Specialty Yoga Class Descriptions

Chair Yoga

Enjoy the benefits of a gentle class where poses will be accessible to everyone with the support of a chair. You’ll practice postures that help improve mobility, strength, balance, circulation, respiration, digestion, nervous system functioning, and clarity of mind; all coordinated with breath. This class is perfect for anyone of any age, ability, strength, or experience level – no prior yoga experience is needed.

Yoga for Pelvic Floor

In this class we will locate, soften, stretch, stabilize and strengthen the muscle groups of the pelvic floor. We will use the breath and subtle experiential movements to awaken your understanding of this often ignored area. We will also practice sitting and standing posture to support the pelvic floor and learn how to utilize the pelvic floor in yoga poses.

Power Yoga for Athletes

This vigorous Yoga class offers students the opportunity to develop strength, flexibility and growth through a steadily moving sequence of Yoga poses. Class begins with a short, breath focused meditation and an inspiring theme. The sequence of poses gradually builds from gentle, opening movements to more strenuous and difficult postures with the intention of moving consistently and mindfully. The last part of class moves to the floor, holding poses longer for safe, but deep opening and finishes with a period of total rest.


Yoga for Recovery

Learn gentle movement and breathing practices that you can use on and off your yoga mat to help balance your nervous system, calm your mind, and reconnect to your self. We will practice movements designed to empower, uplift, and relax you. No prior yoga experience is needed.  

Yoga Basics

For beginners or those who are looking to deepen their understanding of the fundamentals of yoga. Students will learn how to build common yoga poses, build strength, flexibility, and learn the importance of breath. Beginner/All Levels.