Healthy Tips: How to Survive The Holidays

The holidays are in full swing! So many people begin stressing about how the holidays will affect their progress, and then subsequently derail themselves before they’ve even given themselves a chance.

Here’s some tips on how to set yourself up for success during these times:

Eat well the week before. When you fuel yourself properly, you’re going to feel better both physically and mentally. This will make it so much easier to continue getting in your workouts, and making smart nutrition choices.

15 minutes of movement is better than none. I know with family coming into town, or being out traveling can throw you off your routine. But SOME movement is better than none. Offer to take the dogs or kids for a walk or to the park. Spend 15 minutes getting in a quick sweat while the turkey is cooking. 

The day of:

– Set yourself up for success by getting your nutrients in early. Load up on the protein and veggies during breakfast so that you’re not starving by the time lunch/dinner comes around.

– Serve or bring a healthy / health-i-fied dish with you.

– Don’t hover around the snack table. Put your picks on a plate and go sit down.

– Drink up on the H2O

When you’re confronted with all the food ask yourself a few questions.

1) What do you want the most? What could you honestly pass over? For me, pie will win out every time over stuffing. So I don’t grab as much (if any) stuffing, in favor of being able to enjoy a little extra pie.

2) Is this the ONLY (or few) times of the year when you can get this food? If it’s Grandma’s secret recipe that only comes out 1-2x a year, go for it. If you can easily make or get this throughout the year, you probably don’t need to pile as much of it on your plate.

3) Eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full. Eat slowly so that you can listen to your body’s signals.

4) Don’t treat the day like it’s a free-for-all. Focus on spending the day with your family and friends.

And lastly, don’t let one day bleed into the following days. Get back to your regular schedule, incorporate all the left-over turkey into your meal prep, and keep putting in the effort. This is and likely will be, a learning process for more than just 1 holiday season. Give yourself grace, be proud of even the smallest progress and enjoy yourself.

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