Fitness: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual

Welcome to the first fitness blog post of 2012. I will share with you today an impromtu view into my mind as a Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and aspiring NPC Figure Fitness competitor. Strap on your seatbelts and enjoy the ride….

In my opinion fitness describes a specific state of balance and imblance that we usually attribute to our physical being. We consider ourselves or others physically fit or un-fit depending on their activity levels, and also based on their lifestyle habits. I presume that someone with poor lifestyle habits outside of “the gym” or other physically activity may not be physically fit. Or, for that matter emotionally, mentally or spiritually fit. You see, one may have a beautiful outer body, and be imbalanced in many other areas of their fitness. For this reason, fitness does not just refer to one’s body.

Fitness goes beyong work in the gym, crunches, flat abs, glamour muscles, or cellulite reduction. While physical fitness plays a crucial role in overall well-being (aka emotional, mental and some may argue spiritual), it is not the only peice to the puzzle. The puzzle is a jigsaw of many parts that fit together into one – Your body. Your body needs proper physical balances for longevity, disease management and prevention, reducing risk of injury, regulation of hormones, functionability, and many other benefits to be reaped. However, this is also true of mental, emotional and spiritual balance. All of these areas compromise who we are as people in our lives. Truly fitness is not about the gym.

Ok, that was a hefty statement. Let me elaborate…

Fitness is not about the gym because we are created to be functional beings (active – we are made to MOVE), relational beings (being in relationship / social with one another), growing beings (inovation, technology, knowledge seeking, philosophical), and emotional beings. We accept these as truth, and they seem simple right? Wrong.

As human beings we constantly strive to be accepted. Whether in society, the workplace, or with friends, family, significant others. That is our relational stress that triggers our emotions and can take a physical toll. It can also make us mentally exhausted or spiritually frusterated and seeking answers to everyday problems. For most people, these problems are what affects there physical fitness in either a negative or a positive way. Hence, motivation. Drawing motivation from positive or negative sources.

People lover. Personal training. Striving to leave a mark on the hearts of others; turns out it leaves an irremovable one on my own.