IBP Owner Channéll and Lead Trainer Haley teaching Bootcamp at Wingfield Park

Re-Know Minute

Shape Up Reno is a FREE fitness series offered by the City of Reno and local partners such as IBP. Please call (775) 334-2262 for more information from the city.

The Shape Up Reno goal is to facilitate improvement of the overall health and wellness within our local community by educating and empowering individuals through fitness. 

The Shape Up Reno program will offer the following free classes through our community partners during the months of May to September.  Be sure to push yourself mentally and physically with the Shape Up Reno program in order to jump start your long term health and fitness goals.

Program Dates: Memorial Day (Late May) to Labor Day (Early September), Every Year!

Follow Shape Up Reno on Facebook and on Instagram @ShapeUpReno for events!

About IBP & Shape Up:

Since inception in 2012, each week during the summer, our team donates one hour of our time to help reduce costs for participants, and give back to our community in an edifying way. This program is not only a great workout, but perhaps an unconventional way to help inspire the city of Reno to get moving!

With fast foods everywhere, casinos, alcohol, and sedentary lifestyles, we strive to inspire others to get moving by showcasing our class in the park and encouraging anyone to join!

We believe everyone should have the chance to connect with like-minded people who want to actively work toward bettering themselves, and get the proper education to keep moving.

Find this program on social media @ShapeUpReno or follow us direct @InspiredByPurpose to view our classes and peek inside daily!

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  •  Anyone can show up to any class, anytime, for FREE.
  • There is absolutely no cost involved, and fitness regimens are progressed or regressed for all participants — Anyone at any fitness level is welcome to join.
  • BOOTCAMP class meets in the heart of downtown at the Wingfield Park Amphitheater from 12-1 on Tuesdays. A typical workout consists of: A jog around the Truckee River, a dynamic warm-up, mobility exercises, strength and cardiovascular training, and a yoga style cool-down. This structure teaches the importance of proper warm-up and cool-down, and encourages participants to use this structure within their at-home-workouts.
  • Equipment is usually little to none. We use calisthenics training to teach people how to properly use their own bodies.

Please call the City of Reno at (775) 334-2262 for more info.

People lover. Personal training. Striving to leave a mark on the hearts of others; turns out it leaves an irremovable one on my own.

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