Summer-Body Panic

Summer-Body Panic

Summer just kicked off Friday (and yes, it’s already Monday *insert sighs here*).

The “lose weight quick in 10 days ads have started, I’ve seen them 2x in the last two days. Generally, I manage to keep that stuff out of my feed. These diets or pills, powders or drinks they promise quick weight loss in a short amount of time and a lot of times they advertise “no diet or exercise required” now that sounds like a pretty awesome thing right? Wrong!

The warm months tend to come with more exposed skin, whether in the form of bikinis, shorts, tank tops etc. People tend to panic because they realize how uncomfortable they are living in their skin, soo they try to find the quickest and easiest way to try to minimize the panic. This is where these ads coming to play that prey on these people’s vulnerability — not empowering!

Unfortunately, if it seems too good to be true it probably is.

When it comes to nutrition, exercise and your overall health you can’t fake it until you make it. Your health is one of those things you have to take in consideration 365 days a year every year of your life. Eating is something all of us do and yet we debate what’s the ‘best’ way to do it. Should it be 3 meals a day? One? Six?

The quick weight-loss diets that are being promoted they generally promote a large amount of weight loss in a very short amount of time and unfortunately 99% of that “weight loss” is simply water loss. Those pills, powders, and drinks are generally diuretics and laxatives so you can literally just go to the bathroom and empty out all that weight.
This means, that you’re not actually losing fat cells. Which means, as soon as you bring that water back into your body (because at that point you’re dehydrated), the scale is going to go right back up.

This would be the equivalent of being horrible at managing your money for all of your life and then doing a one-week “budget cleanse” where you stop buying Starbucks and other extra things, and you save every single penny. By the end of the week you have a lot of pennies but as soon as you go back to your usual spending habits you can kiss those pennies bye-bye.

Same concept.

Wouldn’t you rather LEARN how to not only lose fat properly, but actually be able to keep it off, and not always feel that that summer-time panic? Put in the time, effort and most of all consistency. It is a process, it’s not going to be easy, or fast. But trust me, it’s worth it when you have control over your health. 

Not sure where to start, ask questions, hire someone to help you, teach you, and hold you accountable 

(Hint: It’s me. I’m that someone)

People lover. Personal training. Striving to leave a mark on the hearts of others; turns out it leaves an irremovable one on my own.

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