher at IBP that will help you regardless if you’re new to yoga or been practicing for years!

We believe in serving, educating and empowering our members to explore yoga practices for general wellness, healing, athletic recovery as well as more advanced / deeper yoga practices.

Yoga Memberships

Available for all yoga & meditation in Spring 2019