Client: Edan Weishahn

Trainer Channéll is ecstatic at Edan’s results! As an athlete, Edan struggled when getting pregnant. Initially, she did not like to train with others but found community at Inspire Me Mommy classes. Then, she set out to train for a half marathon and triathlon relay! We have had the pleasure of coaching Edan in nutrition, personal training, lifestyle coaching to help her take 1st place in both triathlon relays and run her half marathon post-baby!

Client: Rosemary & Rachel

Trainer Channéll is very proud of how far this mother/daughter duo have come in just one year! Training 2-3 times a week privately and taking 1-2 fitness classes with IBP per week, Rachel and Rosemary have lost over 20 pounds and 20 inches! Great work for sharing 10 children between the two of them! It’s NEVER too late.

Client: Tim Baron

Trainer Channéll works with her client Tim on simple base motor skills. Time has recovered from a stroke and put in his gym time training to be as functional as he can be at this point in his life. No matter what happens in life, you must always work hard at being your best. Great job Tim!

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