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Healthy Tips: How to Survive The Holidays

Healthy Tips: How to Survive The Holidays

The holidays are in full swing! So many people begin stressing about how the holidays will affect their progress, and then subsequently derail themselves before they’ve even given themselves a chance. Here’s some tips on how to set yourself up for success during these times: […]

IBP Apparel

IBP Apparel

Enjoy IBP swag, products and inspo cards personalized right to your door!




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Sacred Sounds Meditation July 14th

Sacred Sounds Meditation July 14th

Explore the benefits of unguided meditation while you’re bathed in quartz crystal and tibetan singing bowls, harmonic overtoning and an essence of peace. Begin your meditation experience with a Vibrtational Therapy Drum and prepare to go deep!

Nutrition Workshop (July) – Keto & Intermittent Fasting

Nutrition Workshop (July) – Keto & Intermittent Fasting

This workshop will be focused on KETO-GENTIC DIET & INTERMITTENT FASTING.       All participants will receive the following in our 90 minute seminar (immediately following core bootcamp & before Yin Yoga classes)! You will learn about:  Macros & Micros Fad diet overview: ketogenic […]

Get Results: Sleep More to Achieve your Goals

Get Results: Sleep More to Achieve your Goals

One of the biggest problems we see that has a major impact on both nutrition and training, is lack of sleep.

How can something so simple completely derail our best efforts when it comes to reaching our goals?

Sleep is essential for recovery; not only for our muscles, but also for our brain and nervous system. This is where our body repairs itself, catalogs memories and generally enters a state where the parasympathetic nervous system (our relaxation system) is in control. Lack of sleep not only induces a stress response, but maintains the existing level of stress as we’re never allowed to fully recover from the previous day’s stress.

How does lack of sleep affect us?

⁃increased ghrelin hormone (hunger hormone that tells us to eat)

⁃decreased leptin hormone (hormone that tells us we have enough energy/food)

⁃increased cortisol (stress hormone)

⁃decreased insulin sensitivity ⁃decreased memory retention

⁃decreases our impulse control, decision making, and problem solving abilities

⁃decreased sex drive

⁃decreased ability to handle external stressors

⁃increased inflammation

⁃decreased muscular contractions (you may feel “off” or weaker the morning after a bad night of sleep).

What does this all mean for our body composition goals? Overall we generally see 1)) an increase in energy intake [eating more calories] and 2) a decrease in physical activity/energy expenditure [less exercise].

When ghrelin (the hunger hormone) is increased, and there is a decrease in impulse control, we often find ourselves reaching for the “quick” punches of energy that are highly palatable, i.e. sugar packed Starbucks, office doughnuts, the candy stash, anything that we know will give us a quick boost in energy to just get us through the day.

Pair this with an increase in cortisol and a decrease in insulin sensitivity, we aren’t even able to properly respond to this sudden influx of sugar, causing hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) and increased levels of circulating free fatty acids (over the long term). When you’re tired, you’re less likely to move throughout the day, and you may not have the energy to push through a workout, and you may even find yourself skipping the gym completely.

Combine all these variables together and you have yourself a receipe for sabotaged goals.

Sleep is key to make the gains and see the results of a hard-working lifestyle. In essence, sleeping more is working smarter – not harder!

Stayed tuned for our net sleep blog where we’ll explore the ways to regulate and promote restful sleep.

Are you Content, Complacent or Confused with Yourself?

Are you Content, Complacent or Confused with Yourself?

Being content is not a sin, staying complacent on the other hand – can lead to laziness. Find your motivation, while also enjoying exactly where you are now.

Sacred Sounds Meditation with Timothy Glenn

Sacred Sounds Meditation with Timothy Glenn

Sacred Sounds Meditation An unguided meditation where you will be bathed in harmonic overtoning, quartz crystal singing bowls and a calming environment. Come prepared to go deep into medation. Whether you prefer sitting on a meditation pillow or laying down on the mat with an […]

Health, Success & Wealth

Health, Success & Wealth

I have made it my life-long mission to help educate and inspire others to live the life of their dreams. Through sharing my stories of struggles and successes, I have been able to stay authentic and true to myself, while also helping others. While I have a business that is built on that foundation, I believe anyone can inspire at any stage in their life.

In America, we are conditioned to always be striving for the next “success,” This is usually a positive thing – it helps us stay disciplined in order to grow, keeps us focused, and ensures progress. There are times, however, that we can look at the wrong things and call them “successful.” While material possessions may symbolize someone’s status in terms of financial wealth, possessions can never symbolize one’s health.

Health is Wealth

One common definition of health is the absence of disease. I like to define health as a well-rounded balance of physical, emotional, mental and relational strength and endurance that is most often enjoyed. Why? In life, we will always have some kind of problems, troubles, things that just happen, and even medical issues.

I don’t believe in claiming or speaking disease or negativity into someone’s life, but we all know that sometimes disease is the manifestation of physical stress. We need to take time to slow down and balance ourselves. Health is a well-rounded balance.

Define Success

Sometimes striving for success becomes very esoteric and ill defined. What is success anyways?

How would you define it?

To me, success is continuously becoming better and helping others get better too. Success to me means nothing if I am all alone, and don’t have a healthy balance in my body, mind, spirit and relationships. I have made it my duty to share stories (even taboo ones) of my real-life-experiences, not as a crutch, but as a tool for healing myself and helping others heal.

Share Your Story. Share Your Struggle.

Whatever your story is, whether it be past abuse, homelessness, crime, drugs, jail, being in an unhealthy relationship, losing everything – your story is valuable. Your story is valuable to someone you may not even know. Maybe what you went through, someone else is currently going through and they need some hope that they`ll get beyond it. Maybe someone else went through it and let it destroy their life, but you’ve struggled to rise above. It’s your duty to share how you did it.

Everyone in this world needs hope.  You are valuable and authentic.


For Part of my Story, Listen here: http://www.hipcast.com/podcast/HV39Q95Q