Yoga Class Descriptions

Our Yoga Practitioners are highly skilled and educated in a diversity of yoga practices, making IBP a great fit for a wide-range of goals. From athletics to meditative practices to Parkinsons Disease Yoga Therapy or fitness for senior citizens, we have something to offer for everyone.

Mellow Flow

Students can expect a practice that is more gentle and offers modifications for injuries, and moves at a slower more relaxed pace. Students looking for stress- relief and increased flexibility will benefit from this class. This is a great option for students who are lifting weights or any other high intensity activity whom are looking for active recovery or cross training.

All levels welcome.

In this class, you will learn a mindful practice that is gentle and supportive to the body, mind and spirit. Great for beginners, or anyone looking for a gentler practice.

Align & Flow

This class brings clear alignment direction together with flowing movement and breath work. You’ll flow at a moderate pace, building strength and flexibility, using your breath as a guide and pausing along the way to explore the finer alignment details and personalized modifications of each pose to help you feel more balanced, integrated and at ease.

Class begins with a short meditation and inspiring theme, then moves on with gentle, opening movements and gradually incorporates more continuous movement and challenging poses.

The last part of class moves to the floor and holds poses for a deeper and slower opening and will finish will a short period of total relaxation. Throughout the practice, a heavy emphasis is placed on proper alignment and creating a more open, stable and healthy posture.


Generally 5-7 poses held for 2-5 minutes (sometimes up to 10). When the poses are held for this amount of time it helps to stretch muscles, fascia and other tissues that create more flexibility, less aches and pains, and relaxation.

All levels welcome.

This deep and peaceful class encourages you to slow down and create space for stillness. Poses will be held for 2-5 minutes to improve circulation and flexibility; targeting joints, ligaments, tendons, and fascia. We will use props to encourage muscle relaxation, allowing gravity and your breath to guide you toward depth. This class is the perfect compliment to a stronger practice, striking more balance in your wellness routine.


Restorative Yoga offers students the opportunity to access a deeper level of introspection, stillness and repair. Through the use of ample props, the student is able to fully experience the physical and mental transformation each pose has to offer.

Only seated or lying down poses are practiced in this class, spending several minutes in each pose and allowing time for the nervous system to profoundly relax and the mind and body to begin to heal. The sense of being able to let go and reconnect with a sense of self is profound.

This slow, meditative class will help you relax and rejuvenate with emphasis on complete muscular relaxation, comfort, and a quiet state of mind and body. We will move through a series of easy, supported poses that will be held for several minutes, using props to allow total relaxation of body and mind. Perfect for all levels.


This is a steady class with focus on proper alignment and longer held poses to build strength, stamina, flexibility and balance while improving concentration and breath control. We will use props as needed to move through the body’s full range of motion, including standing poses, twists, back and forward bends, hip-openers and approachable inversions. This class is suitable for, and potentially challenging for, all levels as it can be taken as easily or deeply as you choose.

Power Flow for Athletes

Designed for (athletes and) anyone who enjoys a challenge!

This vigorous Yoga class offers students the opportunity to develop strength, flexibility and growth through a steadily moving sequence of Yoga poses. Class begins with a short, breath focused meditation and an inspiring theme. The sequence of poses gradually builds from gentle, opening movements to more strenuous and difficult postures with the intention of moving consistently and mindfully. The last part of class moves to the floor, holding poses longer for safe, but deep opening and finishes with a period of total rest.


This class that will include lots of fun strengthening movements and postures. Expect lots of core work, strengthening movements, and some playtime with more advanced poses, including arm balances and inversions. This strong, sweat inducing class is perfect for those looking to focus on improving strength and stamina just as much as flexibility.


In this class we will mindfully link breath with movement as we flow through a series of postures designed to strengthen muscles and improve balance and flexibility. With lots of movement, this class can be challenging as well as calming. Variations and modifications will be offered enabling you to practice at your own level while staying in the flow.

We offer other specialty yoga classes, check out those descriptions on our Yoga Therapy Class Descriptions Page.